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Author's note: The US title was changed to Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone because the Scholastic marketing department thought it wouldn't sell under its original title, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone--which is a substance named in the documents of the historical (midevil) alchemist Nicholas Flamel. There's no mention of the plots of the books in this one.

Harry Potter Freaks

by Beth Epstein

June 21, 2003

"Rangers?" Sensei asked, entering the control room from the Ninja Ops living quarters.

"Yes, Sensei?"

"Yes, Dad?"

He was immediately greeted with bright eyes and the sounds of five very thick books closing.

"Psst, Tori, wake up," Blake said, poking the Blue Ranger who was sleeping against him.


"You weren't supposed to read half the book after the midnight madness party, Tor," Shane joked.

Sensei noted the book on Tori's lap had a bookmark that was nearly halfway through. These books were not thin.

"You are monitoring the city for attacks, Cam, are you not?"

Cam glanced at the board. There were no indicators of trouble. "I rigged an alarm. It seemed like something we needed anyway."

"Are you ready to begin training, Rangers?"

The group picked themselves up, reluctantly putting the books down. Sensei noted that each had been marked with tape of the Rangers' respective colors.

"What is it with you and these books?" Sensei asked.

It wasn't unusual to see any of them with a book--but there was a tendency to pass hardcovers among the five ninjas. They also had a tendency to borrow Cam's copies when they could scam them out of him. For teens so careful with their allowances, each of them purchasing their own copies seemed unusually extravagant.

"If you really want to know, Dad, I'll lend you my copy of Philosopher's Stone," Cam said.

"You have the British version?" the others chorused.

Cam winced. He was going to have to explain that. And worse, lend it out.

Sensei shook his head. "I just hope Lothor does not decide to attack while you are so preoccupied."

Hunter whispered to Cam, "Should we mention we saw Marah and Kapri buying books last night too? I suspect they'll be occupied for weeks, no one on that ship is a fast reader."

"I wouldn't, he'll never believe us," Cam replied in the same hushed tone.

The End

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