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Welcome to the IR Portal Page. This is the main page that contains all of my web pages that I have created. Many of them which are my comments. All of my pages are clean and don't have any foul language. I have divided each of my pages in groups.

My Web Pages

My best sites. Satellite TV - Here is the satellite tv review. We had Dish Network and he had nothing but trouble with it because of the cheap switches that they use that broke about five times on us. Went to DirecTV for a year but did not like it. Now back with Dish Network. Page needs updating.

My best sites. NYC Radio Stations - What I think of the stations that we get in our local area. I only listen to a few of the stations. The problem is that their is no variety and to much of certain types of music.

My current video game list - My current video games that I own. Each game is listed on a scale of if I liked it or not.

Pets & Animals:
My best sites. Our Cats - This page has not been updated but we no longer have two cats.  We lost our cat Tiger to a accedent in December.  I miss him a lot and now we only have one cat Socks.

Anti-Microsoft Rant - I did a little funny rant about problems with microsoft and their buggy windows.

The # things wrong with the WWW - The things that are wrong with the World Wide Web. The number one pop-up ads.

My best sites. Single for Life - Here is a page about how I have trouble finding anyone. Talk about being single because it is just so hard to meet anyone.


Page needs a major update.

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