True tales of the Huckleberry Finn type adventures of a boy who journeys from delinquency in California to Southern culture in the Missouri Ozarks. Although told through the eyes of a twelve year old who never grows old, much of the real life adventure is emotionally timeless with appeal to all ages. Brutally honest at times but never off colored. A sample from Roubidoux may be read here. The book may be ordered here.

Miracle II Product Testimonials


Here, in their own words, are some of the many filed testimonials Miracle II received regarding how Miracle II products have changed people's lives! (These testimonials were released before TEDCO's reluctance to release testimonials for fear of government reaction.)

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Sunday, October 26, 2003


Prostate cancer and more relieved.  Arnold was recovering from fourteen radiation treatments for prostate cancer, metastasized into the spine.

We began with a Miracle Soap bath every day, and a teaspoonful of Neutralizer. Then, we experimented with seven drops, then upped it to one ounce twice a day ... and on to two ounces, twice a day. Then we settled back to one ounce, twice day, and maintain there. We put one ounce of Moisturizing Soap and two ounces of Neutralizer in the bathtub, and time ourselves for a minimum of thirty minutes. This is our basic routine.

We have supplemented with Neutralizer Gel applied topically, and spray the liquid Neutralizer into our eyes, ears, and nostrils. We put the Gel and/or Skin Lotion on our face and dry skin areas of our bodies. We apply the Gel to injuries … burns, bumps, cuts, etc.

I gathered and discarded every chemical product from the house … laundry soap, dish soap, dishwasher soap, glass cleaner, household cleaners, bowl cleaner … toothpaste … anything that carried a warning on the label. I washed our underclothes, bed linens, clothing and towels with Miracle Soap, Neutralizer, and with a Miracle Therapeutic Laundry Ball. This released accumulated harmful chemicals locked into these fabrics, so closely connecting with our skin and open pores.

We have continued this regime to the present time. Arnold has had a skeletal survey, x-raying every bone in his body … which revealed no sign of metastasis anywhere in the body. His blood test of February 12, 2002, showed his PSA as 0.9 (down from 432) and the urologists physical exam revealed the prostrate to be "flat." The former swelling and nodules are gone.

When we began, Arnold's shins were covered with dry skin … white in color. My feet were dry and cracked, with lots of hard dry skin on the toes. Within the time of our first two or three baths, these conditions changed … Arnold's shins soon had a healthy shine (and tan) and my feet were supple; the dry, cracked skin was replaced with healthy pink skin. I have watched skin blemishes first become even more pronounced, then proceed through a "falling away" period, until they were entirely gone, leaving only fresh pink new skin behind.

I broke my toe, and immediately put the Gel on. The following day I was able to wear my sandals and walk normally. By the third day the discoloration was gone, and I hardly knew I had been injured. Same thing for a bad injury to my knee. I applied Gel, and soon began my daily tasks. It was not until the following night that I remembered the injury and when I looked, found only a small scab, evidencing the location. No swelling! No discoloration! I could thump the area and there was no tenderness.

It is my belief that our bodies are wonderfully made … and they could continue through the years, in perfect health, if they were not clogged up with man-made chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, bacteria, and parasites and their debris … all of which our bodies were never prepared to accommodate. Young bodies are vigorous and energetic, as they have not been around long enough to accumulate these congestants. Older bodies have been exposed to such an array of chemicals, drugs, heavy metals, bacteria, and parasites and their remains … that year-by-year the body becomes more and more clogged, and cannot work. (Imagine having a car for fifty years and never changing the oil, or getting the engine cleaned, or having a grease job!)

Use of Miracle products is a wonderful system of hygiene. When you look at the sediment in the bottom of your bathtub, ask yourself … "How dirty would the outside of my body have to be to leave this kind of sediment?" … you will become aware of the terrible internal toxic burden your body has been struggling through.

It’s a simple plan. The cost is negligible, as the Miracle II products replace so many chemical products we no longer use. We are giving our bodies their life back! Our bodies deserve a chance!

Never has this world presented such a hostile environment for human life. Yet, it is here … we live in it … and our children and animals live in it. Our soils are subject to it. And until Miracle II, we only knew how to put things INTO our bodies, but not how to wash them OUT!

Never have we needed something so much! This product was Divinely Given to Clayton Tedeton … only after the soil of his soul was tilled into receptivity. And just as we have read of Miracles given to mankind in centuries gone by … today, we, too, live in an Age of Miracles.

It is so simple. It is so affordable. We must pass the word along … others are waiting. They deserve to know.

God Bless,

Anne DeHart



Thursday, October 09, 2003

More uses of M2 products


Hi everyone, here are 2 emails sent to me from Loren. He found more uses for M2 products. Take heed. ;) - Thanks so much Loren for sharing. – Pat


 Hi Pat,

You mentioned that if we as distributors found other uses for the M2 products, to let you know. As a new distributor, I am just now getting into everything.

I change the oil and filter on my car myself, when I unscrew the oil pan bolt, oil gets all over my hand. I used to use the Go-Jo petroleum based hand cleaner to clean my hands. No more, I just put about a teaspoon of M2 Soap on my hands, and work it in. I then wash my hands with water, and the oil comes right off. Also, I thought why not just rub the M2 Soap into my hands before doing any dirty job. The M2 Soap works like an invisible glove.

Another thing, I have read and heard, that the M2 Soap and/or M2 Neutralizer work as a natural insect repellent. We have just had a large infestation of a beetle here in Northern, MN. The beetle looks like a ladybug, far from it. One landed on my lip, and it has a very bitter taste to it. The beetle also bites similar to a mosquito bite.

I sprayed my door with M2 soap and water, they fell off the door. I then thought, why not spray the soap/water mixture on my face and arms. It did work for a while, but perhaps I should have added some neutralizer to the mix. I know that the M2 Soap and water kill off the spiders I have here.

Let me know if anyone else has used the M2 products for similar uses.



Hi Pat,

Yes, you may share my email with your email list. I forgot one other use that I tried Tuesday morning.

I thought that if M2 works so well in humans and animals, and can be used for all kinds of cleaning purposes, why not in the car also.

I recently changed antifreeze in my car, there was a slight leak somewhere in the cooling system, so I put some of the radiator stop leak in the system to stop the leak.

The stop leak plugged up the system so that when I started driving my car, the thermostat didn't work correctly. It would blow cold air, then warm air and back to cold air for about 15 minutes. The weather hasn't been cold here yet, so that wasn't any problem.

I decided to try M2 Soap and M2 Neutralizer in the radiator Tuesday, to see what would happen. I put 3 drops of M2 Soap, and 7 drops of the M2 Neutralizer in the radiator and added water. I ran the car with the radiator cap off for a time to get the air out. I then put the radiator cap on and started driving my car, the heater blew somewhat warm air and then the thermostat started working. The radiator stop leak had plugged up the thermostat.

I now have all kinds of heat coming through, so the M2 Soap and M2 Neutralizer work well as an engine's cooling system cleaner like they do on us. I will find more uses for M2. Oh yes, my landlady called LAF Miracle II today, she has become a preferred customer. My best to you Pat.



Thank you Lee for the following story.  I believe it will help those who get ant bites or any other bites. - Pat

Hi again Pat,

One recent episode I'll share is that I was watering in the back yard when I literally threw down the hose and yelped in pain - it Really HURT - a red ant had crawled up my leg and bitten me on my thigh. I immediately ran inside and saturated the bite with neutralizer and the pain was gone - like almost instantly. It left a red circle - puffy area of about 5 inches in diameter - yup, it was a dozy. I took a bath and then treated it with the gel and more neutralizer and the next day you could see where it was 'oozing'. Within 5 days you could hardly tell I'd been bitten.

Too, after our call last night I decided to finally try saturating some gauze (after bath, neutralizer and gel) with neutralizer and plop it on a large reddish lump which never seems to go away on my leg. I sealed it with some plastic wrap and lo and behold this morning it is unbelievably diminished. Looks just like a small white pimple ready to burst. So, I have a band aid on it today soaked with neutralizer and I suspect this annoying lump thing will be totally gone by tomorrow. Just amazing.

When I've more time I'll share many, many more stories with you and everyone.

Fondly, Lee


Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Another great testimony from Jacque, the "horse lady"


I must tell you about our latest miracle here! Our newest rescue horse is a 14-year-old registered thoroughbred mare named Rocha. I've had her for about a month now. She came here because she had been diagnosed with an auto immune disease of some sort that the vets felt would be the end of her. "No cure" they said.

After evaluating her and her situation, I started her on the M2 soap and neutralizer internally, but only for a few weeks. I had the farrier come out and trim her at the end of the two weeks and she went lame on the front feet. We suspected that she was de-toxing out her front feet.

I took her off the soap and neutralizer and switched her to a major immune building diet that she needed to be on for about 10 days. (I never mix major things internally with the horses!) During this time she was walking slower and slower and about the 9th day, one morning, she could hardly walk. She would literally stumble across her pen. It was awful.

Below her knees, on all four legs she was swelling and had intermittent hot spots in the swelled areas. Both her right hooves were very stinky. She was actually detoxing out ALL four feet at the same time! (Whose immune system isn't working???)

I immediately rubbed the M2 soap onto all four legs below the knees. It was amazing that where there was heat, her body actually soaked in the soap and so, I added more to that site. Once the soap was applied, I then sprayed her legs with the neutralizer and added a poultice of Miracle Clay mixed with Neutralizer and packed that on her legs, especially concentrating on her 'hot spots.' Once this was done, I covered the leg with wax paper (to keep the poultice moist) and then loosely bandaged it on her leg. Each of her hooves I cleaned out thoroughly and then poured the soap straight on the bottom of the hoof, followed by spraying on the M2 spray mixture (1 oz soap/1oz neutralizer in a 32 oz spray bottle of water) I then packed the clay in her hoof, put a piece of cardboard, cut in a hoof shape and bandaged that loosely to the hoof. Once all four feet were done in this way, it was evident that it gave her immediate relief.

(I only needed to cover her feet in this manner for two days.) The very next morning, I checked all the bandages and unwrapped her legs and feet to see how she was doing and WOW, both her front legs had blown wide open in the exact same spot in the inside, below the knee. The yellow substance that drained from both legs was in such a large quantity that it had actually drained out the bandages and down the front of the hoof! She was immediately put on and still is on internal doses of Vitamin C and Colloidal Silver twice a day as well. She is now healing nicely and I expect that she will be a very fine horse for her new person. :)

I am grateful everyday for what we have available to us in the form of these M2 products.

Perfect Health and Blessings!




October 5, 2003

Hi Ann,


I have had some really unbelievable results with the Miracle II products since I started using them two months ago and wanted to share them with you. The most amazing for me is what happened with several second degree burns on my fingers.  I was in extreme pain because they were on the tips of my fingers and everyone knows the tips of the fingers are covered with millions of nerve endings. I used the jell immediately and  started getting relief from the pain. After a few hours the pain was gone for good.  The blisters basically deflated and disappeared! No joke, they disappeared!!  Next day the excruciating pain was gone and I was able to use my hand normally. I don't think I would have believed this if it hadn't happened to me.  Just today I got a number of fairly bad cat scratches from a semi-wild cat that's taken up at our house. Two scratches were bleeding and all the areas were extremely red with immediate inflammation. I used the jell and, long story short, soon the pain and redness disappeared!! The scratches are still visible but there is absolutely no infection or pain any longer. Anyone who's ever experienced a cat scratch knows how painful they are; a cat's claws are loaded with millions of germs.


Another interesting result occurred with my mom who is an Alzheimer's patient in a nursing home. She's had a recurrent infection in one eye that her doctor has not been able to clear up. A few drops of the neutralizer seems to be doing the job!  My sister has used the gel on a skin cancer on my mom's face. The ever present scab disappeared in a few days and all that's left at present is a dark spot that feels smooth to the touch and is growing smaller by the day.


There are a number of other results that I have experienced but none quite as profound as those described above.


Please send my thanks to Mr. Tedeton for sharing these products with the world.  They're the closest thing to holy water that I can imagine! My only complaint is that many people just think they're too good to be true; they aren't even open to the possibility. I will have to admit that I had a healthy dose of skepticism myself but am very glad that I was open enough to give them a chance; I am still in awe of what I am seeing.


If anyone would like to call me for more details, please feel free to give them my phone number which you have. 





Thursday, May 08, 2003

An MD tells of his miraculous healing from prostate and colon cancer!

Pat Berg shares

Dear Tim-

I would like to bring you up to date on some of the blessings which I have received since I last talked to you. First and probably most significant is the diagnosis of prostate cancer followed a few months later by colon cancer.

As you might suppose, I was totally devastated by the news and was truly convinced by my MD's that I probably would not live a year. I chose NOT TO FOLLOW the usual cancer path of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I turned instead to the FACT that the human body is infinitely capable of healing itself.

I began an INTENSIVE program of spiritual contact and regrowth. I added all the other methods which I have been using in my own lectures to the students that I teach at Florida College of Natural Health. I was then introduced to the Miracle II products, by a mutual friend of ours, Richard Powell. I began bathing every other day and brushing my teeth with cleanser and gel every day, swallowing the foamy stuff. Rinse it down with 24 oz. of pure water. During the day I used 1 oz of Miracle II neutralizer every 4-6 hours depending on the level of discomfort "heartburn" that I was experiencing. By the way Miracle II neutralizer works well for GERD, acid indigestion, heartburn and other "stomach" upsets. The outcome of this NATURAL and Miraculous course of treatment is truly a MIRACLE TOO.

In the past month or so I had a series of blood tests done to find out how far the cancer had spread and whether it had metastasized, "spread" to my liver, bones or brain. CT and bone scans were also performed. The results were nothing less than a MIRACLE, in the eyes of medical science. My blood tests came back perfectly normal, in fact the test included a computer analysis designed to predict cancer in patients. The computer said that I had a very slight chance of ever developing cancer, even though Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute and Johns Hopkins Pathology Department, both, had previously confirmed the cancer diagnosis.

Let me say that this has been and will be a constant effort to use all the methods of environmental detoxification, exercise, neutraceuticals and phytochemicals which I have learned in my nearly 40 years of medical practice, spiritual and natural healing. Miracle II is one of the aspects of an overall process of healing and wellness which I include, as my gift to GOD, in the lectures, and private consultations which I give to people concerned with any health or wellness concern.

I am available for private consultation and will also work with large lecture groups to help them realize how very important our health is. NEWS is a Natural Energy Wellness System which I developed a few years ago and Miracle II is an integral part of that system. I founded International Metaphysical University "IMU" to be able to educate people and promote spiritual growth in the healing field. I also developed the University Research Institute, or "URI." The combination of IMU & URI is working daily to compile data and educate the people about methods of Environmental Detoxification, Anti-aging, and Rejuvenation. I hope that we will ALL be able to realize the miracle that our life is and that fact that it is our duty to God and our spirit to work to take care of this miraculous creation.

Sincerely and Miraculously

Phillip L. Parker, MD, Graduate of University of Michigan, School of Medicine, founder IMU-URI, Instructor Florida College of Natural Health, Advisory Board FCNH, Advisory Board Everglades College, "emeritus" Chief of Anesthesia at Holland and Zeeland Community Hospitals.


Monday, May 05, 2003

Phil's chronic hay fever - gone for good!

I was dying with hay fever when I was introduced to these products. I had tried everything, including over-the-counter products and every naturopathic and homeopathic remedy under the sun and nothing had ever worked. I was more or less hooked on Claritin, because that worked the best for me.

A friend gave me a whole box of the Miracle products as a gift and I thought, "Wow, this is a real acid test!"

I continue to bathe daily using the Moisturizing Soap and Neutralizer together and I am drinking the Neutralizer as well.

When I first got started, I poured the medication out of my nasal pump and replaced it with Neutralizer. I would spray it up my nose and I could go for hours without getting any hay fever at all, and then when the symptoms started to come back I would use it again.

But now that I have been on the product for several months I don't even need to spray it up my nose anymore. I feel great every day. I am not having any symptoms at all. I am sitting out in my back yard right now and it is just covered with wild flowers and bushes. It is like a national forest right behind my house; there is nothing but grasslands. I can stand out here and I don't feel a thing. I am so happy!

My skin is so soft now. My hands have always been real hard from hard work. Now they are so soft I can't believe it! They would stay hard just from washing dishes with standard soap and things like that. I used to hate baths. I always took showers, but now I just love to bathe.

It is so remarkable when you really get on this stuff. It is not like anything you have ever tried. There's a physical feeling of well being that you get when you use these products.



Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Cancer disappears from 80-year-old given up to die by doctors!

This is a recent story about Derrick’s (my husband) uncle, who is closing in on 80 years old. About 2 years ago, Derrick’s Mom, who is Uncle Buddy’s sister, reported to us that Buddy had contracted stomach cancer. He decided to go ahead and have it operated on, with the doctors assurance that it should be an easy operation, and they should be able to permanently get rid of all of the cancer. Well, they ended up having to remove his stomach and replace it with a rubber one. If that wasn't bad enough, about 6 months ago (around October of 2002), they found out that the cancer was back and had spread throughout his organs.

