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Hello, my name is Brent and welcome to Your Tool Depot!!

It is my desire to be your first choice when looking to purchase the tools you need to energize your group and take your Quixtar/Amway Global business to the next level.

I am using this site as a means to more effectively communicate to you, the customer, the products and services that I have available in the most efficient possible way.
Now with more than 40,000 items in inventory!
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How can I do this? ... I acquire tools from many sources and have a very extensive library containing items from many lines of sponsorship. These items include new and used, rare and common, old and current, in many different media formats (tapes, CD's, books, CD-ROM's, videos, DVD's, etc). Just about anything you can think of is available from time to time. I catalog, stock and inventory these tools. By doing this, my customers can download an updated copy of my inventory and "hand-pick" the EXACT items they need for immediate business growth.

I believe there are a lot of people that can appreciate this type of personal, customer based service.

Would that include you? Join the MAILING LIST and download your copy of the most recent inventory files to see what I can do for you!

Why am I doing this? ... I was in Amway years ago and came across several large boxes of tapes in the bottom of my closet. I almost threw them away but decided to try to get something for them on Ebay. I had never used Ebay before then but one thing I noticed in doing my research was that many of the listings did not provide a great deal of detail about what was actually being offered. In addition, I realized that some auction winners were probably paying for some tapes in a lot that they really did not want or would end up with duplicates unknowingly.

That was in January 2004 and went through the learning curve. Now I am expanding due to the popularity I am experiencing from my rapidly growing customer base.

How can I serve you? ... The decision is yours! Once you have selected the items you need you can buy them directly from Tool Depot. I am determined to be successful at carving out a pretty good niche in this market by simply providing outstanding service to you, my customer, at a fair deal for both parties.