Harrison Powers was a painter. He lived from 1903 until 1991.

This page is the first stop in a web museum tour that displays a sampling of his work.

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Can you imagine what this would look like if there was a lake in the scene? (You'll need a java-enabled browser to see this..)

There is a new wing for the Harry's Paintings Web Museum. Have a look at the paintings that have been added to the collection in wing 2.


The Harry's Paintings Web Museum was created in September of 1995 and has been on-line since that time. The museum curator and musician is Tim May, Harry's grandson. The art presented here represents only a small sampling of Harry's work.

For music lovers, if you have high bandwidth and time to spare, and you'd like to hear an original tune for guitar called "On the Way To Merlefest", just click here.