He had been feeling well all along, with no outward signs of problems. Even after this diagnosis, he was still able to be fairly mobile. In late January of this year, Derrick’s Mom flew out to Alabama to visit him after the doctors told him that he only has a couple weeks left to live; the cancer had gotten much worse. Derrick’s Mom was able to talk to him about some spiritual issues, and hopefully, he has asked Jesus into his heart at this point.

In the meantime, I had been researching and selling the Miracle 2 products for about one month. I told his Mom about the products and the healing effects it has had on thousands upon thousands of people. She decided it was worth a shot and bought the soap, neutralizer and gel for her brother. I wrote him a letter, explaining how to start with the baths (he wasn't able to take regular baths, so he just did the foot baths), then take the neutralizer internally, then rub a small amount of gel once or twice a day over his torso so that it would absorb into the organs directly through the skin.

We hadn't heard from him in a while, and Derrick’s Mom was getting concerned, so she called a couple of weeks ago (4 weeks after the doctors told him he only had a couple weeks to live) to find out that he was out running errands. He finally called her back just last week (6 weeks after the doctors final diagnosis and about 4-5 weeks after he had been using the products) to report that he had just been to the doctor….and guess what??? They could not find a trace of cancer anywhere in his body!!! The only thing different was the Miracle 2 (he had not been on any medication for the cancer, and he had never received chemo treatments) and lots of prayer from Derrick and I! God is good!

Donna Ullstrom


Saturday, March 15, 2003

Gums, wrist, skin

Hi, here are some stories Michael sent to me. As you can see people will use all kinds of products with our Miracle II products. I personally think it's a waste of money.  You don't need anything else when it comes to pain. But everyone is different and sometimes some things work differently.
Enjoy –




I have had gingivitis for the past year. My lower left molar was loose. I could wiggle it with my fingers. I started brushing twice a day with 1 drop of the green soap and 7 drops of Neutralizer Gel...drinking 1 oz of Neutralizer daily and bathing every other day in the Miracle soap.

After 5 days, my gums stopped bleeding, turned from red to pink and my tooth became solid in my mouth once again.


Was amazed with the results of the neutralizer gel. Have been painting a large house trailer by hand with brush and talk about sore arm, wrist & shoulder muscles !!! I am a foot reflexologist and was concerned.

Rubbed the gel on my whole arm before next episode of painting. No pain.

Thank you, Pat


Of course we are all different...and some the all of us have different reactions to our own unique form of passing through our alkaline health recovery and "healing crisis" in whatever form. I personally spray my face daily with DOUBLE STRENGTH Neutralizer and add Magnesium Oil and top it off with Skin Moisturizer and have not seen or felt any dry skin reaction.

One very large brown "age spot" on the lower left side of my face has reduced to about one-fourth the size it was before Miracle products. It is also much lighter I am greatly relieved and pleased with that!! I sprained or broke my wrist almost two weeks ago (no doctors for me--GRIN)--now almost entirely healed through constant application of above routine, on my wrist. This RUB ROUTINE relieved the pain immediately and immensely.. (though A LITTLE PAIN erupts or surfaces every now then if I make a sudden "wrong" movement."

In a few days after the break and RUB TREATMENT, I saw a dozen or so scattered red rash pimples break out--which I knew must be toxins SURFACING from inside of my wrist break. Meanwhile, I have simply kept spraying Neutralizer on the wrist,, rubbing it in, and following up with rubbing in a lot of Magnesium Oil. Then ending with a good rub of Skin Moisurizer--and always repeating this procedure at least four or five times during each day, as well as first thing in the a.m., on waking, and last thing in p.m., before going to sleep. My wrist is almost 100% okay now!!

If you or friends are finding this kind of SURFACE reaction, I would simply BACK OFF putting it on your face-- (except for Miracle soap and Magnesium Oil baths) and instead, just keep taking Neutralizer INTERNALLY until the entire body reaches a maximum alkaline-LIFE state.... Then try it on the face again... Hope this helps you.


Monday, March 10, 2003

Hospice patients sent home

Here is a testimony I couldn't wait to share with you. I know it's hard to believe sometimes, but these people have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I've had an experience like these right here in Reno. So, share these products, allow them to make the decision to try it or not. Miracle II can truly help create miracles. Being told by doctors and people they've put their lives into their hands that there's nothing else that can be done need hope to try again. God speaks to us in many ways.

I have no specifics on what they used and how often but you can see that there was a change in just one day. We already know that there are 3 main products to use, soap, neutralizer and the gel. Can't go wrong in using them. And these products are affordable.

Pat Berg


I am a hospice nurse and the patients who come to our unit all have a terminal illness. Most of them have less than six months to live, so with the excitement of what the Miracle products had done in my own life, I knew that they were truly a gift from God.

We got the okay from hospice physician to allow us to use the products on some of our patients. We put two terminal patients on the products with absolutely awesome results.

The first patient is in his early 50's. The second patient was laying flat on his back; unable to get out of bed and according to the doctors had only two days to live. Within eight hours, he was out of bed and walking upright.

After about 30 days, both of these gentlemen were well enough that they were both released from the hospice unit and have now gone home.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

From a naturopathic physician


I was asked by a friend to sample the Miracle products. I was less than enthusiastic because I continually get bombarded with products that don't live up to the claims made about them.

I reluctantly agreed because the lady who shared them with me is a sweet, dear friend.

I was out on the road with one of my associates teaching seminars for a week and we decided to test the products together. Both of us watch very carefully what we eat in order to maintain a pH balance. This week we agreed to eat the Standard American Diet of fast foods. We even ate some chocolate covered doughnuts, drank some Coke and some coffee.

We were both able to maintain a pH of 7.0 by drinking just one capful of Neutralizer each day.

To say the least, we were both excited! I now refer to this product as "pH First Aid."

I did another test that was equally as remarkable. I took an apple and sprayed it with furniture polish and rubbed it in thoroughly. Furniture polish has some very dangerous chemicals like phenols and benzene.

I have some high-tech equipment for testing toxicity and the apple tested very toxic.

I then put the apple in a bowl of water to which I added some Miracle II Soap.

I left the apple in the water for 5 minutes after which could see the ash from the chemicals in the bottom of the bowl. I tested the apple again for toxicity and it tested normal.

Phillip R. Landis ND, President of Utah Naturopathic Medical Association


Monday, February 24, 2003

A bunch of brief testimonials from Pat Berg

Hi everyone, just received these stories and thought I'd share them with you - Pat


Sarah and I are enjoying the Miracle II products very much and are already spreading the word.

I have a testimonial already. I went in to the dentist to have two old fillings repaired. They were two wisdom teeth, so I had my mouth open very wide for quite a while during this procedure. Also, of course, there was the factor of the numbing gel & injections.

As soon as I left their office, I sprayed Neutralizer in my mouth, swishing it around and leaving it there as long as possible. I massaged Neutralizer gel on my cheeks, jaw, behind the ear, etc. I repeated this hourly or so a few times.

I had none of the typical after effects you'd expect after this ordeal - no dull aches, soreness, sensitivity, etc. I could just barely tell I had been through that procedure.


"I added a half ounce of Neutralizer to my water every day and after about thirty days I felt my clothes getting loose. I had put some outfits on lay-away and when I went to purchase them I had to get a smaller size!

I have always had trouble losing weight, but I am losing and not changing my diet one bit."

Vicki Bland, LPN


"I noticed a small infected area around my pierced belly button. The next day, after having applied gel to the area, the infection was gone!"

Victoria Lutz, Charlotte, N.C.


"I woke up with a throbbing earache so I put a few drops of the Neutralizer in my ear. By morning the pain was totally gone!"

Jeffrey Taylor, Atlanta, GA


"I had a severe burn on my arm and it has healed completely without a scar after using the Miracle gel on it. It healed so quickly I couldn't believe it! Also, after sunbathing with the Miracle gel I realized it must have an SPF of about 20."

Arden Conard, Atlanta, GA


"My baby had a terrible rash on his buttocks. I had tried many different products to get rid of it but the Miracle gel healed the rash after two or three days of applying!"

Rhonda Hoke, RN


Sunday, February 09, 2003

More amazing Miracle II testimonies from Jaque, the "horse lady"

Hello Pat,

I continue to learn more and more of the properties of the Miracle soap products and am constantly amazed! My rescue gelding, Johnny, that I have been keeping you informed about, the boy we received in September, was on the soap and neutralizer internally for 120 days and strangely I didn't see any signs of him detoxing,,, not even a runny nose or goopy eye... I did expect at least that.

Well, he did come here with a sore hind left leg that I never really pinpointed and I figured to let the diet change do it's thing first before I worried too much about the leg as he wasn't limping, just sore.

I've been told before that an injury to a point on the body whether you whack your hand on a board or stub your toe is actually the body's way of bringing energy to that exact point and the 'accident' is not really an 'accident' at all... So, with that in mind... on with this story.

I went out to feed a few weeks back and Johnny had cut himself on his left hind leg on the front above the hoof at the joint... So, I treated the cut with the soap and the neutralizer. I would rub the soap and then the neutralizer into the joint, clockwise, three times in one treatment and then I would walk him out to get it worked into the joint.

I found that he had heat on the inside hock and even at the point on his spine between his hip points. So those areas got rubbed down as well with the soap and neutralizer. I did this twice a day for three days and watched the wound do well.

On about the third or fourth day I realized that the wound had begun to drain blood and clear liquid and also strangely his leg drained a lot of clear liquid ABOVE the wound as well! I believe this was the beginning of the detox I had been waiting on...

About three days into the 'draining' phase Johnny began to exhibit stud traits. Now, this is a 12 year old gelding who up until this point has been a few months of a very docile and nice gelding. When he came here he was the world's biggest chicken with hair... and eventually that was overcome.

So, after the leg begins to drain, we suddenly have a huge hormonal imbalance that actually is flat dangerous at times. From past experience this is actually a detox of chemicals that somewhere in the past the animal has been exposed to... Most likely 2-4D or something similar. So, for the last few weeks, it's been kind of like having a teenager in the corrals. I am not trusting of what the mood will be. 90% of the time he is quite docile. The other 10% I have been chased out, he has run my other gelding into the fence and hurt him badly, and I am so glad that at least this is temporary!

He is on the neutralizer spray every day at this point and his leg is healing up very nicely. The hormone imbalance seems to have evened out better and I look forward to it being done, although, I do not know what all he has left to get rid of.

I want to also share with you what has happened with my other gelding who got run into the fence...I was out to feed about a week ago and noticed that he wasn't moving right. I brought him up to where I could look at him better as it was dark. With a flashlight I realized that this guy had a cut larger than a silver dollar right on the side of his knee. No hide was left, the cut was quite deep and still bleeding, and in the time it took me to run get some supplies blood covered the ground around his hoof... He was in shock and had lost a lot of blood.

I gave him a couple squirts of Bach flower Rescue Remedy and then proceeded to wash down the wound with Miracle Soap sudsy warm water and a clean cloth. The wound was still bleeding quite a bit, so, with the flashlight on the wound I sprayed the neutralizer on the wound and watched the blood coagulate right then and there. That was amazing. I packed the wound with a poultice of Miracle Clay and Trace Minerals. The bleeding had stopped!

It was a very cold night and mind you this is my horse that normally has such huge vibrant dapples he looks like a giraffe... He is never blanketed no matter how cold it is... But with the shock of the injury and the blood loss and the snow and the wind he was miserable and cold. I blanketed him for the night and put him to bed with lots of hay and water.

The next morning when I checked on him, I realized he was having trouble urinating and he hadn't touched his water...I put out a fresh bucket of water with one ounce of neutralizer per gallon of water. By the end of the day the bucket had been drank and by the next morning was urinating regularly and looking so much better.

Every day I clean the wound thoroughly with warm soapy M2 soap water and spray it down with a mixture of olive oil and tea tree oil (5-1) It is about 1/2 the size it originally was already and he is walking normal now. I also spray the neutralizer in his mouth every day as well. As of today, he's not in his blanket and it was -5 last night and he did great. His coat and eyes are bright again and he is doing so much better. I love having the soap products as part of my 'tools' !

I also want to update you on our kitty. Last I wrote, her weepy eye had finally stopped weeping and her coat was beautiful. I understand that the body can truly detox only when the energies are truly flowing correctly through the body and then the energy needed to push out toxins can begin to work.

Well, shortly after the last update on kitty, she began to get a little sneeze that could only be heard at night. After a few days, one day we came home, and kitty was on the porch and I thought she'd been injured because she looked as though she had blood on her face... Up close we realized that she had one giant long tear coming from her ex-weepy eye that was a mixture of clear AND BLOOD! It streamed down her nose and across her face. We brought her in, cleaned her face and then sprayed neutralizer on her eye and face.

She continued to 'dump' that junk out of her eye for a bit longer and then it was over... Her coat is gorgeous again and she 'asks' for her neutralizer spray nearly every day. I would love to know what it was that came out of that eye...

I am very happy to have such products as the Miracle Soap products available to use. It is always a blessing and I am happy to be able to share some of what they've done for us. Please share this with others. Thank-you for all you do for us Pat!




Friday, February 07, 2003

Nail-hardener in two-year-old's eye! And a bad burn!

From Tim French:

Miracle 2 products are truly a miracle! My two-year-old grandson spilled my nail hardener on my dressing table and stuck his finger in it, and then stuck his finger in his eye (he thought he was applying eye make-up like I do) He was screaming loudly and everyone came running. His mother started to wash his eye under the sink with water; we couldn't hold him down. I found the gel and neutralizer and filled his eye full.

He immediately stopped crying and everyone asked me, What did you put in his eye?? When I told them they were very impressed. My grandson's eye didn't turn red..It was like a miracle happening before our eyes! He could open his eye and see perfectly.

I burned my arm under the elbow with an iron skillet. The burn was the size of softball. It was a 2nd- and 3rd-degree burn. I immediately rubbed soap and applied gel, and kept a bandage on with gel for 4 days. It kept improving without a blister opening. It was dark red and black. My family wanted to take me to the hospital. I said, no, this will heal with miracle 2. They thought I was crazy.

When I showed them 6 days later ,they said. Where is the burn?? I don't even have a scar!!!! I still can't believe it myself. It was an ugly burn.

Thank you, Miracle 2!

Whole-body help from Miracle II products - a wonderfully articulate and detailed testimony

This is my 3rd day using Miracle II and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I've been using the Miracle II and started exercising each morning with Denise Austin on cable TV. I actually began the exercise regime last week, but after 2 days of the "Lite" program, I could barely walk or move for 4 days, until Tuesday, Feb. 4th, when I got back to exercise again. There are so many changes in only 3 days that I am astounded and eager to keep going.

For 3 years I've been dragging along; not able to focus or begin the many tasks I want to accomplish. The first thing I did when my Miracle II arrived was to make a solution of 2 parts Neutralizer, 1 part Soap and 1 part water. We have well-water. This is my Massage Mixture, which I put in a squirt bottle. I also filled a glass eyedropper bottle with neutralizer, which I put in my eyes, nose, ears and mouth a few times per day. Oh! and that first shower with the Miracle II!!! I felt so tingly and much cleaner than with Ivory soap. My goal is to get rid of my physical ailments and have one of the best shaped bodies in town on my 50th birthday next August 12th. Based on the quick and wonderful improvements in such a short time, I know this is possible with my current regime.

Here is a list of my physical ailments from bottom to top: Feet – had double bunion surgery in '96. Noticed a lump in left "insole" and also bone regrowth in right foot, which originally had the larger bunion. My feet seem to be getting stronger and more flexible. (Note: I take off my hubby's boots every day after work and massage his feet. He LOVES the Miracle II mix!!!) Ankles – visible enlarged areas on both sides of both ankles. Frequently, while climbing stairs, my right foot would clench up in pain. It felt like my shoe was tied very tightly. I've been rubbing the massage mix* on the ankles and they feel more limber – swelling seems to be shrinking. Calves – Frequent night spasms so painful that I would have to get out of bed and stand on the throbbing leg. Left calf has day spasms that I believe are related to herpes contracted from vaccines.

Knees – Extremely painful in bending, noticeable large lumps on outer knees – worst on left side. Having done professional acrobatic dancing between ages 33 and 40, I had created part of the damage and my formerly well-defined muscles had turned to burdensome flab. Exercising, massage mix and cold compresses are bringing greater strength and visible improvement. I can now climb stairs without pulling myself up the handrail.

Thighs – Very dry, sensitive skin, including bumps on the outside (from toxic laundry soaps?) and horrible cysts in the panty line area. I could only wear cotton sweat pants, and if the seams are sewn with polyester thread, the thread would catch on little hairs, creating painful red cysts. Shaving these sensitive areas made matters worse. I was surprised when I massaged the mix on my right thigh and the skin felt suppler, with diminished bumps (compared with the untreated left thigh). This improvement carried into the next day. I also added Spectrum coconut oil to my skin care, with great results. The bumps are bad enough, but the pain of fabric rubbing on my skin made me crazy before now. My thighs were showing cellulite bumps, and I hope to massage and exercise these toxic reservoirs away. Hips – Little bumps like on thighs (also on stomach and back) seem to be diminishing. Also more flexibility. I was in so much pain before; I could barely reach to wipe myself on the toilet. Bending was painful and restricted. Massage and diligent exercise have improved my flexibility. These areas are moving much better after 3 days! I have been massaging the mixture around my panty line and feel immediate soothing results.

