This page is constitutively under construction, as I let my old homepage get hopelessly out of date. Mostly, I'm keeping it 'cause Earthlink really seems to want me to have an index page.

What's here?

Some sites based on my current obsessions, and one obsession that's been toned down to an interest.

My Tommy Page site got mini-update in September of 2003.

My Tomorrow People site was last messed with February 22, 2014

My fan-fiction page is has fallen by the wayside. If you're looking for my fic, it usually ends up on AO3

What's elsewhere that's cool?

I've deleted this section, as I've failed to maintain it. Check my Tumblr or Twitter if you're looking for links, you might find some. :)

Who are you?

I hope my name will suffice. I'm Beth, but you can call me Tigger. All other information is classified/compartmentalized.

Usual Disclaimers

Only a customer of Earthlink, they're not affliated with this site. If you have a problem, please email me before you bug them, you'll find I'm quite agreeable. Keep in mind anything not under "What's Here" is not my site and therefore not my responsibility.

Last updated February 22, 2014