ADM Midori Takahashi

Commander-in-Chief, Green Fleet (CINCGREEN)
Starfleet Command, SB ALPHA
Starfleet, ASR



Name Midori Takahashi (nee Iwasaki)
Rank Admiral (O-10)
Assignment SB ALPHA (Starfleet Command)
Position Chief of Starfleet Operations (CSFO)
Service Number T-14222-136-MXTJ
Race Human (Terran) of Japanese descent
Sex Female
Skin Medium complexion
Hair Long straight greying black hair, kept in a regulation bun on duty
Eyes Brown
Height 5'5"
Weight 125 lbs
Age 74
Date of Birth 20 November 2340
Place of Birth Niigata (Japan), Terra
Citizenship Terra, United Federation of Planets 
Marital Status Widow
Children None


Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth


2340 Midori Iwasaki born in Niigata (Japan), Terra
2357 Enters SFA
2361 Graduates SFA, commissioned at Ensign (O-1) 
Assigned to USS MELBOURNE as Junior TAC Officer
2366 Assigned to USS SYDNEY as Junior TAC Officer 
Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade (O-2)
2367 Battle of Wolf 359: manages to escape in a pod after her lower left arm is blown off; she is rescued, and doctors fit her with a cybernetic arm and hand. She will conscientiously keep track of new developments in cybernetics, and continue to 'upgrade' her arm as time goes on. 
Awarded Wounded Lion 
One-year LOA
2368 Transferred to Green Fleet 
Assigned to SB DELTA's TACFLEET Liaison Office as Tactical Analyst
2369 Marries Junzo Takahashi
2371 Assigned to USS AMATERASU as Deputy Tactical Officer 
Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
2374 Reassigned as Assistant Tactical Officer
2379 Reassigned as Chief Tactical Officer 
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
2381 Assigned to USS VALHALLA as Operations Manager
2383 Assigned to USS FRANKLIN as Operations Manager
2385 Reassigned as Executive Officer
Promoted to Commander (O-5)
2387 Assigned to USS VALHALLA as Commanding Officer
2390 Transferred to SF Headquarters 
Assigned to SF Borg Task Force, Operations Unit as Unit Director 
Promoted to Captain (O-6)
2394 Junzo Takahashi dies 
Transferred to Crimson Fleet 
Assigned to USS ALABAMA as Commanding Officer
2398 Promoted to Commodore (O-7) 
Assigned to TACFLEET as its Assistant Deputy Director, Cardassian Theatre Operations
2403 Promoted to Rear Admiral (O-8) 
Reassigned as Deputy Director, TACFLEET, Cardassian Theatre Operations
2409 Transferred to Green Fleet 
Assigned to Green Fleet as Fleet Commander-in-Chief (CINCGREEN) 
Promoted to Vice Admiral (O-9)
2410 Transferred to Starfleet Command 
Assigned to Starfleet Command as Chief of Starfleet Operations (CSFO) 
Promoted to Admiral (O-10)
2411 Resigned from CSFO 
Retired from active duty
2414 Recalled to active duty
Assigned to Green Fleet as Fleet Commander-in-Chief (CINCGREEN)

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