Williams, Michigan: Kalamazoo County Ghost Town
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Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad (K&SH RR)

Photo of the "Goliath" locomotive

According to the Michigan Commisioner of Railroad's report of 1872, the Kalamazoo & South Haven RR, with the subheading of "leased and operated by the Michigan Central RR", had the following numbers:

39.28 miles of track

2.65 miles of siding track

(1) 10-20 ton locomotive

(1) 20-30 ton locomotive (prob. the "Goliath" shown above)

No passenger cars (perhaps they were leased from the Michigan Central RR)

(1) Boxcar

(29) Flat cars with racks (prob. for lumber)

Average speed: 15 mph

27,750 tons of lumber moved

12,218 tons of merchandise

2,026 tons of cereals

79,423 total miles travelled (averages out to 2.7 round trips per day)

Income was divided pretty equally between passenger and freight business

228 cords of wood consumed, no coal consumed

Average passenger rate per mile: 2.8 cents

Photo of MCRR train just west of the Alamo depot

For a detailed history of how the railroad started, see pages 109-110 of the 1912 book: "History of Van Buren County, Michigan".

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