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Why I Love My Job

I get to help people say what’s important to them. Whether it’s through editing, coaching, or ghostwriting, I help people produce novels, memoirs, historical pieces, journalistic projects, and business books. I see into their imaginations and learn amazing new things about their experiences or areas of expertise.

It helps to have been empathetic to begin with, but going on journeys of creativity and expression with my clients has opened my heart and mind to a much bigger world than I’d previously known. I’ve seen into people’s most cherished personal experiences; taken flights of imagination into new realms; and gotten the insider’s view of the history of the Spanish colonization of Florida, the highs and lows of real-life police work, surviving a third-world military coup, teaching kids about personal finance, the inner workings of the legal profession, the secrets of buying a new home, and much more.

I can honestly say, I’d love to edit your work, coach you through the writing process, or ghostwrite your book for you, whether fiction or nonfiction. I’m not a salesperson. I don’t twist arms. I’m here to listen and to help. Call or email me, and let’s bring your great idea to fruition.



Tom Wallace

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