Williams, Michigan: Kalamazoo County Ghost Town
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Shields families in Williams

The 1894 plat map of Williams shows the Shields family having the 80 acres along the railroad tracks adjacent to the 80 acres of Chester Williams.

Here's how the Patrick Shields family of Oshtemo Twp, Kalamazoo County, Michigan appeared in the 1880 federal census (prior to moving to Williams):

Patrick Shields   age:36   Birthplace:Ireland   Occupation:Farmer (head of household)
Sarah A. Shields   age:31   Birthplace:Ireland    Occupation:Keep House (mother)
Elizabeth Shields   age:13   Birthplace:MI (daughter)
Rose A. Shields   age:12   Birthplace:MI (daughter)
John Shields   age:10   Birthplace:MI (son)
Mary Shields   age:8   Birthplace:MI (daughter)
Isabell J. Shields   age:2   Birthplace:MI (daughter)
Arthur Shields   age:4 mos.   Birthplace:MI (son)

Here's how the remaining Shields family appeared 40 years later in the 1920 federal census:

Arthur Shields   age:39   Birthplace:MI   Occupation:Farmer (head of household and son)
Sarah Shields   age:70   Birthplace:Ireland (mother)
Mary Shields   age:48   Birthplace:MI (daughter)
Sarah Shields   age:37   Birthplace:MI (daughter)
Katherine Shields   age:24   Birthplace:MI (daughter)

fuzzy photo of Shields family
Patrick and Sarah Shields and family, date unknown (I need to rescan this one)
Source: Sally Drake

Rose Ann (Shields) Williams
Rose Anne Shields, daughter of Patrick Shields
Souce: G. G. Grandson, Patrick Williams

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