Psychological Evaluation

Vansen, Anastasia Katarina

V 31182-224-AKVS


1LT Anastasia Vansen has always taken every disadvantage thrown at her and turned it to her advantage. However, in all the time I have served with her, I have never seen her so distraught. The decision to remove her from flight status has devastated her self- worth. Although I have every confidence in her full psychological and emotional recovery, at this time, I support her request for a Leave of Absence from active duty.

MAJ Tyler Kane
CA 127th Airborne SFMC


1LT Anastasia Vansen has an incredible fire in her eyes. I believe it is the fire of a person who has found a new life, who has decided to tackle the unknown when life as she knew it was no longer possible.

She is dead set and determined to prove her worth to her troops and her fellow officers. Although such fierce determination is admirable, it is hoped that she will temper it with proper judgment and control.

LCDR Jacques Dunois

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