Stomach/Waist – Besides bloating and bumps on my stomach, I was alternating between diarrhea and painful constipation. Each night I rub my tummy with the mixture and have had "peaceful" elimination for the past few days – Halleluyah! After an intense stomach workout yesterday, I felt NO PAIN today! Wow! I feel like I'm standing taller, with my stomach more controlled. I KNOW I can handle this problem, with exercise and Miracle II massage.

Chest – I've been a smoker on and off since age 13, and noticed wheezing and lots of phlegm. This problem seems to have ceased in the past 3 days. Morning cough is much lighter (no retching or gagging like previous mornings). Even tho I still smoke (but have cut down considerably) the symptoms have nearly disappeared. I had breast augmentation in 1985 and had them removed in 1995, due to compromised immune system. I believe the implants made me especially sensitive to synthetics. If anyone is considering such a drastic surgery, I advise AGAINST breast augmentation, or any other foreign substances inserted into the body. ... Even with my original breasts, doing aerobics is a challenge with them bouncing around. Note that I quit wearing a bra many years ago. The elastic drives me nuts. I found boys' cotton tank top undershirts hold me in and feel very comfortable.

Read "Dressed to Kill" for information about how bras cut off your circulation; especially in the lymph region.

Also in the past, I had a sign-painting business, where I was bombarded with strong solvents through my skin and lungs. All these toxins build up in your body – unless you work hard to expel them through sweating, bowel cleansing and herbal treatments. Hulda Clark (Cure for all Diseases) believes these toxins are breeding grounds for parasites that would normally not invade a healthy body, and that arthritis and other illnesses are from parasites. (This is why I'm so excited to see the "Zapper" being introduced to Lafayette Miracle II, in conjunction with the cleansing properties of the soap and neutralizer).

I also have been massaging my Miracle II mixture in the armpit, chest neck region – where the lymph glands reside. The improvements are remarkable. Gently massage these areas with Miracle II soap/neutralizer/water combination and feel the little pea-sized glands joyously release their toxins. Relief is the only word to describe the feeling. Back – Thankfully, I have been pain-free since beginning the exercise program last week. In the past few months I have had a severe crisis in my upper back (from the bra-strap area up to my atlas and axis in the top of the spine), which caused my arms to go numb, headaches and difficulty breathing. Four chiropractor visits helped, but I could have bought 4 bottles of Miracle II for the money. Some Chiropractic and professional massage is a worthwhile treat, but the glow I feel from exercising and massaging at home is FAR better. (Side-note: I wanted a massage table, but found my coffee table works fine. We kneel and rest over it, atop a towel, and get a great low surface to work from. Then we can lay on the floor, with our lower legs on the table, for leg/food work. This was an excellent discovery!

Shoulders, Arms, Elbows – My mom had very bad osteoporosis before she passed last year. I have had tremendous pain in my left arm, which became noticeable in the past year. The simple task of taking something out of the fridge became agonizing. My left elbow felt like a couple of spikes were jamming me. The pain has subsided a LOT in the past 3 days, but is still slight. I've been massaging, placing ice and exercising with light weights and definitely feel an improvement. I wonder if this is a type of "MS", since the dexterity in my left hand has become pretty bad. I would clench a fork with my left fist, rather than guide it with my fingers. I'm doing finger exercises while sitting.

Hands – Like I mentioned above, my left hand has been losing dexterity, but feeling better the past few days. On my right thumb, just at the first knuckle, it looks like bone growing out – similar to the large bunion on my right toe. I believe this is caused by poor digestion and poor circulation – all the organs becoming toxic and malfunctioning. Using the massage mixture, along with generous amounts of coconut oil, my hands are better – with less pain and more flexibility. Try this and do some finger exercises – a great place to start exercising! Neck/Throat – This is my worst area. For 3 years I have had a weird growth on my tongue. I could literally scrape it off, and I often gagged every morning from phlegm – especially when brushing my teeth. It felt like I was wearing a tight turtleneck sweater! I tried gargling with saltwater and some herbal remedies (Black Walnut Hull Tincture). I don't know if it's cancer, Candida, thyroid malfunction, thrush or what!!! Now the major symptoms are GONE in 3 days – it was almost immediate – when I began squirting neutralizer in my mouth throughout the day. I just let it trickle down... Miracle II has been the answer to intense prayer in this regard.

I also had a small cyst on my neck for 30 years. It contained some foul-smelling matter that would re-appear continually. Now when I feel it, it's greatly diminished in size. I hope it disappears completely. My rough neck tissue feels suppler after massaging with the mixture and my double chin area no longer has a ridge. Face – In these few days I have seen and felt improvements. Less bloating and my eyes aren't bulging as before. It seems like Miracle II is helping to regulate my thyroid!

Of course, words cannot describe the clean feeling from brushing teeth and tongue with the neutralizer gel and a drop of soap! I will never go back to toothpaste!

Hair – I'm still experimenting with the soaps to get the right blend for my long hair. One good find was a non-scented conditioner at a beauty supply store. With the dry weather in Erie, Pennsylvania – made worse by a pellet stove that heats our whole house – my hair was flying away and I couldn't even comb it with my fingers. Now my hair is more manageable. I plan to work more with the soaps and maybe coconut oil to make a good shampoo for long hair in a dry climate. I wonder if massaging neutralizer through the scalp would help? I'll give it a try in put it in my next journal entry.

The Miracle II Laundry Ball is also a life-saver!!! I'd been buying a non-scented detergent, but my skin was nearly raw from the stuff, even though I wear ONLY cotton. I squirt in about a teaspoon of soap with the wash and everything comes out clean and non-abrasive to my skin. It's a delight to feel these fabrics on my skin, where before I was in agony – literally climbing out of my clothes whenever possible.

Besides planning to share Miracle II as a home business, I have studied herbs and natural methods for several years. I ordered a gallon of most Miracle II products and plan to mix them with essential oils, herbal tinctures, bentonite clay, Epsom salt and sea salt, coconut oil and other substances for my personal use. There are many recipes on the internet for homemade health and beauty products. We are also going to try growing veggies and fruits for sale (one greenhouse up already), and I want to try the methods for plant growth and weed control. I have a small shop area where I plan to share videos/classes on herbal health, reflexology, acupressure and more.

With my renewed energy and better flexibility, I feel like this can really happen. Previously, I was depressed and in great pain. I felt like my body was turning to stone, and it really hurt.... This is a whole new world, thanks to exercise and Miracle II. These are the only 2 things I've changed in the past 3 days. I urge you to try a gentle exercise program. You may feel very sore the first time, but get back into it and do it daily. It only takes a half hour and the "glow" will be with you for the day, plus you'll sleep better! If anyone has any mixtures using Miracle II, I would like to see them posted here (on Miz Judy's Yahoo! group; that's where this is from).

Mary Rose – 2-7-03

PS – Miz Judy – Beware of electric blankets. Turn on the blanket and unplug it before using – or fill a hot water bottle instead. Remember, we are bombarded with many things (chemical, fungal, viral and electrical) that slowly deplete our defense system.



Monday, January 27, 2003

Yeast infection in dog

Pat Berg forwarded this:

I'm writing this to everyone who has animals. Goldie is 9 years old and 106 pounds, a golden retriever. She has had problems with yeast infections from head to toes for so long that I, Mommy, was ready to put her to sleep, so sad to say.

Well, on January 16, 2003 we found out about Miracle 2. Started with a bucket of the soap and water followed with neutralizer. Just in a few days my girl was looking better and sure smelling better. Goldie could not even get up in the mornings. Now she wakes me up, ball in mouth ready to play.

I also feel like a new woman. I did not tell my husband of this miracle from God for about a week, he travels with the work he does and came home to a cleaner house and two new women.

I could go on and on, but I can only give God all the glory--and thank you, Clayton Tedeton.

Please share this wonderful news with everyone.

Love, blessings, and good health to all out there,


Friday, January 24, 2003

Knee cartilage restored, and surgery avoided

Stan Irvin introduced his neighbor, Linda, to the products. Linda had suffered a car accident last year, and in January had an X-ray of her knees, which had been badly damaged. The X-ray revealed that she was suffering from a lack of cartilage in her knee bone on one bone The doctor recommended knee replacements, but Linda is only in her 40's and declined. Last month, Linda went in for a follow-up X-ray. When the doctor compared the earlier X-rays to the new ones, he had the nurse check to see if he had the right ones. Yes, he did. Then, he told Linda, "I don't understand this." He could not explain how it had occurred, but he showed Linda . "You have new cartilage in your knees. What are you taking?" Linda said she hadn't changed anything except she was taking the Miracle products The doctor told her to continue what she was doing!

What WAS Linda doing? She was taking one ounce of Neutralizer in the morning and one ounce at night. She also kept a bottle of Neutralizer Gel with her (had some in the doctor's office, applying it) and applied the Gel throughout the day. Sometimes, she wrapped a cloth wet with liquid Neutralizer over the Miracle 2 Gel and sealed it with Saran wrap or some kind of plastic.

Clayton Tedeton, developer of Miracle II Products, commented that the first thing it does is clean the blood. "Then, when the blood is clean, it can totally rebuild the body. He told Linda, "This is just the beginning. You will see a miracle happen here, as the body rebuilds itself."


Thursday, January 09, 2003

Miracle II and Parkinson's

From Miz Judy, who heads a Yahoo! discussion group on Miracle II:

Mel and I have seen great results from using M/2. Here is yet another amazing testimony: Harvey used to work for my husband Mel in Mel's remodeling business. Although Harvey had been a good window-and-door installer, Mel had to let him go when he kept falling over, because of Parkinson's. We were very sad about that. He went downhill quickly, and reached a point where he couldn't speak at all.

A Dr. Williams recommended that Lola, Harvey's wife, rub Harvey's head with Miracle II products, and said she thinks Parkinson's may be cause by parasites. So Lola has been doing this.

We just received a phone call--from Harvey! And he could even call Mel by name, which he hadn't been able to do!

(Paraphrased by Joel.)


Saturday, January 04, 2003

Office and home cleaning, and laundry ball testimony

Well, we're starting this new year off with a bang. Here's another email from Jacque to help you with your cleaning. This business is a sharing business, so send me your stories big and small (remember there really isn't any small stories!) with your permission to share them with everyone, just as Jacque has. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Happy, Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

- Pat

Hi Pat!

I wanted to share with you a few great things we have found with the soap and Neutralizer for cleaning!

We own a commercial cleaning business and clean many large office buildings in the evenings. I have always been concerned about employees mixing the wrong chemicals accidentally (such as spraying Windex and bleach in the same area and then breathing it) Bad stuff to mix!

Also the time involved to have a glass cleaner, a disinfectant, something for walls or floor spots... this can be very time consuming and cumbersome to have along so many products to take care of this or that not to mention the chemicals and don't forget the number of times a product doesn't always do as good as one would like it to do!

Well, we've found that the soap and Neutralizer replace ALL these things with just one spray bottle. I LOVE it! We mix it up in gallon jugs so the mixture is always consistent for the employees when they go to refill a spray bottle. I put 1/2 cup soap and 1/2 cup Neutralizer in a gallon jug and fill the rest up with water. Talk about cost effective! If I were to fill up a 32 oz. spray bottle at home, I put 1 oz. soap and 1 oz. Neutralizer and fill the rest of the bottle up with water.

This mixture cleans everything beautifully. It cleans glass spotlessly, chrome shines up, it disinfects, and actually seems to keep areas cleaner longer. One of my gals at work said to me about a week into using the soap..."I would think these bathrooms had already been cleaned when I come in at night to clean them except for the paper towels in the cans!"

Even some of my employees who aren't so great at the details of cleaning can't lose when they use the soap to clean with. It looks fabulous when they're done. I believe that we bless every person whose desk is sprayed and wiped off weekly with this product! Wiping walls off is a breeze with this as well.

The laundry ball is a must for everyone. The first time I used it I washed our bedding with it. Then dried the load in the dryer (without the ball of course). That night when I crawled into bed, the memory came back of when I was a little girl and my mom would wash my bedding and then hang it out to dry on a spring day. It was that clean!

Even when a 'laundry-ball load' is in the dryer the air that comes from the dryer vent is very different. It seems energized and fresh and it's difficult to describe - check it out!

As for therapy uses - I think it is endless... These products have such a wonderful effect. Holding the ball in both your hands will balance you, sleeping with the ball if you have aches or pains at night just fall asleep with the ball by the achy spot and you'll be amazed at how the pain goes away. I need to get another laundry ball as this one I have to hunt for when I want to do the laundry! I'm glad to share what I have learned and love to hear the stories from others. Thanks, Pat, for all you do!


J. Chapman

Wonderful update from Jacque, the horse lady

Here's an email Jacque gave me permission to share with all of you. She is such a blessing to her animals. Thanks so much, Jacque!

- Pat

Hi, Pat!

Yes, lots has been happening with the animals and more will continue to happen, I'm sure. We're at about the 120-day mark of giving the horses the soap and Neutralizer internally. The mare with the founder has developed two big 'cowlick' swirls in the same place on each side of her neck which is interesting. Still a little crest in her neck that seems to fluctuate with the amount of soap and vitamins she receives on the same day so I began to alternate the days she received her soap and the days she receives her vitamins and only for a brief period before we came to the 120-day mark and I've decided with her to just continue with the Neutralizer spray only once we reached that point and she's still on her vitamins. She looks really good.

I use the Neutralizer spray for everything on the animals. When I come out to feed, if someone has a nick or scratch or bump- I spray it with the Neutralizer. On the mare with founder, her feet would still get warm once in awhile, so every morning she gets one squirt of Neutralizer on the very front of each coronet band and 2-3 squirts on those new neck swirls, one squirt right between the eyes (try that on yourself sometime - it's very refreshing!) and a couple squirts on each side where the poll meets the base of the ear (that seems to have a very calming effect for the horses) and then 1-2 squirts in her mouth.

I have a couple other horses with old injuries on the same front leg and so every morning I spray those down as well - one is a bowed tendon and the foot would constantly look like an 'elf slipper' even the next day after a hoof trim. Since I've started using the Neutralizer spray on that old injury - the hoof lays flat now!

Although this has been a mild winter so far, when the weather does an extreme change, the animals all are handling it very well. I believe that the soap and Neutralizer internally and even the Neutralizer spray has something to do with them maintaining a good body temperature as well. We've had our cat for about 3 years now; when she first came to us- she was a very very sick abandoned kitten that I believe would've died in the next 24 hours.

She looked like a dead muddy skin and bone carcass that you sometimes see on the side of a road. She weighed less than 8 oz. (was paper thin) and I know the week before we found her, was the beginning of the winter season here, with very cold nights and days of cold wind temperatures and freezing rain and snow, so I know she'd had to at least survive that week...she was found on the side of a road in a beer box.

For all we've been able to do for her 'naturally', it was still evident that she wasn't able to handle the cold very well the last couple winters and her hormones are off the charts. Cats that are messed up are more difficult to get to accept the 'natural' changes they need than just about any other animal! She could be the meanest little critter on 4 legs you ever saw! Fortunately, the Neutralizer is easy for us and very easy on her.

Well, we started using the Neutralizer spray on her in September, just spraying it on her coat and her paws and a little in her water, in her litter box, and sometimes on her food, and you should see her now! Her coat is very thick and fluffy as we've never seen. There have been cold nights when she stays out all night and the next day is fine. I say this because ever since we got her, her right eye would ALWAYS weep when she became stressed in any way - I haven't seen that eye weep in a month now, even with the cold stress.

Her hormones are doing much better and she is very friendly and cuddly now. She's gained weight finally (that's always been a challenge with her) and looks very healthy. The colors on her coat are very pretty. She's more positive to be around- by that I mean the 'whiney meowing is gone' and when she does meow, it's to really say something now! Seems like this soap just opens up a whole new level of communication with my animals as well.

An update on the rescue horse we've had for three months now. He was scheduled to be put down- he was absolutely the most afraid 'broke' horse I've ever seen and had been getting worse and worse over a period of EIGHT years. I put him on the soap and Neutralizer on day three that he arrived. He is absolutely a different animal today. His energy is very positive. He is quiet and very much inside himself. I expect great things with him and know that someday his story will be used as a story of hope for others who have no hope. When I talk to someone about this soap I always tell them this, "They say that the formula for this product came from God... and I BELIEVE IT!"

The way I give the soap to the horses internally is as follows:

Mix 1-2 drops of soap in an 8 oz. glass of distilled water. Then take one 12 cc syringe, fill it up with this soap mixture and squirt it in the horse's mouth. After a few minutes spray 2-3 squirts of the Neutralizer (not diluted) in the horse's mouth. That's it. The soap mixture lasts several days this way and is very cost effective too! My horses get their soap and Neutralizer every morning before they get their breakfast.

Remember that this product has a powerful effect on drawing toxins out of the body (even big bodies at this dilution!) I do not give any supplemental vitamins in the first few weeks of adding the soap to their diets. Just grass hay and water and their soap and Neutralizer... When/if I do add vitamins it is only 1/3 to 1/4 (and sometimes even less!) the regular amount I would give as long as I continue to use the soap and Neutralizer internally.

