Williams, Michigan: Kalamazoo County Ghost Town
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More on Williams

Postcard looking north

This is one of a series of postcards of Williams, this one was shot from where the store stood looking north of the tracks. The houses on the west side of the street were built for the sawmill workers. Date unknown, probably about 1910.



Postcard looking west

This is looking west from the store.



Postcard looking south

This is looking south from the store.



Williams Hoop and Heading

A large barrel parts factory called Williams Hoop and Heading occupied a space next to the tracks. It was the largest employer in the township at one time with 50 employees. The factory closed about 1906.



Brick workers

A photo taken inside the Shields brickworks (date unknown). The owner, Patrick Shields, is in the center.



Picnic at Fish Lake

Handwritten on the back of this photo is Picnic at Fish Lake. The white haired lady in the center is Chester Williams's second wife, Harriet. Their son Harry is on her left and their daughter Belle is on her right in the back. Lizzie Dobbin ran the general store for a time, she's standing on the far right holding her nephew Bernard. The photo was taken about 1907.



Henry Store

This general store was on the corner of EF Ave. and 2nd Street. It was known as the Glen Henry store. I don't know when the photo was taken.


If you want to know more about Williams or Alamo Township history, an excellent book can be found in the Kalamazoo library (downtown) called "Alamo Township - Past and Present" by Florence Snow (1958).

Alamo Township history can also be found at the Alamo Museum in Alamo. It's open on select days in the summer.


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