Psychological Evaluation

Sforza, Julianna Monica

S 13614-222-JMSB

Personality: Stable, confident, friendly, mischievous
Religion: Anglican

SD 10221

ENS Brennan is a friendly presence in the department, and makes work a joy. While her skipping into the office in the mornings are a bit much on utterly overbooked (and thus high-tension) days, but then, she tries to spread cheer all around -- and pulls that extra-long day along with the others. I can only hope that her enthusiasm for her profession will last to the end of her career; she will prove an asset to any unit to which she is assigned.

LCDR Tyrone Hunter

SD 70924

LT Brennan's almost boundless energy is tiresome and a distraction. Her attitude toward her tasks are clearly not serious, shown by the undignified manner in which she conducts herself in the office. While some of her like-minded colleagues may find dressing up for Halloween and pulling April Fool's jokes endearing, this officer finds only disrespect toward our profession. Her upcoming transfer to a non-counseling position is probably a blessing for her, for us, and for Star Fleet.

CDR A. Deavere Miller

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