iceaxe1996 American Top Of The World Expedition

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photo of Star Spangled Banner Peak

Star Spangled Banner Peak

After the successful traverse to Oodaaq Island, the 1996 American Top Of The World Expedition completed two first ascents in one of the two northernmost mountain ranges on Earth; the unexplored H.H. Benedicts Range. The summits of the two highest peaks in the range, Stjernebannertinde (Star Spangled Banner Peak) and Rink Fjeld, were achieved within four hours of each other by two separate mountaineering teams on Wednesday, July 17, 1996. A total of eight (8) team members summitted the peaks which were approximately 4,600 feet and 4,500 feet in elevation. Additional ascents were made on other peaks in the range as well as in the nearby Daly Range.