Memoranda File

Sforza, Julianna Monica

S 13614-222-JMSB

SD 70707

LT Sforza is quick, efficient, remains stable under pressure, and is yet very funny and quick-witted, which makes for an enjoyable office. She recently began to have some interest in information science, and has begun taking courses toward a Master's degree in the area via UFP Extension. While the extra degree may eventually lead her out of this office to bigger and better things, the Lieutenant is someone that makes people want to cheer her on, including myself.

LCDR Anna Burton
Deputy Director of Recruitment Literature
Office of Public Affairs

SD 10033

CDR Sforza came highly recommended by CDOR Kensington, and she has exceeded expectations. She has accomplished her duties as written in the job description in a manner above and beyond what is expected from an officer of her rank. As she is filling a position normally filled by someone in a higher rank, this says much about the quality of her work. I look forward to continuing work with her as she moves to the CSFO's office as COMREC liaison.

ADM Matti J. Jokinen
Commander, Star Fleet Logistics

SD 110808

CDR Sforza is a knowledgeable and skilled officer whose broad interests in theatre, communication, information sciences, and applied psychology has made her work as liaison to COMREC invaluable to this office. Her positive attitude keeps everyone working hard and effectively. I understand that she is contemplating a return to line service. Whatever ship gets her will be a lucky ship indeed.

ADM Midori Takahashi (ret.)
Chief of Star Fleet Operations

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