ADM Midori Takahashi

Personal History

Midori Iwasaki is the only child of a merchant and his wife, born in a small town in Niigata, Japan. She grew up excelling in sports, especially combat sports, participating regularly in many of the martial arts competitions in the area. She also enjoyed the quiet stillness achieved in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, and studied in the Urasenke School. In academics, she seemed to find special enjoyment in logical reasoning and analysis, favoring military history, and would, in her spare time, often study war games and historical battle scenarios. Her parents, although they never quite understood their only child, followed to the end Midori's desires, and to this day, she knows she is indebted to them.

Her Starfleet career showed her aptitude in her favorite subject areas, and upon graduation, was assigned directly to a starship as a Junior Tactical Officer. After five years on the MELBOURNE, she was transferred to the SYDNEY, again as a Junior TAC, with a promotion to O-2.

She often said afterwards that the stars must have been smiling on her, as the MELBOURNE was lost during the Battle of Wolf 359. The SYDNEY barely escaped total destruction; Midori herself ejected from the ship along with the rest of the crew after losing her left hand and forearm in an explosion while enroute to the pods. Most, including Midori, were rescued in time; upon arrival at a Federation medical facility, she received a cybernetic arm, which she has upgraded whenever the opportunity arose. For her injury during combat, she was awarded a Wounded Lion. One of her crewmates of the SYDNEY gave her the moniker "The One-Armed Lieutenant," which has stuck to this day, much to her chagrin; now, only a handful of close friends with a long history of friendship with her would dare call her "The One-Armed Admiral" in her presence.

After a year on a Leave of Absence, she was assigned to TACFLEET/Green Fleet Liaison Office as a Tactical Analyst. Although she enjoyed her time there, she grew restless, and eventually reapplied for line duty, and was assigned to the AMATERASU as Deputy TAC Officer. Following several more ship-board billets in Green Fleet (last as a CO of a destroyer), she was transferred to the SF Borg Task Force, Operations Unit as Unit Director, and was promoted to Captain (O-6).

She spent four years with the Task Force, then was transferred to Crimson Fleet and given command of the ALABAMA, leading reconnaissance missions in the Delta Quadrant. However, she was recalled from line duty again and, with a promotion to Commodore (O-7), rejoined TACFLEET, and became its Assistant Deputy Director for Cardassian Theatre Operations. Two years later, with the retirement of her superior officer, she was promoted to Rear Admiral (O-8) and the Deputy Directorship.

She had been Deputy Director, TACFLEET, Cardassian Theatre Operations, for five years when she was tapped to head Green Fleet. Her hesitation in accepting the billet was real. She was returning home, to where she started; but she was not the brand new junior officer she was back then. Not only that, Green's Solar-class flagship and a Caesar were still missing. Although she would not know for sure until her briefing by Admiral Jokinen, she had heard the rumors in the halls of the TACFLEET offices. Her cybernetic arm, by this time almost indistinguishable from her other, real arm, was a constant reminder of Wolf 359. Would she really be able to face her beginnings, her history, and her own personal demons and head a fleet most likely to face the scourge of the Federation?

Before Midori could truly appreciate the vagaries of the application of Borg Tactical analyses, duty called again. Upon the retirement of ADM H.A.E. Fairweather, CSFO, she was tapped to fill the position, and ordered to report to the new CINCSF, ADM Matti Jokinen. She served as CSFO for one year, during which ADM Jokinen was forcibly made to resign by Federation politics and Star Fleet suffered one of its major losses in assets when almost a whole colour fleet was lost in a major time/space rift. For her work as acting CINCSF before the appointment of ADM John R. Brooks, Jokinen's successor, she was awarded the Legion of Merit.

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