First Impressions

by Beth Epstein

Disclaimer: Characters and situations are the property of BVE or Saban or someone. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's note: I was watching From Out of Nowhere the other day and Andros tapped on my shoulder while I was watching him and Ashley meet for the first time. These are the results. Thanks to Megan for the title suggestions.

She regards me critically, like eying a piece of meat. It's like those looks Zhane used to get from girls back on KO-35, back when we were planetary Rangers.

Before my world blew up.

She approaches cautiously, like I might lash out at any moment.

If she's not careful, I might.

"You... you're human!"

Is that all it is, fascination? Ignorance?

"Earth isn't the only place where humans live," I explain.

I could teach her... so much. All of them. But I don't have the time. Zordon's in trouble, and the fate of the universe rests in my hands.

The End

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