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This site will explain will illustrations the most annoying parts of the www making you want to not even bother with it no more

The most ANNOYING!!!!!!

Pop-ups ads are now getting out of control. Blame it on the stupid economy. They clam that they don't have any money and that they are doing this to increase revenue but instead it increases you blood pressure.
The first thing you got to do is kill double-click, 95% of the ad's the annoying orbitz, and casino-on net (I hate casino-on net NO I don't wasn't to download and play your stinking games) come from that annoying company. Some one has to go to that company and punch all of the ad jerks in suits in the face.
Here are some pictures.

Look just look at this. Its out of hand.

Do you have to live with it?

Well the answer to that question is yes or no? As long as there is double-click and other annoying ad companies you will still get those pop-ups, however because I am not the only one going nuts over this there are programs that people wrote that can stop the pop-ups. The one I use is Pop Up Stopper. It does stop all of the pop-ups but you have to check aggressive pop-up. The only problem is that it will stop any pop-up even if you click to open a new window. But otherwise if you take off aggressive it will stop most, and it will stop the casino-on-net and orbitz with either option on and also that annoying colonize with the new message flashing thing. Also don't use the pro version which costs money. When I used it with aggressive on I still got pop-ups. Also Mozilla works good at stopping popups and its a new browser so you won't have problems with it unlike with Internet Explorer.


Now this company Orbitz is getting out of hand. You go to just about any site and there stinking pop-up is there. Hey I DO NOT CARE I don't WANT TO TRAVEL TO SEATTLE FOR 10% OFF.

There out of hand. KILL orbitz. Write them some hate mail to tell them that you will never ever buy a product from them.

Now this is driving everyone nuts. This company is out of hand. You go to a site about cooking for example and there is a Casino-on-Net pop-up. What the heck does gambling have to do with most of these sites. Plus how many times do I have to say I don't want to download your games. By the way I tried to play there games, the non-download version and after 10 minutes the dumb Java applet was still loading.

Do me and everyone else a favor. Write this pest of a company some flame hate male and attach some viruses to the e-mail. Maybe you will get lucky and shut down there system. By the way if hackers are reading this, hack them to peace's so they can't recover there servers at all.