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Manuscript Critique
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You've finished your manuscript, but you're not sure it's ready for publication.


   You wonder if it’s well enough organized.

   You're torn between two (seemingly) mutually exclusive plot directions.

   You think you could find a stronger starting point—but aren't sure where that would be.

   Your main character is resisting the changes s/he must undergo.

   You're not sure the point of view you’ve chosen is the best for your story or message.

You're ready for a manuscript critique.


A good literary critique brings a savvy, well-trained eye and a nuanced, sensitive ear to the evaluation of your work. It's personal. It's professional. It's comprehensive.


Through the critique process, Tom or Jamie will explore a variety of literary elements with you. These might include organization, concept, plot, theme, character development, dialogue, pacing, voice and tone. We’ll ask questions to illuminate deeper meaning – Why did your main character make that choice? How do you want your audience to feel? What would happen if you introduced this character in an earlier chapter?


Most importantly, like a sort of “literary metal detector,” we’ll seek the gold—unexplored possibilities, undeveloped potentials, unrealized themes—that might lie just beneath the surface of your text.


Click here to learn more about how a professional critique can transform your manuscript into a publishable piece of writing.



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