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About how we got them.

This page is about our two cats that we have. Socks is the black and white one and Tiger is the light brown one. Click the link above for the story on how we got them.


Socks is a cute black and white cat with white paws often known as a Tuxedo cat. We got him at The Center for Animal Care and Control, Brooklyn Center. He loves to lick my hair. If I put my head down he will always lick my hair. I still don't understand why he does that but he it is so cute. He will also wake up my grandmother in the middle of the night by licking her hair. He only does it to me and my grandmother so it must be that when he does that he loves you. When he goes on me he also does this cute paw thing where he will move his paws back and forth on my chest. He also likes to go downstairs and since he his a house cat he loves to go to the hall and go downstairs. When it is colder he loves to sleep on the living room chair and when it is warm or hot he likes to sleep on the floor or in the bathroom which I don't understand since it can be the hottest room in the house during the summer. He sometimes sleeps on my bed as does Tiger plus they both end up playing together, running around as a cute thing they like to clean, groom each other. He also meows so cute when he wants to go out in the hall. When he comes in my room he will meow and then he will go ontop of me and of course lick my hair.

Tiger's story continues on the next page.


Here is a video with me and our two cats Socks and Tiger.

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