Discovery Stories: Anton Weber, Comet 1946 K1 (Pajdusakova-Rotbart-Weber)

German amateur Anton Weber co-discovered Comet 1946 K1 (Pajdusakova-Rotbart-Weber) on May 31, 1946. He lived in Berlin, what was left of it after World War II. It seems he was sitting on the toilet that night, looking through his window--or rather, looking through an empty hole where the window would normally have been. His house had been badly damaged in the war, and he had not yet been able to replace the windows or frames. As he sat there, he noticed (with his unaided eye) a diffuse object, which he soon confirmed was a comet in his binoculars. He was in the American section of Berlin (in the Steglitz district), and relayed a report to the Central Bureau of Astronomical Telegrams, and was credited as the third discoverer. Weber was a very active amateur astronomer in Germany from the 1930s through 1950s, known for discovering the "Weber spot" on Saturn in 1933.

(account supplied by Edgar Mädlow of Berlin and relayed by Maik Meyer to the Yahoo Comets Mailing List)

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