I'm planning on putting together a recs page at some point, but as I've been trying to go on a 'net explore-- that is, start with a book mark, and then find new, interesting places using their links pages-- and not having much luck finding links pages, I decided I'd contribute by creating my own. Many are multi-fandom, and all are fairly well ratings-marked. Most before you click the link. Some are fairly neglected. If they're not working, I wanna know.

Choose your poisen:

Multiuniverse archives

Pages that contain stories for multiple fandoms

Tomorrow People

Not too much for just this show. But we try.

Power Rangers

Author Pages

Multiauthor archives

Occasionally updated

Updated last in 2005 or earlier

Harry Potter

I'm easily squicked in this fandom.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Maintance is spotty as all get out. Some sites have lists attached, some broken links. Most have adult fic, but it's well marked. Proceed at your own risk.

Other Fandoms

AKA The Kitchen Sink

My Fanfic