A Who's Who of the TP of the Nineties

The Tomorrow People

(Warning: there is no way to do this without spoiling the ends of "The Origin Story" and "The Living Stones".)

In breakout order:

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Adam Newman (Kristain Schmid) is the eldest and the leader of the group. There is no reference in the series as to his past or his family other than the fact that he got bitten by a shark despite having a knife with him at the time. He is a surrogate big brother to others and very huggy. He is Australian and appears in all stories.

Lisa Davis (Kristen Ariza) was the next to break out. She is self conscious, sometimes obnoxious, and spunky. She is an African-American and only appears in "The Origin Story".

Kevin Wilson (Adam Pierce) followed Lisa by seconds. He was a strong telepath, even when he was little. He is British and appears only in "The Origin Story" and "The Culex Experiment" (the latter of which is mostly in a comatose state).

Marmaduke "Megabyte" Damon (Christian Tessier) broke out at the end of "The Origin Story" and appears in all episodes. He starts out as faithful and excitable and beliving, but quickly becomes the pessimist of the group. He is American.

Ami Jackson (Naomie Harris) appears in "The Culex Experiment" through "The Rameses Connection" and makes a cameo at the beginning of "The Living Stones". She is determined, excitable, and has very strong, trustworthy intuition. She also likes to wave her arms in front of her a lot. Ami is of West African descent, but British.

Jade Weston (Alexandra Milman) breaks out at the end of the last story. She has a cameo in "The Culex Experiment" and doesn't show up again until Stones. She is very anxious to become a Tomorrow Person in this episode and tends to spend a lot of her time annoying Megabyte (who she has a crush on at this point) and Adam about it (Ami was in Australia). I think she'd have been a much cooler character if there had been later stories for her to be in.


Reoccurring Characters:

General Bill Damon , (Jeff Harding) Megabyte's father, is in "The Origin Story", "The Culex Experiment", and "The Living Stones". Megabyte also talks to him in "The Rameses Connection", but we neither see or hear him on-screen. He works for World Ex Securities, which may or may not be affiliated with the United States Scientific Intellegence Agency. The General is protective of Megabyte, but very busy- leaving Megabyte often feeling neglected. He is good at what he does and is sometimes overworked because of it. In the first three stories, he and his men help the Tomorrow People (well, not his men in the first story, but...), however, in Stones, they tend to impede the TP rather than help them.

Mrs. Jackson (Sally Sagoe) Ami's mom, who appears in each episode that Ami appears in, the most of any TP parent (in BOTH series). She is overprotective of Ami and tries to keep her from joining the TP in their activities. She doesn't succeed.


Other Important People:

They only appear in one serial, but they're kind of important (I don't want to try listing every character, but some might turn up in fan fiction- some all ready have):

Mrs. Davis is Lisa's overprotective stage mother. ("The Origin Story")

Lady Mulvaney tried to kidnap the TP and use them as weapons in "The Origin Story". She got her name from the executive producer for Nickelodeon, Jay Mulvaney.

Colonel Masters worked for Lady Mulvaney. He was probably named to give original series fans a good shudder.

Professor Galt is a bumbling professor who tries to kidnap and study teleporters (the TP in particular) in "The Origin Story".

Gloria is a very tough agent who helps Professor Galt in "The Origin Story". She never speaks.

Ruth Tanner is Kevin's vetrinarian Aunt. She appears in "The Culex Experiment" and has more lines than Kevin.

Dr. Poole (Adam Blackwood) A doctor at the hospital in Mulberry Wood. He treated Kevin in "The Culex Experiment".

Penny Weston (Sharon Duce) Jade's mother. (Her first name is listed in the closing credits, though it's nearly impossible to catch in the dialogue.

Millicent Damon Megabyte's little sister, who doesn't appear in any serials, but is named in "The Origin Story" and likes to pop up in fan fiction.


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