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Single for life, this is why..

True love is a crock, it does not exist, what does exist is one way love you fall in love with the person but the person does not fall in love with you, does n ot care. Here I am going to describe the 4 steps on how it is impossible to meet someone and have a relationship.

Step 1: Has Boyfriend

Now this is very common you see a girl and then you find out that she has a boyfriend this is so common that it is unbelievable. I say out of the entire group there will be no single people and I mean it. Every girl has a boyfriend. She will say you know my boyfriend, so it is out of the question for the crock true love thing to ever occur. Love at first site is a crock because if you see her but then you find out that she ends up having a boyfriend..

Step 2: Married

More so if you are in your 20's, many of them if they don't have boyfriends are married, you tell when you see that ring on there left hand so you say wow they found someone but I will always be single. I see everyone around me getting engaged and married and I am the only one that is still single and has not meet anyone or will ever.
Step 3: Too Young

This is common you are lets say around mid 20's and you see a girl but you find out that she is a teenager, this is very common and you find that in many places there are way to many teenagers and no people around your age.

Step 4: Too Old

Also very common you are around the same age mid 20's but everywhere you go there are middle age and older people and once again no one around your age.
+1: The final nail in the coffin more wrong things.

You are inside a group and there is no escaping this no matter where you go you see a girl and you are nervous and want to talk to her and if the other 4 steps don't apply which is rare you go outside when she goes out and you find out that she smokes. You see that annoying filthy disgusting cigarette being held in her hand and you say well if the 4 steps don't apply this is the last step of them all, too many people smoke and the disgusting habit is everywhere and how are you suppose to meet someone then.
Also you got the annoyance of friends who have girlfriends and the annoying things they do.

Number one, holding hands. This is got to be the most stupid thing ever and it makes no sense. You got to literally walk around them to pass them. It is so stupid. I mean come on does not your hands start to cramp plus you both look like idiots.

Number two, they sometimes ditch you. I have lost quite a few friends because of this. They always want to hang out with each other. They are always on the phone which is how I ended up losing my cousin. We use to always hang out and do things then when he got a girlfriend we ended up never hanging out. He was always on the phone and always busy. Also since that was a bad relationship after a while he found the right girlfriend which he had no problem doing which is also another big annoyance.

Now if they want to hang out and have time to themselves that is fine but the problem is they want to spend time with themselves' when you want to hang out. Also when you do hang out you end up being the third wheel (which I am always), you end up just tagging along.

It seems that you can't get away with it either. You can try to make new friends but they will always end up with the girlfriend and you always end up lonely without one, it stinks but their is nothing that can be done about it.

Closing Remarks.

Well for me it is impossible to meet anyone because of the 4 steps and the nail in the coffin but it does not help and it makes things impossible if you are not attractive like me. You notice that all the attractive slim, muscular men get all the girls and I am always left out. O well I just have to accept that I will be single for life.

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