Our horses live in a very chemical world when it comes to the number of wormings and vaccinations that most of them are exposed to. I believe that is the biggest reason we ended up with our latest rescue horse. His body literally didn't know what else to do and it surely affected his mental soundness as well at his old home. There is a better way we can care for our animals and still provide them with the best protection they can have- the natural protection God designed them with! We don't need to take away from this by adding chemicals that the body in turn harbors not knowing what else to do with it.

Thank God for a product that can cleanse the body perfectly, clear the energy pathways of the body to work exactly as it was meant to! This product is truly a gift!


Jacque Chapman

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Diabetes sufferer whose legs were about to be amputated

Pat Berg interviewed Linda Brown this week. Linda was a civil engineer, and is a hairstylist, massage therapist, kinesiologist, and more.

Linda reported on the father-in-law of a Rev. Benjamin, from Ohio. He was due to have his legs amputated before Thanksgiving. She instructed him to soak his legs--severely ulcerated--in water as hot as he could stand, with an ounce of soap and an ounce of neutralizer. He used large trash containers, to get as much of his leg in each as he could. She suggested that he put pre-warmed stones in the containers, to keep the water warm as long as possible.

He did this every day, and rubbed Neutralizer Gel all over his legs every day also. Within a short period (the call broke up, so it was impossible to hear this part)--no more than a couple of weeks--the ulcers were gone, and the legs did not need to be amputated!


Sunday, November 24, 2002

Years-old grape juice stains come out of upholstery

It AMAZED me so much I just have to share it with you. I told you I got rid of all my household cleaners...

I took some spray bottles and mixed them with left over M2 bath water and an ounce of green soap, to see how that worked (experimenting). One bottle holds 25 ounces and the other is about half that size...Well, I took the little bottle (more concentrated) and there was a grape juice stain on the footrest of the Lazy-boy recliner. One of the kids spilled grape juice--YEARS AGO - NOT recently!!!--on the footrest while Kenny was reclining...By the time I saw it I knew it was a solid stain that would not come out! So - it sat, and sat and sat.

Now years later--I am NOT exaggerating--I decide to put the M2 soap to a MAJOR test...fully expecting it to fail. I sprayed--and the first stain disappeared, before I could even rub it!!

I was SHOCKED - I had to rub one of the stains a little bit, but almost all the stains came out with just spraying the M2 mixture on the stain! NOW that is truly amazing!! YEARS-OLD GRAPE JUICE

Next I am going to try my rug (carpet) I have these stains that no matter what you scrub the rug with, the stains come back up to the surface a few days later - the longest it ever stayed clean was a few months! My nephew just scrubbed the carpet Tuesday and the stains are coming back up today. I want to show him the stains first - then try the M2 on them. Then maybe he will try using the machine with the M2 in it like I suggested in the first place!! (Ha! Ha!)

WOW - Huh?!

Love, Bonnie


Thursday, November 21, 2002

Itching, bleeding ears

I have had itching ears ever since a procedure was done on them 30 years ago. Steroidal creams helped--but definitely did not solve the problem.

Since being introduced to Miracle 2, I have been using both the gel and the lotion to try and deal with the extreme itching that sometimes leads to my ears bleeding. There was not much relief over the last month, and of course I have been taking it internally and taking the bath/soaks.

I was just about to go back to the steroidal creams when I tried one more thing. I just tried using straight Miracle 2 soap on the end of a cotton swab. IT WORKED! This relief means everything.

Barbara Hartley
Crown Point, IN

Pat comments: This story shows how we need to have patience--and to listen to that little voice telling us to try something else or use it another way.


Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Moles and blackheads gone

December 14, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

In September, I purchased my first order of Miracle II products. I also made an order as a gift for a sister of mine.

I am writing to let you know what has happened since I started using the products.

1. I have an excessive number of moles on my face, neck, and upper body. Some small ones have fallen off; larger ones have changed colors (for the better) or flattened.

2. I had many blackheads and whiteheads on my face. They have decreased significantly; one sizeable blackhead on my left cheek is presently leaving. I have worked on it for years, and was about to go to a dermatologist to have it lasered. Now there’s no need to do so.

3. I have what are termed cholesterol deposits under and above each eye. They are gradually reducing or fading.

It is my hope and prayer that all of the moles and blackheads will go away completely.

Nedra Johnson


Flu, vision loss, lung congestion, high blood-pressure, sinus pain, headache, knee think YOU've got troubles?

On Tuesday, December 11, 2001, I purchased a bottle of Miracle II Neutralizer from Donald Mantell, M.D. of Sarver, PA. The previous Saturday, he had told me about the product and its successful use for a great many ailments.

Since I was suffering from a bad case of the flu that just wouldn’t let go, I was desperate. My health had deteriorated as a consequence. In particular, my lungs were ready to shut down. The same day I purchased the Neutralizer, I was gasping for air—about ready for the hospital emergency room and an oxygen treatment.

I took a capful of the Neutralizer and immediately my vision became clearer, and in about half an hour, I noticed a slight improvement in my breathing.

My blood pressure had been 201/109. It dropped to 147/79, and has maintained that level for the past two days.

I drank an additional 7 drops in water, and my breathing improved even more. Within four hours, my breathing improved 90%. No need for the hospital now; this is terrific!

We received an added bonus when my wife came home from work at 5:30 PM. Her headache and sinus pain were obvious; she rubbed the drops on her forehead and sinus areas. Her left knee is out of place, and she had been in constant pain with that, so she rubbed the drops on it.

The pain eased, and as she continued drinking the drops in water for the past two days, she is able to walk without the terrible pain that she had had. She’s a hard sell on alternative medicine; perhaps not so much now.

For the past 25 years, ill health, along with bad luck, has plagued me. Early this year, two doctors said, “You don’t have long to live; all your bodily functions are shutting down.” (Glad they were wrong!)

After the second doctor said that, though, I began to pray—something I had previously considered a waste of are an answer to my prayers.

Miracles still happen! Praise and thank you, Jesus....Thank you, Dr. Mantell, and thank you Mr. Clayton Tedeton. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Carole and Thomas Kern


Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Dog's cancer healed

February, 2002

Dr. Mantell,

Thank you for introducing me to Miracle II products. I purchased the products to clean in my home and dog-grooming shop. Much to my surprise, Miracle II did indeed create a “miracle.”

Mandie, a sweet little shihtzu, was scheduled for an evening appointment without any other clients in the shop. Much to my dismay, when she came in the door I was told this would be her last grooming, as she was full of cancer. The owner asked if I would make her pretty so she would look nice when they buried her.

With tears in my eyes, I carefully clipped this thin, lethargic little dog. When I put her in the tub, she laid on her side, too tired to stand. I bathed her side with half [a cap] of Miracle II soap and half [a cap] of Miracle II Neutralizer, diluted in 16 ounces of water.

I turned Mandie over to lather her other side and she stood up! Her energy returned and she danced in the tub, as she normally does. So I decided to place her in a cage dryer, so she could rest. She danced from side to side in the pen, as was normal for her.

Then, I decided the owner was not telling the truth about Mandie’s health. When he walked in the shop, he asked what I did to perk Mandie up. Well, I told him about Miracle II. So we proceeded to give Mandie a big squirt of Neutralizer in her mouth, and they left the shop.

About 15 minutes later, the phone rang, and a woman said, “What did you do to my dog?” I was thinking, “Oh, no! It killed her dog; now what?” Then she said that Mandie had hopped out of the car, run up the steps, then ran into the house directly to her food and water bowls, and ate.

This was the dog that had had to be carried everywhere and would not eat for two weeks!

The owner came back and bought all the Neutralizer I had. They later moved to Florida. Their daughter told me the other day that Mandie is still very much alive. Miracles never cease.

Roberta Bennett


Carl Robertson's cataracts gone

Dear Dr. Mantell,

Two months ago an ophthalmologist examined my eyes and quickly recommended surgery for “mature cataracts.” I signed the pre-op forms and began counting days until the surgery.

So I began putting 2 drops [of Neutralizer] into each eye twice a day, for three weeks.

Yesterday, my regular optometrist examined me solely for cataracts, and said that they were so small that I had nothing to be concerned about for the next 30 years!

So I humbly and happily thank you, Don, and Anthony Mula, and everyone at Miracle II.

Very sincerely,
Carl Robertson
New Castle, PA


Dr. Mantell writes about the healing of a burn

JAMA Medical Clinic
Dear Tony,

I am writing this letter in order to tell you how grateful I am for discovering the Miracle II products, not only for my patients, but also for myself.

As you know, I went through a major move with my personal residence this past weekend. I incurred a nasty brush burn on my left wrist from the edge of a cardboard box during the move. It became infected and very red, elevated, and angry looking. When this situation has happened in the past, I’ve needed to use antibiotics; the infection usually took 10 to 14 days to clear up.

This time, I sprayed my wrist with the Neutralizer and saturated a piece of gauze with the Neutralizer. I then taped the gauze to my wrist. I did this two nights in a row while I slept.

Amazingly, in two days, the angry, red, elevated infected areas were completely gone, and in their place a small scab formed, which then healed up. Truly a miracle.

In addition, after the second consecutive day of moving boxers, some quite heave, I could barely bend over. My back, arms, and neck ached terribly. I took a bath with the Miracle II soap and Neutralizer. The next morning, I felt rejuvenated, with not an ache or pain. Another miracle!

Lastly, with all the moving I couldn’t locate my Miracle II gel, so i couldn’t brush my teeth with it. After three days, I couldn’t wait to get to the office to get some more gel. I could really tell the difference with my teeth and gums. My teeth did not feel really clean until I brushed with the Gel, the Neutralizer, and a drop of the Soap. The Miracle II products are truly miraculous!

My personal life and my medical practice have taken a dramatic turn for the better since I was introduced to the Miracle II products, a little over six weeks ago.

After 20 years in a holistic medical practice, I finally feel that I have found a product and a company that I can put my mind, heart, and soul into.

Thank you, Tony, for your dedication in this mission of getting the word out on the Miracle II story. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to call or write me.


Donald J. Mantell, M.D.
December 13, 2001



Friday, November 15, 2002

A medical doctor with breast cancer

In September, 2002, Pat Berg interviewed Dr. Sandra Herbage (are names destiny? :-)) about her experiences with Miracle II on the weekly conference call (see times and numbers in header, above). This is a transcript of that program.

"Tonight's call featured an interview with Dr. Sandra Herbage. Dr. Herbage is an MD, as well as holding a degree in Homeopathy. She is the Medical Director for the Madison Holistic Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Herbage told us she diagnosed herself with breast cancer in October, 2001. Following surgery, the reports indicated that all malignant tissue had been removed ... everything looked clean and nothing had spread. So Dr. Herbage elected to have no chemo, no radiation. Instead, she began an herbal program, and then, because she was not anxious ... settled down into a standard herbal program, setting aside the intense herbs.

In February, Dr. Herbage again had a blood test ... a lump had shown up in the breast, and the blood test revealed that she still had cancer! She went back on the intense herbal program; however, the herbs began hurting her stomach ... she developed an ulcer and the stomach pain was so bad that she couldn't eat, and finally had to stop taking the herbs. She had run out of options, and had a long talk with the Lord, asking for direction ... "I don't know what to do."

In April, her husband who was away on a trip brought back some Miracle II. He had used it for his chronic pain, and it went away. He suggested she try it for the breast cancer. Well! This unimpressive little bottle ... this "inexpensive cure-all" did not catch her attention, and she disregarded it. However, her husband kept calling, asking her if she had taken it. Finally, to keep peace in the family ... she condescended to take 7 drops. Dr. Herbage took 7 drops for 7 days. The next week she had another blood test. It was "Normal." Yes, after one week, the blood test was Normal and the lump had gone away! It took her a while to comprehend this. Finally, after one week, when she really understood that she was cured, she read Amazing Grace. She couldn't sleep that night. And now, she turns to Miracle II for everything!

When the breast cancer had been cured after one week of 7 drops, the reading was "Normal" -- 100, just on the borderline, but... "Normal." Five weeks later, still adjusting to her miracle, Dr. Herbage had another blood test done. This time, it was fully in the "Normal" range ... it was 60!

One of Dr. Herbage's breast-cancer patients had a mastectomy, followed by radiation. She was so sick after all of this trauma, and had another blood test: 220. Cancer still very active. She went on an alternative program. Another blood test: 180. Cancer still active. Dr. Herbage then got her on 7 drops of Miracle II. One month later she came in for another blood test: 41. No Cancer!

Dr. Herbage's mother is a diabetic. She got on Miracle II for one month and found it was definitely lowering the blood sugar ... so much so, that it is making her insulin hard to regulate.

Another diabetes patient, not on insulin, started on Miracle II. He found that the 7 drops did not do it, but ... 10 to 11 drops DID lower his blood sugar ... dropping 10 to 15 points each time!

There was a discussion about cataracts. Dr. Herbage had a patient using 6 to 7 drops in the eye, but it was running out. It was suggested he try an eye cup, as Clayton recommends. Jerry Kraft told his story of improvement of glaucoma, as well as damaged tissue.

Dr. Herbage told of a patient with sinusitis, who she had just put on Miracle II, when she left for a trip. While she was away, no sinusitis. But, as soon as she got home, it started. Then she remember ... got out the Miracle II, took 7 drops ... no headache! Other pain also dropped by 25% to 50%.

Dr. Herbage told of skin improvements after taking the baths. She is still amazed that for almost everyone and their problems, she has one answer: Miracle II!

Dr. Herbage was particularly impressed with Miracle II helping her daughter's fibromyalgia. Her daughter had just had a 3-day "flare-up." She was in bed. 7 drops of Miracle II, and the next morning she was 70% better!

Dr. Herbage thought one time that she had a fever. Then, she realized her circulation had kicked in ... this was nice, normal, body warmth ... instead of her usual cold skin.

One patient with fibromyalgia was so impressed with the immediate pain results, she purchased two gallons!

As to arthritic pain ... the Gel lessens the pain. And yes, it does come back. Then more Gel. However, the baseline is getting better, and over time, less meds are needed.

One patient with a bad skin problem was told to bathe in Miracle II. He complained he didn't like that "Soap" -- when he dried off, the towel TURNED BLACK! Dr. Herbage commented on the wonder of "Anything that can pull stuff out of our body like that! Amazing!

Asked if Miracle II could help a friend with colon cancer, Dr. Herbage said "There is always hope. I just tell them, 'I don't know what this will do for you, but it has helped a lot of people."

Dr. Herbage also commented on people getting on Miracle II after having chemo. "If they take a Miracle II bath, have them then step into the shower and rinse the Miracle II off. If they leave it on, it will continue to pull out the chemo and it will burn the skin."

One patient left it on, but really didn't care, saying "It is saving my life!"

Dr. Herbage said that on chronic problems, like Fibro, people can take their time and work up slowly. However, if someone is dealing with terminal cancer, you must work up as quickly as you can ... and have them drink lots of water! I tell them to take their Neutralizer in water ... that way I get more water into them!"

Thank you Dr. Herbage ... we look forward to your next visit!"



Thursday, November 14, 2002

A dental hygienist's report

I went for my thrice-yearly dental hygiene appointment today. I was looking forward to it more than usual, because since I signed on with Miracle II--on October 14--I've been only using Neutralizer and soap in my mouth (on a Sonicare toothbrush). That is, I stopped my daily flossing, and gave up any other toothpaste.

My hygienist was amazed at how smooth and slippery my teeth are! She said that whatever I was doing was working. I had thought it was, but it was nice to get verification.

I've invested about $20,000 in this mouth over the last 12 years, so I want to take good care of it; Miracle II is letting me do that without making myself sick with the stuff in toothpastes!



Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Interview with Dr. Mantel

Many tips:
* Various eye problems, including macular degeneration, iritis, cataracts, and more: drops of Neutralizer in the eye; Neutralizer Gel in compress; rub on bridge of nose, allowing some to get into eyes. Testimony of Vietnam vet who opted not to undergo cataract surgery, and was healed.
* Jerry Kraft put 12 drops of green soap and 2 ounces of Neutralizer into a medium-size humidifier and put it in the bedroom when he slept. His life-long cough disappeared completely in about three weeks!
* Put a pea-size dollop of Neutralizer Gel under your tongue for excessive mucus in the throat, or before public speaking.
* For incontinence: Gel over the bladder and on diaper. Sleep with it.
* Cancer patients: Start with a few drops in water a day, and build up to an ounce a day. Also, put a poultice of Neutralizer-soaked cloth on an affected area and tape some plastic wrap over it; sleep with it three times a week.


Dr. Speer: Massage with soap and neutralizer

Pat Berg interviewed Dr. Speer last week on the Tuesday-night conference call. Speer is a doctor of naturopathy.

"Anyone who is not using the products for massage is missing much of its benefit," said Dr. Speer. He recommends alternating with a half-water-half-soap mixture and straight neutralizer. "These are the only products I have even heard of whose effects last three days," he said.

His experience is that one out of three people experience a "miracle" (his characterization of a dramatic improvement). All experience some kind of improvement.

"But something to be aware of is 'retracing' ," warns Speer. This is a recurrence of old problems that has been widely recognized among natural healers. Some people may find this discouraging; but if they stick with the products, they are sure to see powerful results.

Sick cat Q&A

Shirley asks:

I have a cat that is 18 years old. She has, I think, arthritis in her hind-leg joints. This morning I used some Neutralizer Gel on her. I will do it again this evening before I go to bed. I sure hope it helps her. It is painful for me to see her in pain. I will let you know in a few days how it is working for her.

