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. . . to the right place for all your writing and editing needs.


Tom Wallace has ghostwritten books and short-form materials. He has also written articles and a variety of business, advertising, and PR copy. As an editor, he's helped clients polish novels, short stories, articles, journalistic books, and screenplays. He's organized promotional events for authors and has coached clients on issues such as agent selection, career track development and how to get the most out of the author/publisher relationship.


Jamie Morris, Tom’s associate, is a veteran writing consultant, book-coach, and writing workshop leader who specializes in working with first time writers. Skilled at literary problem-solving (plotting, voice, organization, etc.), editing, and critiquing, Jamie has coached young adult and other genre novelists, self-help writers, poets, memoirists, and short story writers, helping them bring their work to the next level.


Click the links below to find out what Tom and Jamie can do for you.


Ghostwriting: including memoirs, novels, business books, family histories, and more.


Rewriting: to bring your rough draft to a high polish.



Editing: to help you bring any document to the most readable, entertaining, and publishable state.


Writing Coaching: gives you one-on-one support at every stage of the writing process. Includes custom-tailored strategies to keep you writing, re-writing, and moving in the best possible direction for you and your book.    


Manuscript Critique: provides you with a clear assessment of your work's strengths and weaknesses while pointing out opportunities for development.




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