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Welcome to my home page. I have shut down Tennessee Power Company, but still have an interest in the utility industry. Please continue by clicking on whatever items below are of interest to you.

Book Entitled "Roubidoux".

Houston Missouri Homecoming 1966.

Miracle II Products.

Tennessee Power Company Shareholder Consent On Dissolution.

GreenHouse tower

History of Electric Utility Industry.

Tutorial on Electricity.

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True tales of the Huckleberry Finn type adventures of a boy who journeys from delinquency in California to Southern culture in the Missouri Ozarks. Although told through the eyes of a twelve year old who never grows old, much of the real life adventure is emotionally timeless with appeal to all ages. Brutally honest at times but never off colored. A sample from Roubidoux may be read here. The book may be ordered here.


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Franklin king aznavour frank
Poetry - Quotes

american gothic
Life Before Electricity



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