Richard McKinley & Super Sandra started playing together after they met through broadcast radio waves.

Their label StarFuck Records has some kick ass releases.

I only started playing with them after they moved to Long Beach, drummerless. (I was never in more than one band until I was a drummer!) Before I had gotten to know them personally, I had enjoyed the powerful force of their musical onslaught. When the rumor came around that the only reason they weren't playing regularly was for lack of a drummer, I stepped in and said "Who needs one"? We played Jabberjaw a lot, and many drunken parties. We toured to Portland just to play a house party with Action Family, and took along their cat. Hey, I remember shooting some lost Super 8 film of that adventure.. There will be more on them as I build this page up.

Thanks for the Sturmey parts!

discography: .. Lots of fully rad records that will be listed here....

Sympathy For The Record Industry


Lots of Releases Recorded at Poop Alley by Tom Grimely

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