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As you can see our disconnected Dish on the left, we have been a subscriber from November 2000 to March 9th 2004 when we finally became a DirecTV subscriber with better equipment that cost less and won't break in a month.

We had Dish and we were pleased with it because at first we only had minor problems, mainly with there cheap receivers compared to my friend who has DirecTV. The programming is good and they provide you with the channels most of the time that you want but what is the point if you can't watch it because of horrible cheap equipment.

Before the second dish we only had to call the service guide once when we had a SW44 switch and it did not break for those two years. The switch was better because it lasted. In NYC summer of 2002 when we got more locals, mainly, spanish channels they needed to install a second unnecessary dish while my friend who has DirecTV got all of them and he has the original dish. When we had that second dish installed we got nothing but problems. We saw more error's on screens than anything else. They installed a SW64 switch, which is the biggest peace of garbage on the planet. The peace of crap would last maybe a month if we were lucky, then we will start getting error's on certain receivers. Plus Dish support is terrible, they blame you and the receiver when they know it is the garbage switches. We already had the SW64 switch replaced about five times already with it either lasting a month or in one case a day.

When the service guy will come they will never come prepared or bring a switch so they ended up ordering one and then they will have to come back. When it rains, it usually breaks. When it broke just recently and we called about Dish Pro which does not use those garbage SW64 switches, they said that they will want $370.00 ($150 alone for the Dish Pro and $70 for three adaptors because three of them were legacy equipment) not including tax and shipping to upgrade. Dish then said that they could not send anyone out until April 1st. That is when we had enough, we were not going to pay that much money or have them send us another garbage SW64 switch that will last a month and then get error's again.

They don't even make the switches anymore, they are legacy yet we are covered but only for those cheap obsolete switches that break right away. We are covered under a service plain but only for the obsolete junk switches, which means that they will just replace with another SW64 and to upgrade we have to pay all of that money which is crap. For the price we ended up signing for DirecTV PVR and 3 receivers it is only $99 and since we have four televisions, it says that it only an additional $49, that is a good deal. When we got Dish we had to buy our other two receivers which were the garbage 2900's and even pay for installation on one of them. DirecTV will only cost about $180 for the duel PVR and three receivers at the time we had it installed. I see that Dish treats their new customers like they are gold but their current customers which we have been for about three years like total crap.

Like I said, Dish programming is good but what is the point when all you get is error's because of cheap obsolete switches and that they refuse to upgrade you without outrageous costs.

Here is a lowdown of all of the switches I can remember that we had.

  • SW44 Switch - We had this when we had Dish installed in 2000, we had it until 2002 until we had that second dish installed which used the SW64 junk switches.
  • 1st SW64 Switch - When we had the second Dish installed they actually first came with used crap and it did not work, they then came a few days later with new stuff and installed the second dish and the SW64 switch. This switch lasted for about a few months then my mother's receiver started to get errors.
  • 2nd SW64 Switch - We had this one installed and it worked for about a month or so, then the other receivers started to get errors on the second dish which had the spanish and other channels on it. As I said before, all of those channels should have been on the main dish. The installers did not bring anything and said to call and order a switch from the company.
  • 3rd SW64 Switch - I really though we were going to get lucky with this one since we called up the company and they shipped us a switch I though good now we will be okay but no after a month, you guessed it, errors on more receivers. Plus we had a really bad installer come who could not even speak english mainly just russian and left right away. You will talk to him and he would completely ignore you and then he left. Buy I looked at the switch and it was installed right yet when it rained a few times it broke yet again.
  • 4th SW64 Switch - As you know the service guys rarely or ever bring a switch. This time after my grandfather had no television we had the service guy come and he said that the switch was broken and not working right. We knew that and he said that we don't have a switch with us. After complaining the service guy left and came back with a switch, we had it installed and they left. This was the worst because the next night when it rained I could not get anything on my receiver and I got were errors. This time I was steamed and called them up and blasted them and said come on this switch only lasted a day. I said you better send a service guy right away and he better bring a switch since when they come they never seem to have one. They then send a service guy the day after.
  • 5th SW64 Switch - The installer came and he checked and changed the LNB's but I kept arguing with him saying that it was the switches and I said you have better bough a switch with you. After he changed the LNB's he brought up a switch and finally installed it. I remember when he came I actually had to help him put on the new switch because I wanted to make sure that he did it right. He then left and I had tv again.
  • We had enough - This 5th switch actually lasted a year which was a surprise however every now and then on my receiver or my grandfathers we started to get errors on certain channels every now and then. I called for a service guy and he came and checked our connections, he even said that the switched especially the SW64 switches were garbage and that they will break and to call them and tell them to install Dish Pro. Well after he left the next night my uncle could not get anything on his receiver, just errors. I called Dish and they had the nerve and said that they could not send out anyone until April 1st and it was still the beginning of March. My uncle was not happy. I then asked them about Dish Pro and as you know the story they wanted a lot of money for it. After we talked and argued if we should switch to DirecTV but though it over for the night. That next morning my grandfather could not get anything on his receiver, he was watching it and then he just started to get errors. Now only my mine and my mothers was working. We then agreed to get DirecTV. I checked their web site and saw how good and better the equipment is. We called them up and they said that they could send some one else about two weeks from then but to call to see if we can get a sooner date. My grandmother called and we were able to get it installed in only a few days.
  • The Switch to DirecTV - They came, very professional and they knew what they were doing. I told them about the switch that they were installing because it was outside but they said don't worry. Be live it or not one of the installers use to be a Dish installer and he even said that the switches that Dish use were junk and that DirecTV uses much better and more reliable switches. After they left and everything was set up I went on the roof and looked at the switch and it was much better. It was fancy looking and is insulated for protection and of course saw our new Hughes DirecTV Multi-Satellite Dish Antenna.

Now we are DirecTV subscribers. I have a duel Tivo PVR that can record two programs at the same time. The thing is now we have to get use to our new channel numbers. I will be putting a DirecTV review up soon on the next page but so far it is working and not breaking when it rains unlike Dish with their junk equipment. DirecTV has better more reliable and cheaper cost equipment that lasts.

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