SOHO Comet Discoverers' Totals

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This table lists the number of SOHO comets, including SWAN comets, discovered by each person, and it includes comets confirmed by CBAT/MPC and reported on MPECs (Minor Planet Electronic Circulars) and IAU Circulars, as well as those internally confirmed by SOHO personnel and granted a "SOHO number" (such as SOHO-500) while awaiting permanent designation. The numbers here will be in excess of the total number of confirmed SOHO comets (currently 1500, because some SOHO comets have been credited to more than one hunter, but should match the number of names in the "SOHO Discoveries" links on the Sungrazer Web site. Please report any discrepancies to me. Note that official credit for the discovery of SOHO comets goes to the SOHO spacecraft rather than the individuals who find them, although the finders are mentioned on the discovery MPEC bulletins. Last updated: July 4, 2008

Rainer Kracht (Germany) 211 Many archival and non-Kreutz finds (including the Kracht and Kracht2 comet groups), plus 4 SOLWIND and two STEREO comets.
Hua Su (China) 185
Michael Oates (UK) 144 Pioneered the search of SOHO's archives for previously missed comets.
Tony Hoffman (US) 105
Xavier Leprette (France) 100 Many archival finds
Bo Zhou (China) 97
Rob Matson (US) 77 Includes 2 SWAN co-discoveries (C/2005 T4, C/2006 M4)
XingMing Zhou (China) 64 Includes SWAN co-discovery (C/2004 H6)
Michael Boschat (Canada) 60 includes LASCO co-discovery of C/2004 V13 (SWAN)
John Sachs (US) 54
Doug Biesecker (US) 53 SOHO/LASCO team member
Sebastian Hönig (Germany) 43 +1 night-sky visual discovery (C/2002 O4); predicted the return of  P/2007 R5,  first official periodic SOHO comet
Maik Meyer (Germany) 40 Discoverer of Meyer comet group.
Kazimieras Cernis (Lithuania) 22 Includes SWAN co-discovery (C/2004 H6); + 3 night-sky visual discoveries (C/1980 O1, C/1983 O1, C/1990 E1)
Toni Scarmato (Italy) 22 Discoverer of SOHO-1000
David Evans (UK) 20
Karl Battams (US/UK) 19 SOHO/LASCO team member
Michal Kusiak (Poland) 16
Shane Stezelberger (US) 14 SOHO/LASCO team member
Steve Farmer, Jr. (US) 13
Terry Lovejoy (Australia) 11 First amateur to discover a comet online (in SOHO images). +2 night-sky DSLR discoveries (C/2007 E2, C/2007 K5)
Kevin Schenk (US) 11 SOHO/LASCO team member
James Danaher (US) 11
Darren Lewis (UK) 10 SOHO/LASCO team member
Tao Chen (China) 10 +1 night-sky DSLR discovery (C/2008 C1) (with Xing Gao)
Arkadiusz Kubczak (Poland) 10 includes the 1000th SOHO Kreutz comet (SOHO-1185)
Jiangao Ruan (China) 10
Shihong Yuan (China) 10
Bernard McCarty (UK) 9 SOHO/LASCO team member
Masanori Uchina (Japan) 9
Wentao Xu (China) 8
Guoyou Sun (China) 7
Heiner Otterstedt (Germany) 7
Quanzhi Ye (China) 7
Jonathan Shanklin (UK) 6
DongHua Chen (China) 6
Pavel Shkreby (Russia) 6
Angelos Vourlidas (US) 5 SOHO/LASCO team member
Derek Hammer (US) 5 SOHO/LASCO team member
Michael Mattiazzo (Australia) 5 5 SWAN discoveries (C/2004 H6, C/2004 V13, C/2005 P3, C/2005 T4, C/2006 M4)
Vladimir Bezugly (Ukraine) 5 includes 1 SWAN co-discovery (C/2005 P3)
Michele Mazzucato (Italy) 5
Alexander Mimeev (Russia) 4
Xing Gao (China) 4 +1 night-sky DSLR discovery (C/2008 C1) (with Tao Chen)
Chris St. Cyr (US) 3 SOHO/LASCO team member
Chong Liang (China) 3
Luciano Cane (Italy) 3
Sarah Gregory (US) 2 SOHO/LASCO team member
Teemu Mäkinen (Finland) 2 2 SWAN discoveries; SWAN team member
Roberto Gorelli (Italy) 2
Dwight Hanson (US) 2
Gregg Gallina (US) 2
Yuan-Sheng Tsai (Taiwan) 2
Masayuki Suzuki (Japan) 2 2 SWAN (co-)discoveries (C/2002 O6, C/2005 P3)
Alan Watson (Australia) 2 Finder of the first comet in SECCHI (STEREO) images; has now found 4 STEREO comets
Giuseppe Pappa (Italy) 2
Tim Harincar (US) 1
David Johnson (US) 1
Hartwig Luethen (Germany) 1
Federico Mimeev (Russia) 1
Jinao Zhang (China) 1
Hirohisa Sato (Japan) 1 SWAN co-discovery (C/2005 P3)
Michael Jäger (Austria) 1 SWAN co-discovery (C/2005 P3) +1 night-sky photographic discovery (P/1998 U3)
Adam Ambrus (Hungary) 1
Zhangwei Jin (China) 1
Parrish Collison (US) 1
Eryk Banach (Poland) 1

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