Memoranda File

Vansen, Anastasia Katarina

V 31182-224-AKVS


TO: SSGT Marius Hennessey, 487th Recon Battalion, SFMC, Fort Royal
FR: 1LT Anastasia Vansen, 127th Airborne, SFMC, Fort Bragg
RE: Flight Status


The doctors removed me from flight status today.

I don't know what to do. Flying is all I know.

Please... please, may I come home?



1LT Anastasia Vansen has worked harder than any of the young cadets coming out of the Academy's Marine Option. She does not seem surprised that her quick reflexes trained in Red Flag and honed with experience in the air have transferred so successfully to ground combat. She is highly recommended to any and all Marine units; she will make an excellent leader, if not immediately, with proper experience in the ground forces.

LCOL Joseph W. Edwards
Instructor, Advanced Tactical Training


I regret to see MAJ Anastasia Vansen leave this Battalion. She is one of the most hardworking officers, Fleet or Marine, whom I have had the honor and pleasure to command. Her work as my Executive Officer has been exemplary -- her action on Zareth IV is only the tip of that iceberg. Despite my regrets, I do know that she is prepared to take on command of a battalion herself, and I will not hinder her career for such a selfish reason. All of us aboard the USS ORLEANS wish her and the USS CENTURION the best of luck.

LCOL A. Jackson Gaines


MAJ Anastasia Vansen is an excellent Marine, and an excellent officer. She is straightforward, speaks her thoughts honestly and with confidence, and is quick to defend her subordinates, even if she has to discipline them herself afterwards. The responsibility over the battalion sits heavily with her, and she can be relied upon to accomplish her duties consistently at a level above and beyond the call of duty. The CORONA is getting one excellent Marine Commanding Officer.

CAPT Gustav M. Heinisch

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