Does anyone else have an experience or know of anyone who has used the gel in this way?


Miz Judy answers:

Do that, and also give her some neutralizer in her drinking water, and put Neutralizer Gel on her tongue.

Here's how to bathe her in your leftover bath water:

* Put on a pair of gloves.
* Wrap her in a towel so she can't kick.
* Gradually lower her into the tub, and hold her there, gently, keeping her head above water.
* Saturate the towel and let her soak.

When she calms down, she will start to relax, and later beg you to bathe her again the next time you bathe. Do this until you begin to see a change in her condition. If she will allow you to, mist-spray her belly daily.


Monday, November 11, 2002

Small improvements are also impressive

Miz Judy asked me to share with you the experience we have been having with Miracle II. I think we havn't used it long enough to show any tremendous results at this time. But the little daily things I see are what have made me re-order these unique products.

Where we live we have a problem with stinky sulfur water. I am forbidden to use Herbal Essence; it stinks so bad after mixing it with this foul-smelling water...if you can imagine it, the smell intensifies 100%--absolutely disgusting.

Well, since using the Miracle II soap I have noticed that the bath water hardly has any smell to it...the sulfur smell is gone.

My husband uses Head and Shoulders to control dandruff. He has been using only the regular [Miracle II] soap to wash his hair for a couple of weeks now and has seen no dandruff flakes...other shampoos make this happen within the first wash.

I have bathed my dogs twice in the bath water after I have had my bath. Their hair comes out clean and smelling sweet, soft and manageable with a comb.

My hair is clean and I use just a tich of the hand and body lotion for a conditioner...and it works great. I have no problems putting a comb through my fine hair. Without conditioner, I usually have a ton of knots.

I have used the gel on a toothbrush to brush my dogs' teeth. The change in the chemistry of their breath was instant and gave them sweet-smelling mouths.

I have used the bath water to clean my windows, and I have to say, I have never seen the glass so clean.

All this from one little bottle! What I have seen so far has convinced me this is healthier for us then all the garbage we buy from the store...and over time it will save us a ton of money, rather then cost us a ton of money--because I will be eliminating at least 20 or more other products from my home.

We know that there is much more to come. We haven't been using it long enough to see dramatic results for the things it has taken us years to we will give it time, and enjoy the everyday things we see this replace and make better for us.

Please have a great day!

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Update from Jacque, the horse lady


Pat Berg, forwarded this note.


Hi Pat!

Thought I better get back with you and share what I am doing for the animals with the soap and neutralizer.

For the horses taking the soap internally--I just put a couple drops of soap in 8 oz. of distilled water, mix it up, and then fill a 12 cc syringe with the 'soap mixture' and squirt it in the horse's mouth. I wait a few minutes and then spray two squirts of neutralizer into the horse's mouth. I always give the soap and nuetralizer before their 'breakfast'. And I always make sure that they have plenty of fresh water to drink.

Because of the immense energy of the soap, I am careful that the diet of the horse is compatible with this energy source. The simpler, the better. When starting on the soap and neutralizer, I have the horse on grass hay and water only for the first few weeks and then am slow to add anything else. Some of my horses have dapples so big they are overwhelming.

The blood completely regenerates every 120 days, and so when they've been on the soap for that amount of time I will re-evaluate their diets and determine if the soap will continue daily--or if I will perhaps use it on a 3- or 7-day cycle (give it only every 3 or 7 days). I'll keep you posted!

I use the same 'soap mixture' for my 1-year-old female German Shepard who is a bit 'hormonal.' She gets 6 cc of 'soap mixture' followed by one squirt of neutralizer--and this she only gets every other day, at the most.

Thanks for all you do, Pat!


Bath yields fast detox and relief from pain

Via Pat:

Hi Folks,

I believe this is the ultimate Miracle II First Bath story! Last Friday, I received a call from Marci Ginter who lives in Oklahoma. She HAD to tell me about the phone call she had received from Mary Miller, her friend in North Dakota. Both women have been very good friends for more than ten years. Mary moved from Oklahoma to North Dakota over ten years ago; however, it was ten years ago that she started to get sick.

Here is the story that Marci Ginter told me last Friday, and shared with all of us on the Tuesday Miracle II conference call yesterday. So many of you have asked for this write-up ... so, here it is! And thank you, Marci, for caring so much!

November 1 2002

Just an hour or so ago, Marci Ginter called me from Oklahoma to tell me about the miraculous experience of her friend, Mary Miller, in North Dakota. Mary was sick ... has been in pain for ten years ... Fibromyalgia, medical mastectomy, chronic fatigue, Crohn's, irritable bowel, spastic colon. Yesterday Mary went to the hospital ... had had seven morphine shots by her husband ... then to the hospital. (The nurse asked her how she was still standing!) Mary's husband must take her in to ER about three times a week when the pain cannot be stopped at home. Mary is only 46.

Marci told Mary about Miracle II. Mary went to our website and wanted to try it, but her husband said ... "Soap? No!!" When Mary called to tell Marci, Mary was in tears. (Mary has attempted suicide several times.)

Another friend ordered the Soap and Neutralizer and had it sent to North Dakota. Mary got it Wednesday, but was in such pain yesterday, just couldn't do anything except go to the hospital.

This morning, Mary took her first Miracle II bath. Then, she called her Marci, saying ... "If you are on the phone, get off! This is important!"

Mary began, first telling that she shampooed her hair (with the Regular Soap). She was amazed that she could get the comb through her hair! It had been ruined with so much medication she had to purchase a $30 conditioner, just to get the comb through! She shaved her legs in the tub ... no razor burn. She stayed in the tub an hour and fifteen minutes. She just didn't want to get out.

Mary said that when she first stepped into the bath, she felt an "electrical zing!" Then she saw trails of bubbles coming up from her scars: mastectomy, hysterectomy, gall bladder scars ... and she felt this electrical "zing!" The tingling stayed around her scars ... and then, little pinpoints of bubbles started trailing up from the scars ... also from both knees, more bubbles. She had broken her leg and foot last year, and that leg was giving off bubbles.

When Marci asked about the Fibromyalgia pain, hoping that perhaps it had lessened, Mary exclaimed ... "I have none! And, my knees don't hurt!" She told Marci to figure what products she needed and to call her. When Marci called back, she awakened Mary. "I was asleep ... I just HAVE to sleep! Call me later!" Yes, our bodies heal when we sleep!

Mary told Marci that the water in her tub turned a dark greenish brown. She said it started out a milky white, coming from her in swirls, then turned a greenish-brown. And, when she drained the tub, there was the perfect outline of her body, in black, on the bottom. Even where her hand was and knee touched the sides ... a black imprint that did not just rinse off.

That happened THIS morning! Mary has been praying for her answer. Her mother and friends have been praying. This lady has been in so much pain, she has had to excuse herself from the telephone to go throw up. This happens all day long.

Well folks ... does Miracle II detox the body? I believe we have all seen a very dramatic illustration. There are a lot of detox programs, but NOTHING like the visible release that comes from Miracle II baths!

God Bless you Mary Miller ... our prayers go with you. And to you, Marci ... a true friend.



Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Finally--the real thing!

Pat, here is another great testimony to share with the Miracle 2 family.

-----Tim French

Hi Ron and Linda!

Received the samples a few days ago, and I can assure you, I was totally blown away!!! I did the bath just like the directions said, and I slept like a dream that night! I have not been that relaxed in ages!!! Not only that, but my skin felt just wonderful! I must have lost a pound in just dry skin that peeled away!! I keep asking myself if this is the "real thing." Last night as I was using my curling iron, I burned the side of my head really badly. There was just a bit of the neutralizer left in the bottle sitting right on the vanity and I put it on the burn. In just a matter or 4 or 5 seconds, the burn was gone completely, and this morning, there is not even a red spot!!!

I have prayed for a legitimate Christian business opportunity to come along, and for the very first time, I can actually believe in the product!! I have tried other companies which really sounded legitimate, but I have been disappointed that the products did not really work the way they claimed to, and frankly, I got tired of people who promised to "support" me and then just left me there to go at it on my own! I do have some experience at home party sales, and have "tried" the MLM route, but I am so excited about this that I can hardly sleep. This is the opportunity that I have been seeking for years! I know this is a "God" thing because in the materials the glory is given to Him!!!

I am ordering the Package #71---I will get this in the mail Monday morning! I am so excited!! Thank you so much for the samples!! I am looking forward to a healthy lifestyle for me and my family, and God gets all the glory!!!

I have several ideas for getting this business started, but would welcome any and all advice you can give me!
Thanks and God Bless!!

Wanda Orr


Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Aches from breaks - gone!

Before my first bath, I had suffered constant recurring pain in both wrists from breaks. The left, broken 20 years ago, has given me almost unending problems that left it sometimes useless, and often bound in a wrist brace, to await reduction in the inflammation.

The other wrist was broken two years ago and gave me the same kind of recurring trouble. Before the bath, I recently had both in braces, and my work, which calls for lots of two-fisted action, was excruciating.

In addition, for the last six months or so, I've had a very frightening loss of strength and an unrecognized sort of pain in my left arm that had progressed to the point where I could not lift a quart of milk from the refrigerator.

I did the 45-minute bath with 1 oz soap and 2 oz neutralizer.

THE NEXT DAY while lifting a metal dolly to its hanging place on the back of my truck, I noticed that my strength in that left arm was remarkably improved and the strange muscular pain was 80% gone. I checked my wrists for mobility and realized that they had not bothered me all morning--and I could only trigger remnants of pain in either wrist by moving them to extreme positions.

Since then, I have continued the baths 3x/week and the improvements have continued. I have not had one painful day in a month--and that's a first!

There is now near-perfection in my left wrist, only occasionally can I feel a slight twinge out of it.

My right, and more recent, break is--I report with joy--95% better, hardly noticeable .

The muscular weakness and pain are 99% gone, with only a slight memory remaining. (There were two boil-like things that rose on the inside of the elbow of that arm during the second week of baths... go figure)

Like Clayton said, these products have changed my life and in all humility, I really must give God the credit.

Allen Davidson


Monday, November 04, 2002

Neutralizer and cholesterol!

Yet another amazing and encouraging testimony! - Joel

Here is another e-mail sent to me by a wonderful distributor. You all don't know what a blessing you are when you share your stories. We need all the help we can get to help ourselves and our loved ones. As you know, the products are inexpensive and have a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose except your problem. Enjoy - Pat Berg


I had my cholesterol checked last week and got the results back has dropped from 233 six months ago to 189... a 44 point drop!!!! The only thing I can attribute that to is drinking Miracle II Neutralizer every day over the last 4 months. (I started with 7 drops and now take 2 tbs. daily in the A.M. with my vitamins.)

One year ago, my cholesterol was 223. High cholesterol runs in my family and mine had been steadily rising over the past ten years. I cannot remember when it was below 200. Everyone else in my family now takes medication for it.

I did not want to take risky drugs if I did not need to, so I was determined to lower it through diet and exercise. I worked out regularly and started eating oatmeal almost everyday...sometimes twice a day. When I went back to have a recheck six months later my cholesterol had actually risen 10 points! I was very frustrated.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when this checkup revealed my cholesterol to be189. My triglyceride levels have dropped dramatically as well. I am ecstatic!

Please share this with others. Anyone struggling with high cholesterol should give Miracle II a try.

Suzanne Thomas
Wake Forest, NC


Sunday, November 03, 2002

A powerful testimony--horses, people, dogs, skunk, soap, and hope!

This is a long entry, but reads like a mini-novel! It deserves to be a book or a movie. The horsey part has terms that I don't understand, but I read it anyway, and was tremendously blessed. Very much worth the time to read.

Hello Pat,

Let me introduce myself: my name is Jacque Chapman and I have been involved with Miracle II for about 6 weeks now and have seen results that have been wonderful.

I live in Bozeman, Montana with my husband and three sons, ages 18, 13, and 12. We own 5 horses, 1 dog, 1 cat, and 4 goats. Three of our horses have been rescue cases. We handle our land and our family and our animals holistically and have done so for some time.

I have seen so many wonderful results firsthand that I just have to tell you some of them! (The most fun part of this business is hearing the stories, I think!) My horses are my pet project (especially my rescues). I have one mare that has been with me for over five years now. She came to me basically wild, and at five years old had never had her feet even trimmed. A year later I sent her to a reliable trainer and after a month at the trainer's, she came home a very lame girl. The vets had checked her while at the trainer's and I had her x-rayed when she got home.

She could barely walk on her two front feet. Nobody could explain the lameness. After a month she was finally better and then I was injured and could not ride for two years myself and so, she was not ridden at all since the training.

Well, she's always had the best of care, and vaccinations, all feed and handling is completely chemical-free, and even with all this good care, as of this summer she has still been a hormonal mess. Always moody, always touchy, ultra-sensitive.... To even just put a halter on her and play with her on the ground for even five minutes would result in her turning into a physical wreck from her own emotions! Her digestion would shut down, her neck would crest up (she had formerly foundered at her previous home), and her stifles would lock up (this is why she went so lame in the front feet at the trainer's!) I wondered if she'd ever be able to be used for anything!

Well, in August, she mildly foundered and why, I am not sure.... But, about the same time as this happened to her, I was introduced to the soap... So, not only did my family go on the soap, but so did my horses!

I also began to put it on my foundered mare's crusty neck every single morning along with spraying on the neutralizer afterward on the neck. For about a week I just worked on the crusty neck and eventually it began to 'unswell,' and then it even fell over like a camel's hump sort of very interesting!

I continued with the soap and neutralizer on the neck and a few days later it became uncomfortable for her and began to swell again-this time a weird, lumpy swelling. Very strange! On the third day, the neck busted open and began to ooze what I believe was toxic junk! Ask anyone who's had a foundered horse if that's ever happened before!

The very best part, though, is that the day that neck broke open is the day she absolutely changed emotionally. She is today a very different mare... I can ride her and play with her and there is no longer the physical changes that held her back before! I am confident that by spring I will be able to have her ready to go to a new home, at a level of training that before I truly questioned if it could ever be.

The soap seems to have an incredible healing effect on hormones and emotions... About six weeks ago I just adopted a new horse who had been labeled very dangerous and was to be put down. Schitzo, paranoid, freak, psycho... were all the names I heard from the stables where I picked him up from. I brought him home absolutely so very afraid.

He is 12 years old, a 4th-level dressage horse, and a show-jumper that over the years according to others has just gotten worse and worse and worse. I could hardly believe that a horse this afraid was even ridden... Well, on the third day here, I put him on the soap and neutralizer internally (along with the other horses).

I changed his name to Johnny Bravo (he needed to be more brave!) He took to the soap right away and within a few days was taking it at liberty (no halter or rope!) He has of course gone to the chemical-free lifestyle of the others here as well, but, I know from experience that it is a long haul to get the changes desired in a case like this... (or is it?)

I believe it is because of the soap that I have seen the miraculous changes in him and continue to see them every day... Johnny is doing beautifully! I can touch him everywhere with a plastic bag on a stick at liberty now (he would've killed himself-literally!- to get away from that bag when he first arrived)

When something does scare him, he now stops to think about it instead of going into automatic self-preservation mode. He's turned into a playful, funny, kind horse that I can see will be absolutely stunning to use in exhibitions to tell his story to others.

His is truly a story of hope. He is 16 hands and pure white with big black eyes and black feet; very, very beautiful.

Something else that is exceptional is the fact that two of my horses have been 'blanketed' every winter for about 10 years. They've never been allowed to grow a real winter coat and have been 'babied' all that time. So, this is their first winter at the 'a' la naturale' ranch... The last two weeks have been increasingly cold at night and the last two nights have been frigid (around 5 degrees) Brrrr!!! I have kept a close eye on them to assure that they are staying warm of course and they get extra hay at night and plenty of fresh water available.

Johnny is one of the 'babied' ones I was referring to; no blankets, and doing very well. This afternoon I realized that Johnny not only is getting a nice winter coat, but he has great big dapples on it as well! Their former owners would have to see it to believe it!

I tease my husband that I've played nurse for my horses so long that for the first time everybody is ready to ride! I actually have to ride them now! When I bring out the saddle to ride they literally line up! They all want a turn to wear the saddle! I could go on and on about the horse stories, they are many!

I do want to share that for my family I am thrilled with the results I have seen. My husband has been very ill for a long time and this year has not been able to work since February.

By August it seemed that he was beginning to go downhill again even with all that time to rest since February. Life has been an emotional rollercoaster for our family with our Daddy being so ill for so long (he's been ill and getting worse over the last 12-15 years)

It seemed though that in August it was becoming grave.... Then along came the soap! Don began to take a drop of soap once a day in 8 oz. of distilled water and then take a couple sprays of neutralizer.

He detoxed VERY heavy the first few months, and amazingly he knew that this the case. He refused to take anything to lessen the effects of the detox...Really amazing to watch as he's the first to ask for something to make him feel better.

He has a handle on the mood swings for the first time in many years, much to the relief of the entire family, and his focus and clarity of thinking is much the same as the man I married 20 years ago--I love this stuff!

He still has a ways to go to get through this—but I believe that the soap has been the reason he can continue on. He has degenerative arthritis through his entire body, very difficult to control diabetes, severe depression, and what I call just 'total burnout'. I wondered if he'd ever truly recover from this at all.

