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Who wrote the last novel or memoir you read? Guess what! It might have been me.


I can write for you too. Whether it’s a business or how-to book to boost your visibility in your field, a family history to pass down through the generations, that novel that you’ve been tinkering with in your head but have just never had time to write, or the tell-all memoir about your days as the personal assistant to that actor or pop star everybody loves, I can put it into words with your name on the cover.


My ghostwriting clients have included:


? An ex-professional criminal – a colorful individual with an amazing story of life lived by a decidedly different set of rules.


? A man who lived through a period of civil unrest and oppression in a third world country – not always the easiest material to deal with emotionally, but I was proud to have helped him tell his story.


? A screenwriter (you may have seen his work on the big screen) who hired me to transform one of his screenplays into a novel.


I pride myself on building personal connections with my clients and expressing their ideas in their own voices. I’m an empathetic individual, not a corporation or a word mill. And for that very same reason, my prices may be more reasonable that you’d imagine. There’s not much overhead here. You won’t be paying into a secretary’s salary or rent on an office suite. All you’re buying from me is quality writing and personal guidance through the publishing process. And that’s exactly what I deliver.



Tom Wallace | 407-617-1661