MAJ Anastasia Vansen

Marine Commanding Officer
Flagship, BLUE Fleet
Starfleet, ASR


VANSEN, Anastasia Katarina

Name Anastasia Vansen (aka Anya, Tasia, Tash, AK)
Full Name Anastasia Katarina Vansen
Call Sign 'Duchess'
Rank Major (O-4)
Current Assignment USS CORONA (NCC-2002)
Current Position Marine Commanding Officer, 2nd Division, 21st Regiment, 8th Battalion
Service Number V-31182-224-AKVS
Race Human; Danish, of Russian descent
Sex Female
Skin Pale, sunburns easily; few freckles
Hair Blonde; straight hair cut short (chin length)
Eyes Blue; bright, with a sharp look to them
Height 1.73 m/5'8"
Weight 59 kg/130 lbs
Age 34
Date of Birth 24 July 2380
Place of Birth Copenhagen, European Union, Terra; grew up on Amaris Prima, then Fort Bragg
Current Residence Fort Royal, Tomonaga System, Gamma Quadrant
Citizenship United Federation of Planets
Family Father: Georg Vansen (d. 2392)
Mother: Anna Ivanovna Vansen (d. 2392)
Legal Guardian: MSGT Marius Hennessey, 487th Recon Battalion, SFMC
Marital Status Single
Hobbies Pool (billiards), cards, karate, kickboxing, flying anything that can fly
Languages Federation Standard, English, Russian, Danish


920702 Parents killed in a Dominion attack on Amaris Prima
921015 Released to custody of SGT Marius Hennessey, SFMC
980901 Entered Starfleet Academy
20615 Graduated Starfleet Academy-Marine Corps Option
Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant
20701 Began "Red Flag" Training Course
20901 Completed "Red Flag"; assigned to 58th Fighter Wing as Wingman
30406 Breveted to First Lieutenant and assigned to fly lead upon injury of her own lead pilot
31128 Brevet retracted
Citation for Extraordinary Performance, Second Battle of Toralis
40319 Promoted to First Lieutenant (O-2) and reassigned as Tactical Officer
50715 Transferred to the 127th Airborne as F-4 Combat Pilot, Bravo Squadron
60628 Promoted to Squadron Leader
60724 Shot down during combat
60727 Removed from flight status due to medical complications
60731 Granted LOA
60901 Entered SFMC Advanced Tactical Training
61101 Graduated SFMC Advanced Tactical Training
61108 Assigned to USS ORLEANS as Platoon Commander, Charlie Company
70724 Promoted to LMAJ (O-3), Charlie Company CO
71225 Accepted Company Citation for Action on New London
71226 Promoted to MAJ (O-4), Marine XO
80930 Citation for Bravery, Zareth IV
81217 Assigned to USS CENTURION as Marine CO
908xx Assigned to USS CORONA as Marine CO

If the adventures of ASR were ever televised, this character would be played by Andrea Thompson (as she looked when she appeared in Babylon 5). 

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