Today, I see a different man emotionally, and I believe that this change of attitude will pave the way for him to someday become truly healthy again. I know in my heart that if this change in attitude hadn't occurred he wouldn't be with us much longer.

I am very grateful for the soap every day!!!

For my sons the neutralizer has been effective in balancing their hormones and emotions as well and even my 18-year-old (with NO prompting whatsoever from Mom and Dad) has taken to it like a duck to water. Every day I have to go hunt for the neutralizer spray bottle because he's taken it for himself.

The 12- and 13-year-olds get two sprays every morning. They love the soap bathes. Our house is a happier house because of the soap. For myself, I guess the best way to sum it up is that my spirit is more free to serve and give to others now. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own problems and unhealthiness that we tend to no reach out to others as we should! I want everyone to have what I have--such a blessing!

One quick last thing--my dog got sprayed on the nose by a skunk. The morning it happened it was very cold out and I was rather beside myself at the thought of giving this 100-pound puppy a tomato juice bath in the house... what a messy mess to think about!

My husband suggested that I try the neutralizer first. A few squirts took away the smell absolutely, positively completely! As if it had never been there! What else can do that?

Well, it's rather late and I need to go. I'd love to relate more stories to you if you have time to hear them. It's all been very exciting to say the least.



Saturday, November 02, 2002

Meeting in Virginia Beach

Joan Ison held a Miracle II meeting at the Virginia Beach Central Library today; the next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 7, 2-4 pm, in the same location.

Everyone there shared impressive testimonies. Lynn V. stabbed through her finger with a paring knife; she treated it with Neutralizer Gel. The bleeding stopped right away, and there was no swelling or infection. Even though it only happened a couple of days ago, she had difficulty finding the spots to show where it had happened.

Claire shared how using the Neutralizer stopped an attack of atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) in its tracks! She also pointed out that the stuff only works if you use her sorrow, the wife of a friend who had advanced Hodgkins' Disease did not use the products on her sick husband, who passed away a month later. We'll never know if the products would have prevented that death--but all who have benefited from them believe it would have.

Mark had an eye infection. He put a drop of soap directly in his eye--infection gone!

Kelly's eye doctor told him he had 20-50 vision in one eye. After three weeks of Neutralizer drinking and drops, it is now 20-30!

One woman reported being bitten by an unknown insect in the middle of the night. Shooting pains up her leg made her think it might have been a poisonous spider. Quick application of Neutralizer and soap caused the pain to cease and prevented any swelling or other bad consequences.

One lady, 53, had distressing memory lapses--far more severe than normal forgetfulness. After a few days drinking the recommended amount of Neutralizer, her mind is working better than ever!

Flo washed the hair of her 92-year-old mother, Selma, with the soap. Selma, who does not usually comment this way on her care, exclaimed, "What is that? It feels wonderful!" And a large scaly and darkened patch on the front part of her scalp disappeared!

Everyone was so involved in thanking God for these products that the marketing plan was given short shrift. It is clear that all these people are in this business to bless people with the products, and feel that the business is just "the icing on the cake"!



Friday, November 01, 2002

Fibromyalgia relief

Forwarded by Joan Ison:

Well, I have not had some of the dramatic results that you all have had, and maybe that is because my biggest problem is fibromyalgia; but I will say that after taking one bath with Miracle 2 my pain was considerably less and has stayed that way, and I expect it to--unless I fall down my steps as I did last week...

I used to run, so could not bend my knees all the way down for some time--and in the fall, in order to catch myself, my knees bent all the way down...which, I must say, was very painful.

I began rubbing gel on my knees and my neck and the soreness did not get worse, and subsided considerably in a couple of days--and my knees still bend all the way down!

I do use the gel on my hands, which have very dry palms due to working with clay, and it helps a lot.

When I bathe in the soap and neutralizer, I put my dog in and give him a bath too, then I clean my bathroom (never was so clean) and water my plants with same all in all, I think it is a wonderful product..

Sure is a money-saver!!!

Neutralizer: Powerful flu relief!

Happy Nov. 1st! Good Morning--it is now 6:10am and I feel wonderful!

Yesterday at work I started getting a really bad stomach ache accompanied by diarrhea and a headache around 4pm. On the way home, I felt compelled to throw up, which I did in a plastic bag I had in my car for trash.

When I got home my stomaach and head were "killing" me so I took 2 Excedrin and drank some milk and made some oatmeal...just to have something in my stomach. I went to bed @ 9:30 pm thinking I was going to be really sick for work this morning.

At 5:15 am I woke up and my head and stomach were still hurting me so I went into the kitchen and poured me a 1/2 glass milk--but this time I put 7 drops of Neutralizer in it and drank it down and went back to bed to get up at my "normal working-day time" of 6:15am.

I was laying in bed thinking I hope that Neutralizer helped and I had been laying there about 30 minutes trying to get back to sleep and being very aware of how my stomach & head were hurting when suddenly I felt my intestines physically relax and stop "growling" and then my whole body seemed to totally relax...and I didn't even realize I was so tensed up!

In another 10 minutes my headache was gone and I lay there in AWE of the difference in how I felt then compared to 45 minutes before...and I was feeling like I had NEVER been sick ! If this was the flu coming totally "kicked" it out of my body in about 45 minutes after taking the Neutralizer!

I'm ready for my Friday now! AND I'm going to take my bottle of Neutralizer to work w/ me this morning because I saw 2 people leave to go home early yesterday w/ flu-like symptons! Maybe someone else might get sick and I can help with my "Emergency Room in a Bottle."

Thank you, Lord!


Thursday, October 31, 2002

Miracle II's only claim for its soap is that it is good soap. But look at this...

Jean Brown writes:

Tim French wrote this about these pictures: 'We have another picture of a man here in Jacksonville who had a large mole on his right cheek that turned into a cancer. His doctor told him that they would have to cut the side of his face off and then do a facial reconstruction. I told him about Miracle II, and he decided to use Miracle II instead of choosing the operation. He started putting the soap and gel on the mole. Three months later, his body had removed that cancer.'

Click here to see "before" and "after" pictures--but be aware that the "before" is not pleasant to look at. The left image is "before"; the right image is "after."


Miracle II - Our first experience with it

N'omi and I have always believed in MLMs as a good way for people who want to start a business to start one. Little capital, unlimited growth through "sweat equity," opportunities to meet people and learn things--you know the drill.

But many MLMs have been poorly run businesses that wound up disappointing many people. Some have even defrauded people.

So after we exploded out of LocalNet a couple of years ago, N'omi and I were soured on "miracle product" MLMs. We are still PrePaid Legal members--we use the service all the time--but we do not work the business. Our son, John, worked that business for a while, but didn't make enough to support his family.

Recently we got a letter from our friend Lynn V., with whom we had been in a couple of MLMs, about Miracle II. Somehow, before even reading the material she sent, we had a very good feeling about the products. We met with her upline, Joan Ison, a few days later, and signed up--the testimonials are kind of outrageous and wonderful.

She gave us a couple of small bottles of two of the products--the soap and Neutralizer.

N'omi has had an open sore on her right temple for three years. Nothing we did for it healed it; it just stayed that way. A scab would develop and fall off, but the wound was always red and angry-looking.

While we were sitting there, N'omi took a bit of the soap on her finger and put it on the wound, then did the same with the Neutralizer. About 20 minutes later, I looked over--and the wound was no longer red or bloody.

I thought, "The product is very alkaline; it reacted with the blood, and dried it up. No big deal."

But the next day, it was still dry, and has started to heal over.

My son-in-law, Jeff, has had a fungus on his one hand and both feet for years. Nothing has helped. On a recent Friday night, he rubbed some of the soap on his hand. I called him Saturday, and the fungus seems to have abated, although it is not all gone. But that is after one application! Of SOAP!

N'omi and both used the products for two days, waiting for our box of products. They felt good, but we had no particular expectations.

Then I noticed--my life-long case of dandruff was gone! That alone got our attention. But there is more.

N'omi had a thing on her back that looked like a very large blackhead-- maybe 1.5" in diameter--with an eighth-of-an-inch opening filled with some hard black stuff. It was slowly growing over 15 years, to where it protruded about a quarter of an inch. Looked like a volcano.

But it never erupted, no matter what we did to it--and under it, a hard lump was getting bigger. It felt almost like a bone, or a misplaced vertebra.

When our package of products arrived, that was the first thing I wanted to put the Neutralizer gel on. I ran to where N'omi was, bringing the bottle.

But when I felt her back for the little volcano, I couldn't find it; it had flattened out!

So N'omi took her top off, so that I could see it. The round black-filled opening was still there, but the lump had disappeared!

This from two days of drinking a few drops of Neutralizer and showering once in the soap--and soaking her feet in soap!

I was going to press on it a bit, to see it better--but when I just touched it, A SIX-INCH STREAM OF WHITE, SLIGHTLY FLAKY MATERIAL SHOT OUT OF IT, LIKE A SNAKE!!! It was about an eighth of an inch thick! We were stunned. I pressed a bit, and about two more inches of gunk came out, and a drop of blood. I put some gel over the little opening, and today it is almost invisible--no lump, no redness.





Dear Michael


I have been using the Miracle Neutralizer and Miracle Soap with Moisturizer since February sometime and just recently started the Miracle Gel, along with Magnesium Oil, etc.... 


In general, my health is good to begin with and I haven't noticed anything dramatically different since starting the Miracle products. 


I do know it is good for me and so I just continue to use it all....I really enjoy receiving the daily GLN newsletter and reading about others successes.


I work in the construction area and there is a man on our crew whose son, I had heard, had been diagnosed with cancer. 


A little over a week ago, this co-worker shared this information directly with me, stating that his son had cancer and hep C and the doctor just gave him 2 months to live


Because of the severity of this situation, and my empathy for him as a parent, I broached him about the Neutralizer, stating the premise of alkalizing the body to create an environment in which disease cannot live. 


He did not have to listen long, and said, sure, we'll try it, I'll try anything.  Which is exactly why I brought this up to him, if I was in his shoes I would try anything.....


So at lunchtime I went home and after taking a small amount of my remaining 1/4 bottle of Neutralizer for myself, and putting some of the Miracle soap in a small container, I brought these items to him, so his son could immediately start the Neutralizer that evening. 


Because of my concern about detox, I called and spoke with David, who advised that the initial 'dosage' should be about 1 tsp of Neutralizer in water - 2 times daily - morning and night.  But first, of course, take the bath with the soap to open the pores, etc. for easier detox.... ... 


This was 8 days ago....


Yesterday, at work, my co-worker asked me to order him some more, as his son was feeling much better, and that his eyes, which had been red, pupil/irises, were now clear


Happy to hear the news, I gladly placed an order thru David's group.  Then today my friend comes in and tells me his son had bloodwork done yesterday and his white blood cell count was just about NORMAL!!!!  The doctor, stunned, is planning another test next week to double check....


The quote from my friend's son is "Eight days ago I know what it felt like to be a walking dead man - now I feel great!"......


Now, given that I did not have any dramatic health breakthroughs, I was not sure it would do anything, even though I read and believe the testimonies on your newsletter.....


It seems to me that whenever the need for healing is the greatest is when one may see the most dramatic improvements..... I have one question, now that this fellow has been taking that dosage of 1 t 2x day, should the amount be increased at this point????


Thank you so much for all the information that you and David put out there.   


Blessings and Love and Light,





1) The reason we decided to try the Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer is because of our daughter. When she was 18 months old she developed eczema. She spent her childhood itching and had rashes on her arms, legs, face, back and neck. We tried vitamins, diet, allergy pills, lotions, cortisone creams - every kind of soap on the market. I went on the internet and ordered "cures" from all different sources but none did a thing. One of her biggest problems was bathing. Every time she bathed she would spend the next hour in terrible agony because she itched so badly, even if she bathed in plain water. At night she would toss and turn because she spent the night itching. We felt terrible for her but couldn't find any help. We prayed again about it and about two weeks later our nutritionist sent us a flier about this new soap called Miracle II that she had just discovered. At first we thought we didn't want to try one more product. We thought that maybe we should just accept that this was how she had to be and help her deal with it. We had been let down so many times before and had spent tons of money. She came to us in tears, though, and said she wanted to try it anyway. How could we refuse? It was Christmas and all she wanted was to be itch-free. We bought it for her as a Christmas present. We had it shipped over-night. It came and immediately after bathing she could tell a difference. With each bath she itched less and less. That was two years ago. Now she is 18 years old and has beautiful creamy skin, takes bubble baths with Miracle II everyday, (sometimes twice a day,) and never itches. At night she sleeps like a baby and then has lots of energy all day. She is heading off for college next year and she told me that all she wants as a present for graduation is a box of Miracle II products to take with her. This product totally gave our daughter her life back.

2) We have a friend who took off for the Orient on a spur-of-the-moment trip. While there, she noticed a tiny hole in her calf that wouldn't go away. It started to grow and had red lines running from the center up her leg a few inches. It scared her so much that she came home to the states and had her doctor look at it. He had no idea what it was but was worried. He put her on a 10-day dose of antibiotics. That didn't work so the doctor told her he wanted to check her into the hospital to run some tests. It was at that point that she told US about it. We told her to take a cotton ball soaked in Miracle II Neutralizer and bandage that on the sore for a couple of days and see what happened. She figured it wouldn't hurt, so she did it. Later that night when she looked at it and it looked kind of green, and she was worried that she might have made it worse. She decided to trust us anyway, so she put a new cotton ball on it with more Miracle II Neutralizer. The next day, the sore began oozing green stuff. It did that for another day, and then it stopped. After that, the sore began to dry up! In two weeks the sore was gone! She was so happy that she bought 15 bottles of the neutralizer and handed it out to friends. Her boyfriend plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, and she bought him a bottle. When he saw it he said he remembered a Pittsburgh Steeler drinking the Miracle II Neutralizer before every game. Every time we see her she tells us some new way she has found to use Miracle II products!

3) Our youngest daughter woke up in the middle of the night crying with an earache. We put the Miracle II Neutralizer in her ear and gave her Tylenol and she went back to sleep. We figured we would call the doctor first thing in the morning if she wasn't better. The next morning she was fine and never complained again. Our other daughter had swimmer's ear two summers ago. She has had this before and had to put antibiotic drops in her ears for ten days. This time we decided to try the neutralizer and again, overnight her ear was better and never was sore again that whole summer! We had another lady tell us about an earache she had had on and off for months and the doctors didn't seem to be able to help her. We told her about our experiences with Miracle II and so she decided to try it. The next time we saw her she was so excited. Sure enough, it had taken the pain away overnight!

4) The Miracle II Neutralizer Gel is wonderful for the sun and one of the most important things we have in the summer. We have an Irish friend who, every time she goes in the sun, burns. She decided to take a bottle of gel with her on vacation last summer. When she got home she called us and said this was the first summer she could stay in the sun and she didn't burn. She even got a tan. Our whole family has used the gel as a sunscreen for the last two summers and have yet to burn. We all tanned. We live outside in the summer. Miracle II Neutralizer Gel doesn't smell, doesn't sting your eyes, isn't greasy or sticky, and yet does a wonderful job. I have given it to friends who have burned in the sun and they find it takes the burn away almost immediately and they don't blister or peel. So it works at both stages. We like to use it every day to prevent burns.

5) For animals, Miracle II is great. We own five dogs and five cats. We bathe them all in the soap. All of them are flea-free and have beautiful coats. I give them a few drops in water and this keeps them worm-free. I took my Australian Shepherd to the vet last summer for a checkup and the vet was amazed that she had no fleas or worms. We have never given him any chemicals. Our cats love to eat the lotion. They find it a wonderful treat. I think that is why their coats are so velvety. We have a friend with a Pomeranian that for the last 6 years has itched almost non-stop. It wasn't fleas, but itchy, dry skin. It would scratch until it got sores. We gave the lady a bottle of soap and told her to bathe the dog in it and then rub some neutralizer in her fur afterwards. Sure enough, the dog stopped itching. The owner said she had gotten so used to her dog scratching that she found it odd to see her dog still and peaceful. We have another friend who has an American Bull dog that had mange. She had been putting this ointment from the vet on her head but the sores just wouldn't go away. Again, I suggested the soap and after one shampoo, the sores started to dry up and in a week her fur was growing back and now you would never know she had it!

6) It is great for plants. We are vey anti-chemical so have never really had luck with roses. We Decided to try a very weak soap solution on our roses and for the first time they were beautiful and actually bloomed until November. We also had a friend who was putting her bath water on her geraniums. I saw them in November still red and full of blooms as if it was summer. She laughed because it was as if they were never going to die. Finally they did with the first snow. I spray the soap solution on my pine trees when they get caterpillars and they just start dropping off. It is great because if the wind shifts and the spray gets me I don’t have to worry about chemicals. We have a weeping cherry that we put in last year right out our back door. Our daughters thought to would be fun to spray the tree with the soap solution. That tree put out about 20 new branches of growth the first summer. It had only been in the ground for 4 months….amazing!

7) My husband is a landscaper and once in a while gets into bees. He usually swells a good bit. If he gets stung on the hand he will swell half way up to his elbow. He now carries neutralizer with him all the time. If he or one of the other guys get stung they soak a paper towel in the neutralizer and put it on the sting immediately. NO SWELLING at all. The sting goes away instantly and they go back to work.

