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New York City is the only place where you will think you are in PR or the Caribbean. You get plenty of salsa, CHR music and hip-hop garbage which dominated the FM dial and some Caribbean island music, talk, sports and news which dominated the AM dial. You then wonder some of the other stations why they are even on the air. Where you can turn the dial and hear way to much hip-hop.

The List

Now I am only going to list stations that I can actually pick up. What is the point of listing a station which you can't even get. Each station that I list will have the station logo and a link if acceptable.

No Country Music in NYC

Do you believe that the biggest city in the United States, New York City is the only city in the market without a country station.

Also since we now have a weak CCM station that plays CCM music most of the time I will still keep my CCM Music page up since it is a weak signal and most of the city still can't get it.
FM Dial

The FM Dial has always been a favorite for listeners because of its quality of music. The reason FM is better is because of its sound quality. The quality of sound is close to CD quality audio. It can broadcast in stereo however it has some flaws. Because of the sound quality it can only travel a limited distance. Remember the better the quality of a radio signal the shorter it can go. FM can travel about a distance of a 100 miles but usually depending on the transmitter about 50 miles.

AM Dial

In the early days of radio, AM use to be the home of music. Back then FM radio was new and was not used much at all. However because of AM radio's flaws FM beaten them out around the 1970's when more radio's started to include 2 speaker FM band units. AM radio does not have good sound quality. It usually only broadcast in mono, it is prone to interference and the quality is prone to underwater muffled type sound which is why many AM stations are usually just talk radio, there is not much music on them. For talk the quality is okay. However because AM radio does not sound as good it can travel further usually hundreds of miles and at night even further.
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