CDR Julianna Monica Sforza

Ship's Counselor
Task Force Zinderneuf, SILVER Fleet
Starfleet, ASR


SFORZA, Julianna Monica

Name Julie Sforza
Full Name Julianna Monica Sforza (née Brennan)
Rank Commander
Assignment Star Fleet Diplomatic Corps
Position Ambassador to Orentha and to the Slamial Republic
Service Number S 13614-222-JMSB
Race Human (Terran)
Sex Female
Skin Pale complexion
Hair Long, curly black hair, usually loose with only a
headband or clip to keep it away from her face
Eyes Blue
Height 1.70m
Weight 57 kg
Age 36 (Terran Years)
Date of Birth 13 August 2378
Place of Birth Brighton, United Kingdom, Terra
Citizenship Terra, United Federation of Planets
Marital Status Married
Family Father John Anthony Brennan,
speech teacher
Mother Dara Elizabeth Brennan,
artist (deaf)
Brother Christopher Paul Brennan (b.2373),
terraforming engineer
Brother CAPT Daniel Justin Brennan,
Deputy Liaison to OSFI, Green Fleet
Spouse Brian Lorenzo Sforza,
In-Law CAPT Matthew Pietro Sforza,
Hobbies Performing arts (theatre, song, dance), reading
Terran history and literature, fencing


Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

UFP Extention Programme


2400 Graduates SFA; commissioned at ENS (O-1)
Posted to USS ALABAMA as Staff Counselor 
2401 Promoted to LTjg (O-2) 
2404 Promoted to LT (O-3)
Assigned to USS PHILADELPHIA as Assistant Counselor 
2407 Assigned to COMPA, Star Fleet HQ, as Recruitment Officer 
2408 Promoted to LCDR (O-4)
Reassigned as Deputy Director of Recruitment Literature 
2409 Promoted to CDR (O-5)
Assigned to Commander, Star Fleet Records (COMREC) 
2410 Assigned to Liaison to COMREC, Office of CSFO 
2411 Assigned to USS ENDEAVOUR as Ship's Counselor
2412 Assigned to Star Fleet Diplomatic Corps and appointed Ambassador to Orentha and to the Slamial Republic

If the adventures of ASR were ever televised, this character would be played by Julianna Margulies

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