8) We all use it to brush our teeth. The last two appointments no one has had one cavity. The dentist was impressed and told us to keep dong whatever we are doing. We have 3 teenagers 13-18 and not one pimple on any of their faces.

9) This product is amazing for nail fungus. We know of a 50 year old woman that had a bad case of nail fungus for the last 20 years and had been on numerous medications. Some very dangerous. She decided to try soaking her feet in the neutralizer. The first thing she saw was her toenails turned white and then started to loosen so she cut off the loose part. Then she began to grow new nails that were healthy and pink. Her daughter goes to school for painting and caring for nails and the whole school is raving about this product. It is the only product she will use on her clients. She has them soak their hands in the soap and neutralizer before she works with them. It seems like a lot of people have this problem if nail fungus. The 60 year old lady showed her pharmacist who was amazed because it is something that is supposed to be hard to get rid of. Ha, the simple profounds the wise.

10) We have a friend that was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 yeas ago. While she was doing Chemo she swished the neutralizer in her mouth to keep the mouth sores to a minimum. She went out of town and forgot the neutralizer and her stomach really burned and her mouth got really sore. She couldn’t wait to get back home to start using her neutralizer again. It helped her get through all the side effects. She still uses the product, is in remission and looks great.

We have been using this product for over two years now and love it!!!! We have no other product in the house. We use if for everything. It feels so good to wash the tub with something that isn’t chemical and works. We use it to wash dishes and no more winter chapped hands. We wash our clothes in the soap and the kids love the smell of the fresh laundry. We put a little soap in a bottle of water and kill wasps and bugs in the house without worry. We have actually put the neutralizer in hard water and almost like magic it takes the metal taste out. It cleans glass with no streaks. This product is amazing and we are so glad God gave Clayton the formula. It is definitely amazing. When we first read the brochure we thought it was too good to be true but it is true. I am just so thankful to have found it. Now I know why Clayton is always laughing when we call in an order. This stuff is so amazing it is funny. When you think you have seen everything it does something else.


Kevin & Kathy Zozula



Our son had a bad accident Sunday 19th, around 5 p.m.  Had to grab his mountain bike handle brakes to avoid a left turning car in a parking lot and the brakes stopped and at the same time he hit a speed bump.  Sailed over handle bars and smacked forehead a terrible blow and scraped/scrubbed face, nose, upper lip, etc. on the paving.  Biked home yet, showered and was going to be brave until he saw his face in the mirror.  Decided he needed to call parents after all.  Spend 4-1/2 hours in East Ridge emergency for X-rays to make sure things were o.k. and then had to have some stitches on upper lip since he left some flesh behind.  What a life!  So we have him home for a bit.

Point to all this is we are such un-camera type folks John and I, that we never thought to photo his face right there and then.  Today is so much better it is hard to imagine what it had really looked like.  Kudos all go to that wonderful Miracle II Gel and the Neutralizer.  Tomorrow should be even better.  He is on his second night of a deep soaking bath in the good old Miracle II soap and some neutralizer.  He is going to be an almost new creature when he enters into next week.  Thought it would please you to know this good report.


Maribel Todd



I really like the products, have noticed a definite decline in cellulite since beginning its use, as well as increased skin health (particularly noticeable in my face) and the cessation of cracking of the skin around the corners of my nail-beds. Am now going to share the soap, etc. with family members who have similar problems.

Thanx again!

Dianne Stowers



My order arrived and I'm thrilled with results so far. I've been using Neutralizer Gel daily on a serious laceration -- 7 stitches, with broken bone and swelling beneath -- and now the top of my hand looks like I received little more than a minor scrape or burn, where two weeks before I was looking at the ligaments of that same crush-injured hand through the skin before the doctor sutured it back together. (I heal well, but not that fast!) Use of the same appears to be returning rapidly, though time will tell. As well, I began a spontaneous internal cleanse the day after I started using 7 drops of MII internally.

T. O'Donnell



We have a beautiful dog named KC. This past summer she had gotten into some rat poison in an old shed. She came to the house with her tongue hanging out and foaming at the mouth. I immediately poured 2 cups of Neutralizer in a container. The next day I repeated the same amount of Neutralizer. The third day we used 1 cup Neutralizer and 1 cup water. My husband repeated this procedure 2 or 3 times that day. On the 4th day KC was back to her old self again. Praise the Lord for Miracle II.

Joan Juranek



While cooking, I reached into the oven to remove a dish and burned my finger on the removable shelf in the oven. I immediately put some Miracle II Neutralizer Gel on the burn. A few minutes later there was no pain and no puffiness at all on my finger. Normally a whelp will rise up and it will be very painful, especially to the touch. I’ve used fresh Aloe, mustard and other methods with varying success in times past, but none of them worked on a burn like the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel. I was amazed.

Thank You,

Leona Hale



I was so glad you came by to visit Christmas Eve. As you know, I died awhile back. They doctors have since put a metal device in my heart. I was clinically dead at least twice that night, the first time for about 52 minutes.

Shortly after you came by I started experiencing the classic symptoms of a heart attack. I should know since I’ve been a certified Emergency Medical Technician for years. I know you have had first hand experience with heart problems yourself and others as well, and I could tell by the look on your face that you were worried about me when I suggested that you take me to the emergency room. I just knew I was going to die again.

But then you suggested my taking some Miracle II Neutralizer. I’m so glad I did. Within 20 minutes all the pain was gone! We witnessed and verified the “Emergency room in a bottle” claim that night! I carry my new bottle of Miracle II in my truck with me all the time now.

Rusty Chastain



This requires no reply but I will include here a few of our testimonies in just the 3 months we have been on these Miracle II products.  I am sure in time you will have compiled your own "testimonies" brochure and you are

welcome to include ours if you wish to.

My husband John is "Friar Tuck" type bald, that is that nice circular fringe of hair around head and a large bald area in the middle.  Without really trying, just the bathing and the shampooing with this soap, he insists he has more fuzz in the heretofore bald area!  I think I do see more hair filling in the bald area, but neither one of us is really that interested to work at it.

He uses the moisturing cream for razor shaving with success as he has very sensitive skin and it is easily injured and is normally always dry.  This leaves his skin silky soft and moisturized. A pinched finger I rushed to place the Gel on, the pain left instantly and there was no bruising or discoloring.  Same for grease spatters on skin, the Gel is magic doctor right away! Our "liver" brown spots on back of hands etc. are slowly fading.

Had an episode some weeks back where "something" was trying to come on me. The flu-like symptoms, the pain in joints, etc.  Spritzed neutralizer into nostrils and drew it up into sinuses every 15 minutes, as well as spritzed my eyes and ears.  Also drank 1/2 oz in some water whenever I thought of it. The day ended normal, feeling just fine.

Any spills on one's clothing instantly, magically clear up with some of this wonder soap and dabbing of wash cloth.

When John washes car (old white) the shine is like it's brand new and has been waxed, and it stays CLEAN for weeks.  Amazing really.

Veggies spritzed with neutralizer before carefully putting away in frig last ever so much longer without getting enzyme action to brown and rot them. Also, we’ve taken 2 drops of soap with 5 drops neutralizer in some water every single morning.  I am sure our innards are squeaky clean!  And yes, in the early weeks, we KNOW we got rid of parasites.  The stuff is glorious.

I could go on but this is enough for the day!


John & Maribel Todd


There’s noting like personal experience to make one a true believer. Had I not contacted Lyme Disease in June 1993, I could never have understood the frustration, rejection and depth of Lyme. I’m one of the first in the western half of Oklahoma to actually contact Lyme here. As a result, the numerous doctors were even more inclined to dismiss Lyme as a possibility, even though I suggested it each time. As time progressed, I went from the rash and early warning signs to intense weakness, dizziness, disorientation, inability to recognize my own children, extreme shortness of breath and frequent palpitations. I had been afflicted for 3 months when I finally received the help I needed from Dr. Ed Masters in Cape Girardeau, MO. This compassionate man and his staff did in fact save my life. But with each relapse I never got back to where I’d been before. I knew in a few years I might well be a burden to my family – at 35 this is hard to acknowledge. But the affliction and suffering has only made me more appreciative of the healing I’ve been granted. At the risk of losing all credibility, I’ve written this letter. My focus is on the healing, not the disease.

I’d been surviving Lyme for 1˝ years. When I prayerfully told the Lord that if it was His will, then I was finally ready to be healed. That was the first and only time I asked. Approximately a month later, a minister named Clayton Tedeton started from his home in Louisiana to visit a marine buddy in Missouri. The Lord led him instead to the panhandle of Oklahoma. Clayton has grown accustomed to being led to other than his intended destination. In 1980 God gave Clayton the formula and name for a substance that mankind needed to help them with their afflictions. In the testimony sheet that accompanies the Miracle II products it gives directions for using it against Lyme. I take ˝ teaspoon a day of the neutralizer, a tasteless, odorless, liquid and then bathe with the soap. Despite never having felt the need to try wild gimmicks in hopes of relief, I gave Miracle II a try. And even though I doubted the product claims and story behind it, the healing began anyway. I’ve never felt medicated and usually didn’t realize anything was changing until it was dramatically improved or gone. After I’d been on Miracle II for only 3 weeks, my spirits began lifting to there former level, my strength began returning and the dizziness started subsiding. At 6 weeks, I actually pulled out of a certain relapse – I couldn’t believe it! By 2˝ months, the circulation was back in my legs and the arthritis was gone from my hands. By 4 months, I no longer woke up during the night because my breathing had stopped. Shortly thereafter, the palpitations stopped. No words of man convinced me that this wonder-working product was indeed of divine origin as the claim stated. It took God Himself to prove it and in several different ways, but now I’m certain. After taking Miracle II faithfully for 9 months, I consider myself healed. One of the nice things about a God-given healing is that it will stand up to medical scrutiny. In the midst of my healing process, the Lord asked me one morning to write to other Lyme sufferers and share the same hope and possible healing that I’d received. And what did I say, “but Lord, people will think I’m crazy!” So the Lord allowed me to think for a moment how I’d feel now had this not been shared with me. That’s all it took for me to write letters to those whose stories had appeared in LDU. And there are some of these who can now personally testify to the healing power of Miracle II. Perhaps you’ve even seen it advertised on TV.

But I’ve run out of time for the individual letters since my 12 year old daughter Heather was diagnosed with Leukemia last August. In spite of this great ongoing stress, I’ve remained symptom free. I’m so thankful the Lord cared enough to heal me before Heather was stricken. That’s all the more reason I must try one more time to share with others the hope and healing that can come form this fairly inexpensive wonder. All one needs is a mustard seed of faith. I’m still faithfully using Miracle II every day and praise the Lord for the awesome miracle that He worked in my life. This in turn has given me the unwavering faith that Heather will be healed also. She is growing stronger every day and has had many side effects alleviated or avoided altogether by using Miracle II. This letter may appear far-fetched, but we all know that the Lord works in mysterious ways. So please don’t discount my letter. Be prepared to have your life positively changed when you do. I’ll be praying for you.

Kellye Daniel



I enjoyed our phone conversation the other morning and am happy that you called

As you may have guessed, I’ve been very inquisitive about the Neutralizer for two reasons. One was, does it really work? And the other is, if it works so well, why does it do that? Well, I started to correlate all the body maladies and symptoms that have been helped by its use. Finally, I theorized that possibly the PH factor is important. You may already know that it tested at a PH 8.4 on my meter. Wow! That is just the product that I’ve been looking for, for many years.

Enclosed is a copy of my most recent article entitled, The Food Acid Crises. My papers are published once a month in a small patriotic and religious journal. I am so excited about The Neutralizer, that I had to let other people know the enormous possibilities this product has. I hope your will read my paper to get some insight as to what is on my mind.

I think I have an understanding why The Neutralizer and other products work so well. I hope you understand why I had to pursue my course of investigation. I now have answers for my patients when asked why does it work.


Dewey F. Millay



Pfannenstiel family farming test:

Using 4 ounces of Miracle II Neutralizer and 4 oz of Miracle II Soap, with 1/3 less fertilizer than they normally apply per acre, sprayed on the milo seed whileplanted.  Conditions during this growing cycle: Pfannenstiel  Temperature: 62 days of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (Normally, it's 80°-90° F.) Rainfall: None, for 62 days. (Normally two rains per cycle)  Summary: Harsher than average growing conditions.  Results:  20-30% percent more than average, at approximately 90 bushels per acre.

Summary: The cost of fertilizer went down, and the crop output went up!



Hello, My name is John Myatt, I started Miracle II back in February of this year. I took it for Bladder Cancer. Last week I was told I am Cancer-free! Thank you to God and Clayton (Miracle II inventor) and also to my good friend William for his support. I am continuing to use Miracle II and the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel. I believe that when God goes to work, watch out and get out of the way!

Thank you,

John Myatt



We cannot begin to tell you all the ways that Miracle II has touched our lives. From the simplest household chores to fertilizing our outdoor plants, Miracle II has made a major difference.

Raymond contracted poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac all at the same time. After rubbing the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel on, there was no more itch and it promoted faster healing. We also found that it worked well on numerous bug bites.

After using the Soap and Neutralizer, as suggested for brushing teeth, we have found that our teeth are whiter and our gums are healthier. Raymond used a little of the neutralizer gel on a tooth that was threatening to abscess, and in a few days it was healed.

We both love using the Soap and Neutralizer in the bath and have noticed a major difference in the way our skin feels. There is no sticky residue, like with normal soap, and skin feels soft and smooth to the touch. After taking a bath, we carry the water outside and put it on the plants. As a result, the plants have grown twice their size and look healthy and more colorful. I am a big tea drinker, and have found that 1 ounce of Neutralizer in a gallon of tea has made the tea taste more like tea. It actually gave it more flavor. We do the same with water, giving it a much better taste also.

I have given up all those greasy make-up removers and baby oils in favor of the Miracle II soap. It removes all my make-up and leaves my face feeling clean and soft without all the scrubbing and mess. Shampoo's and conditioners are all in the past also. Our hair is clean and soft after using the Soap and it stays cleaner longer.

We could go on and on about all the differences Miracle II has made. The Soap, Neutralizer, Skin Moisturizer, Neutralizer and Laundry Ball are all fantastic! In the three weeks we have been using it, we have helped 45 other people discover the befits of Miracle II and we are looking forward to doing a radio show in a nearby town soon. This has become a health ministry for us and we thank God everyday for Stan and Phyllis introducing it to us.

-Raymond Couture and Bonnie Beckwith



Dena Zapotoschny, Licensed Aesthetician (Facial Specialist,) reports that after using Miracle II, she has never seen her skin so smooth!

Here are Dena's own words:

My name is Dena Zapotoschny. I am a Licensed Aesthetician (Facial Specialist,) and as an aesthetician, I was taught not to "EVER" use soap because of the alkalinity and drying effect. Well, for years I have tried every product from the cheapest to the most expensive facial product. My skin was sun damaged, very dry and flaky and no matter what product I tried, my skin was never able to hold the moisture in or clear up. Praise God, He then sent Miracle II to me. I have been using the soap now for about a month. I also use the Neutralizer, the Gel, and the Skin Moisturizer. Glory to God, my skin has never looked so soft and smooth. Everyone is asking me at work, "What is so different about your skin?"

One time I was doing a facial at our spa with the owners' products and the client complained of the product burning and stinging her skin, so I applied Miracle II Neutralizer Gel and massaged it in. Sure enough, she told me that the stinging was gone and said, "This may sound strange but before you massaged that on my face, my sinuses were acting up and now it's gone!"


I praise the Lord for Miracle II and you for obeying God's voice with this product. Almost everyone at my work place has a Miracle II testimony. One night I was awakened out of sleep with what I think was a panic attack. It had been happening to me for over a month, but this particular night it was very bad. I felt that I was literally about to die. This weird feeling was flowing through my body, my hands and legs were twitching, and I was terrified! I woke my husband up and frantically told him to get the Miracle II and rub it on my chest. Glory to God, the moment he rubbed Miracle II on my chest, a peace and calmness came over me. I went right to sleep and I have never had those attacks since! God sure knew what he was doing when He gave you the name "Miracle II," for truly, miracles have happened through this product. The book of Acts talks about how God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul. Well, the Lord has wrought special miracles by the hand of Clayton Tedeton as well, through Miracle II.

Love in Christ,

Dena Zapotoschny





ACHES & PAINS – Use Miracle II Soap to shower or bathe, then spray or rub Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on painful areas. Massage areas with Miracle II Laundry Ball.

ACNE PROBLEMS - Use Miracle II Soap to wash face, rinse, then spray or rub Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on face and let dry. Repeat this morning and night for one month and notice how beautiful your complexion becomes. Give the Glory to God. These products pull toxins out of the skin.

AIDS – Put 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in orange juice every morning and night and drink. Rejoice in the Glory of God.

AFTER SHAVE LOTION – Use Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on face. If your skin is dry, use Miracle II Skin Moisturizer. AGE SPOTS - Use Miracle II Soap to wash face, then apply a drop of the Soap or Neutralizer Gel on each dark spot and let dry. Do at least once a day. Many claim this gives great results in 90 days.

