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Welcome to my current videogame list.


This is my list of current videogame systems and games that I own and a brief description of what I think of the game. There is also some game reviews too. Click the current system pictures for the games I own.

My Setup

My 27 inch RCA televison hooked up to Philips MAGNAVOX 5 speaker surround system. The surround system is neat but the television is kinda a nusanse since it did not have any inputs for hookup forcing me to buy a RF Modulator and Video Selector switch box.

Playstation 2

The Playstation 2 platform has one big advantage over the competition: more quality games than the other two consoles combined. On top of that, it doubles as a DVD player right out the box. It may not be the newest or most powerful, but it certainly is a safe bet. This is the system that is worth the money and is the most played.

The Xbox is the most versatile console around and perfectly complements a high-end home theater. It has a built-in broadband adapter; 8GB hard drive for music and saved-game storage and high-resolution display support. The problem is that currently there are the least amount of games for it. Since it is a microsoft product expect error messages in 6 languages.


Nintendo thinks that good things should come in small packages, and the affordabel GameCube, about the size of a squat lunch box, certainly proves that point. Unlike the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, which aspire to be DVD players and living-room minicomputers, this is exclusively a game machine--and a fun, powerful one at that, offering games suited to a broad audience.
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