ALLERGIES – Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, then spray Neutralizer Liquid in nose. Put 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water every morning and night and drink daily. Many hundreds of people claim this has solved their problem.

ALZHEIMER'S - Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, then put 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water every morning and night and drink daily.

ARTHRITIS - Use Miracle II Soap to shower or bathe, then spray or rub Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on painful areas, then put 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water and drink daily. Exercise and praise the Lord.

ATHLETE'S FOOT - Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, then spray or rub Neutralizer Gel on feet and let dry before putting socks and shoes on. As long as you use these products, you will never have this problem again. Solves all odor problems.

AUTOS & TRUCKS - Use about 1 ounce Miracle II Soap from the bottle in a 5 gallon bucket. It will make the paint shine and you will get a skin treatment.

BATH AND SHOWER SOAP – Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, put a few drops to wash cloth or hand, let foam stay on skin a little longer the first few times. Notice how good your skin looks and feels after a month!

BED SORES – Bathe with Miracle II Soap, dry off, then spray or rub Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on troubled areas and let dry. You will see a beautiful healing happen.

BEE MITES – Spray bees, then both inside and outside of the hive with Neutralizer Liquid. This report is from Saudi Arabia.

BODY ODOR - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, dry off, then use Neutralizer Liquid or Gel all over. Use Neutralizer Liquid to moisturize arm pits and use Deodorant Stone daily. Works incredibly well!

BRONCHITIS – Use Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in vaporizer.

BURNS, CUTS, SCRATCHES – Spray or submerge areas in the Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel until the pain stops. For large burns, wrap area in clean towel and keep this soaked with Miracle II Neutralizer Gel for several hours. Users report healing happens with no scars or blisters.

BRUISES - Rub Miracle II Neutralizer Gel on bruise.

CANCER - Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, then spray Neutralizer Liquid in nose. Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water every morning and night. Ask God to keep your nervous system in perfect.

CANDIDA ALBICANS – Use the Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in 50/50 solution of water. Use as a douche, spray on effected area, and drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily until results are achieved. Rejoice in the Glory of God.

CATARACTS - Use the Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in eye-cup, and use until you get results.

CELLULITE - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then use Neutralizer Liquid or Gel, and drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily until results are achieved.

CHICKEN POX – After the peak breaking-out period, bathe the child with Miracle II Soap, then use Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on all effected areas.

CITRUS TREE BLIGHT - Spray Neutralizer on trees. Try this on any tree, bush, flower or garden plants. Add 2 ounces of Neutralizer per gallon of water, apply every 7 days for supernatural growth and production.

COLIC – Put 3 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in each bottle of baby formula or water. Rejoice and give the Glory to God.

CONTACT LENS – Spray or soak with Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid.
CHOLESTEROL - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, and drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily.

CROHN'S DISEASE - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, and drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily.

COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS - Use Miracle II Soap with mop, steam foam machine or sprayer for total cleaning and deodorizing. Use 1 to 10 ounces per gallon of water, depending on application.

COMMON COLDS – When you feel a cold starting, spray Miracle II Neutralizer in the nose and let it saturate your sinuses. Do this every 15 minutes until you get results. Thousands exclaim, "No more colds for me!" Rejoice and give the Glory to God.

CONSTIPATION - Drink one tablespoon of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily.

CRACKED SKIN PROBLEMS – HANDS, FEET, ELBOWS, KNEES - Wash with Miracle II Moisturizing Soap, then spray or rub with Neutralizer Liquid or Gel, and use Miracle II Skin Moisturizer.

DANDRUFF - Shampoo with Miracle II Soap, then rub Neutralizer Liquid or Gel into scalp, may use Miracle II Skin Moisturizer on dry scalp.

– Place enough Miracle II Neutralizer in mouth to cover all areas effected and hold in mouth as long as possible.

DERMATITIS – Wash area with Miracle II Soap, let foam stay on the area for at least one minute, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel and let dry. Repeat morning and night for one month. Rejoice and give the Glory to God.

DIAPER RASH – Bathe baby with Miracle II Soap, dry, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel and let dry. In most cases, it will heal over night, and you will have a happy baby!

DOGS, CATS, HORSES – People report Miracle II Soap works great on animals.

DOUCHE – Put 2 ounces of Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid with distilled water in douche bag. Immediate results.

DRY SKIN - Use 1/3 Miracle II Moisturizing Soap and 2/3 Miracle Neutralizer instead of the regular mix, or mix 1 ounce of Miracle II Moisturizer in a bottle of Miracle II Moisturizing Soap.

EAR ACHE – Drop Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in ear, and give the glory to God. Immediate results.

ENEMA – Use 1/8 ounce of Miracle II Soap, and 2 ounces of Neutralizer Liquid in one quart of distilled water. Works great!

ENERGY - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, and drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily.

EYE WASH AND LUBRICATION - Use Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid for eye wash.

FARM AND RANCH APPLICATIONS- . Use 1 to 6 ounces per gallon of water for cleanups or spraying. Use 4 ounces of Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer in approximately 23 gallons of water per acre for plant growth.

FEVER BLISTERS - As soon as you feel blister forming, apply Miracle II Neutralizer Gel. If possible, soak paper towel or cotton in Miracle II Neutralizer Gel then put between the lips and leave on until you get results.

FIRE ANTS: Many people have reported that they use their bath water to kill fire ants and all other insects in their house and yard and garden. Never before have you been able to get so much in a product!

FLEAS AND TICKS - Shampoo dog and cat with Miracle II Soap, rinse, spray on Neutralizer and let dry. You will never use anything else. It will not hurt their eyes. Heals rashes, and cuts on dogs, cats and horses. Animals will love it!

GULF WAR ILLNESS - Use Miracle II Products as you would for Ryder’s Syndrome.

FOOT ODOR - Wash with Miracle II Soap, then spray or rub feet with Neutralizer Liquid or Gel.

FINGERNAIL FUNGUS - Place Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in large mouth jar, and soak nails in it for a few minutes each day, then replace the cap on the jar. You can use this liquid over and over. It will take from 3 to 6 months, but it is worth the time.

GALLBLADDER - Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily. If your stomach is upset after a meal, swallow a small amount of Neutralizer.

- Use Miracle II Moisturizing Soap, and let foam stay on hair a little longer than normal. Your hair and scalp will feel and look beautiful. Reported by many to stop hair loss and dandruff.

HAIR CONDITIONER - Use Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel, or use a small amount of Moisturizer in wet hair, whichever is best for you.

HAIR SPRAY - Put Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on hair, then comb or blow dry. Works for a lot of people.

HEAD LICE – Shampoo with Miracle II Soap, at least twice a day. After each shampoo, work in Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel. Great results have been reported.

HEMORRHOIDS - Bathe with Miracle II Moisturizing Soap, then dry, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to effected area until you get results. All have said that it stopped the burning and itching and facilitated healing.

HERPES, ULCERS - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then dry, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to troubled area. Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily. Many say this works a miracle for them.

HYPERACTIVITY - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily. GINGIVITIS – Brush teeth with 1 drop of Miracle II Soap plus 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer. Swish and rinse mouth with Neutralizer after brushing.

GOUT - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, rub Miracle II Neutralizer on area, then drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily.

HEAVY CLEANING - Add 4 ounces of Miracle II Soap and 4 ounces of Neutralizer to 32-ounce spray bottle of water. May use equal amount Floors, grease traps, drains, pots, pans, dishes hands, skins, ovens, glass fireplace doors, white sidewall tires, bad carpet stains, holding tanks on campers, clothes, wax stripper, steam cleaning, oil on carports, crazy glue cleanup.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily.

HIVES - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily.

INDIGESTION – Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in water.

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS - All cleanups in fresh or salt water. Use in steam cleaner or wash. For oil dispersal and cleanups, use 1 to 10 ounces per gallon of water.

INSECTS (Wasps, Roaches, Spiders, Water Bugs, Bees) - Put 1 ounce Miracle II Soap in a trigger sprayer with water. Spray insects. Everyone has reported great results. Everyone that uses Miracle 11 in a total cleanup said they stopped having bug problems in 30 days.

INSECT BITES – Spray or rub Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to bite area. If you will apply the Neutralizer before going outside, in most cases, the bugs will not bite you. Great for kids.

JOCK ITCH - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then dry, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to troubled area.

LIGHT CLEANING - Use 1/8 ounce of Miracle II Soap in 32 ounce spray bottle of water. Use on glass, mirrors, countertops, stainless steel, refrigerators, fiberglass, leathers and plastic.

LIVER & KIDNEY CLEANSER - Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in water daily.

LUBRICATING GEL - Use Neutralizer Gel.

LYMPHOMA-FOLLICULAR CANCER - Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water every morning and night. Ask God to keep your nervous system in perfect balance.

LYME DISEASE & LUPUS - Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on skin, drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water every morning and night.

MAKE-UP REMOVER – Wet face with water, use Miracle II Soap on cloth or hands. Apply Neutralizer Gel and let dry before applying makeup. Many ladies use Moisturizing Lotion under makeup. Your complexion will be beautiful. People will ask what you are doing different! Tell them and give the glory to God!

MEDIUM CLEANING – Add 2 ounces of Miracle II Soap in 32-ounce spray bottle of water. Dishes, floors, bathrooms, tile, cabinets, paneling, refrigerator, skin, carpet, spot remover, upholstery, stainless steel, fiberglass, automobile, mildew, soot on brick and stone.

MOUTH ULCERS – Put enough Neutralizer Liquid or Gel in mouth to cover all effected areas. Hold in mouth as long as possible, then swallow. This will neutralize the acid that is causing the trouble.

NATURAL CONTROL FOR GERMS AND INSECTS - Use 1 to 6 ounces Miracle II Soap per gallon of water.

NOSE BLEED – For instant relief, spray Neutralizer in nose.

ODORS – Wash with Miracle II Soap, then apply Neutralizer and leave on. Use Thai Deodorant Stone moistened by Neutralizer Liquid on applicable areas, like feet and underarms.

PANCREAS - Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in water every day until you get results.

PARASITES - Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, drink 7 drops of Miracle II

Neutralizer in milk, juice or water every morning and night. Also use Soap and Neutralizer in enemas. Will make your body a hostile environment for these pests, and make you more resistant to infection.

POISON IVY OR OAK - Apply Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel as soon as possible, and let dry. Apply in advance if you are going into an area known for having these plants, so you won’t have trouble.

PINK EYE – Wash eyes with Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid. Will give relief from pain quickly.

PROSTATE - Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water daily.

RASH - Wash with Miracle II Soap, dry off, then apply Neutralizer to effected area and leave on. Rash will leave quickly.

PSORIASIS – Prepare bath by pouring 1 ounce of Miracle II Soap and 2 ounces of Neutralizer Liquid while the water is running, and soak in this for the first few baths. Apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to effected area and let dry. Itching will stop. Apply Neutralizer on skin several times a day. Use Miracle II Moisturizer Lotion if skin is very dry. Use for 90 days. Great results reported.

RESIDENTIAL USES - Everything that needs cleaning and deodorizing inside and outside.

RYDER'S SYNDROME - Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on rash area, drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in water every day. Ask God to keep your nervous system in perfect balance.

SHAVING SOAP - Use Miracle II Moisturizing Soap as foam. It will soften your skin! If you nick yourself while shaving, apply Neutralizer Gel and it will heal fast. Use Neutralizer Gel as after-shave. You’ll love it!

SHINGLES - Shower or bathe with Miracle II Soap, apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on rash area. Ask God to keep your nervous system in perfect balance

SHOE ODORS – Spray shoes with Neutralizer Liquid. Soak them if odor is really bad. You don’t have to let them dry; just put them on.

SKIN CANCER & PSORIASIS - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then dry, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to troubled area. If skin is dry, use Miracle II Moisturizer. Hundreds have reported total healing.

SINUS – Spray Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid in nose. This will dry the drainage quickly.

SNAKE OR SPIDER BITES – Force Miracle II Neutralizer into bite within 30 seconds and drink 2 ounces of Miracle II Neutralizer.

SORE THROAT – Gargle with Miracle II Neutralizer.

- Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then dry, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to troubled area. Many report their skin is back to normal in 90 days or less.

SPOTS ON CLOTHES: Apply Miracle II Soap straight and let stand for 2 hours before you put into washing machine. Use from 1/2 to 1 ounce of Miracle II Soap in machine. If the spot is on something you are wearing, spray the spot and towel off. It will not burn the skin.

STOMACH ULCERS & ACID PROBLEMS - Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in water every day, especially at onset of symptoms. May choose to swallow a spoonful of Miracle II Neutralizer Gel for added effectiveness. All have had great results with this. Will eliminate other problems.

STRETCH MARKS & SCARS - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then dry, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on effected area. Many report great results in 90 days.

STRONG HOUSEHOLD ODORS – Put sprayer nozzle on bottle of Neutralizer and spray on strong odors such as foot skin, fish, seafood, onion, garlic, dog/cat, refrigerators, bathrooms, hunting clothes, holding tanks on bass boats and campers, odors in carpets -- and leave it on. Not an odor cover-up!

STYES - Use Neutralizer Liquid as eye drops on effected eye.

SUNBURN - Apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on the sunburn area as often as needed. It will stop the pain quickly and promote healing. This will also serve as a sun block. Will help you achieve an even tan.

TEETH & SENSITIVE MOUTH PROBLEMS – Brush teeth with Neutralizer Gel to remove tartar, stains and plaque. For dentures, soak in Neutralizer Liquid. You will love it!

T-CELL BOOSTER - Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in water every day.

TIRED FEET - apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on feet. People report happy feet all day!

THYROID PROBLEMS - Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in water every day. Ask God to keep your nervous system in perfect balance.

TOXEMIA - Drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in water every day. Ask God to keep your nervous system in perfect balance.

TUMORS - Apply Neutralizer Gel on the area.

TO STOP SMOKING - Spray Neutralizer Liquid in mouth every time you want to smoke. People report not wanting to smoke after doing this for 7 days.

TAG WARTS ON SKIN - Bathe with Miracle II Soap, then dry, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to the tag warts. Do this until they drop off.

UNDERARM DEODORANT - Use Thai Deodorant Stone moistened by Neutralizer Liquid on underarms.

VARICOSE VEINS – Wrap area with towel and soak with warm Neutralizer Liquid or Gel until you get results.

WARTS AND MOLES - Apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to warts or moles. Soak a piece of cotton or paper towel with Neutralizer or Soap and tape over wart or mole. Time required to achieve results can be from a few days or weeks.

WASHING CLOTHES - Use 3/4 to 1 ounce from the bottle. To soften and deodorize; add 1 ounce of Neutralizer Liquid.

– Pray and ask God if this is what He wants you to do. Drink 1/2 ounce in orange juice each morning to help you lose weight without starving yourself. No more and no less. Give the glory to God.

WRINKLES - Bathe or shower with Miracle II Soap, then apply Neutralizer Liquid or Gel, then use the Skin Moisturizer. In 90 days, you will look fabulous. This is a spiritual facelift. Give the glory to God.

YEAST INFECTION – Make a solution of 50% Neutralizer Liquid in water, then use a douche, and apply to infected area, and drink 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in water every day until results are achieved


Miracle II is one of the most amazing product lines ever presented to mankind.  Miracle II Soaps and Neutralizers were spiritually revealed to the manufacturer, and are made primarily from the dust of the Earth.  Even people who are incredibly sensitive and allergic to soaps can use these products freely.  They are safe to use pretty much everywhere, and they will assist the body in attaining a slightly alkaline pH balance, which promotes health.  Thousands of people have reported total healing in their bodies and spirits by changing what they bathe, shower, and brush their teeth with.  You’ll notice the first ingredient on each label is "prayer".  The energetic aspect of these products gives your body a tremendous jump-start on the road to health.  The Miracle II Soaps and Neutralizers work by both cleansing and actively pulling toxins out of the body.  Most of the soaps, shampoos, household cleaners and insecticides on the market today contain toxic petroleum products and animal fats.  These animal fats and chemicals clog the pores of the skin so that the toxins from the foods we eat cannot escape the body.  The inside of the body gets coated with additives, fillers, dyes, yeast, and acids from the foods that we eat.  The toxicity piles up until we get sick. Medical pharmaceuticals add to the toxicity. It follows that if you eliminate toxic substances from your body, both inside and out, and remove toxic substances from your environment, then your health will improve, your immune system will become stronger, and you will no longer be susceptible to infections or parasites.  As you know, parasites are only drawn to organisms that are in decline, to facilitate death, then to break down what’s left.  According to the F.D.A., a manufacturer cannot make any claims that a product will do these specific things.  The manufacturer only makes and distributes soap.  Over a 22-year period, the Spirit of God has inspired people to find all of the following uses for this product line, and these uses are from their testimony.  Now, thousands of people are using Miracle II, solving their problems, rejoicing, and giving the glory to God.


REQUIRED DISCLAIMER:  None of the information shared here about Miracle II products is meant or intended to treat, prescribe, recommend, or diagnose regarding any medical illnesses or diseases.  Discuss your medical symptoms, illnesses or disease with a competent health professional.  The information shared here is only for educational purposes and presented from a historical perspective.  Miracle II products are classified as soap, and are not items under supervision of the FDA.  By presenting facts, testimonies and historical uses by Miracle II users, labs or researchers, we do not claim, intend to represent, suggest or imply that Miracle II products will do a specific thing.

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