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Romée, Elisabeth Jeanette


Beliefs: Catholic
Ambitions, Desires, Goals: Living life with no regrets
Annoyances: Unkindness, insincerity, disloyalty; rules and regulations that seem to have no purpose; obsession with detail; long explanations.
Personality Type: Friendly, matter-of-fact, active
Temperament: Hot, but quickly cools.

Other Character Traits: Loyal, honest to the point of bluntness, stubborn, short fuse - yet still clearly sympathetic to other people's feelings and thoughts when it counts. She has a pure and clear sense of purpose/mission. She is a friendly, adaptable realist who relies on what she sees, hears, and knows first hand. She accepts the facts good-naturedly and takes things as they are. She solves problems by being adaptable, and gets others to adapt, as well. She is unprejudiced, open minded, and tolerant, and is good at easing tense situations and pulling factions together. She is active, and actively curious about things. She tends to focus on the situation at hand, and is a gifted problem solver; she "uses" existing rules to achieve goals. She is logical, and can be tough when necessary. She likes mechanical things and sports, and is very good with real things that can be worked, handled, taken apart or put back together. She gets a lot of fun out of life and enjoys material possessions.

In contrast, she loves spiritual solitude and tends to keep her real, deep feelings to herself, opening up only to the people closest to her - her priest, her family, and selected friends. People have discovered that they must earn her respect.

Psi: Touch telepathy; proximity empathy; line-of-sight empathy
Rating: 85%
Comments: "Subject's telepathy seems to be effective only when in direct tactile contact with the target, and only when the subject makes a conscious effort to establish telepathic contact. Subject's empathy is activated automatically by a target's proximity (approximately ten meters radius around subject); empathy may also be activated consciously when the target is outside of the proximity range, but the target must be in the subject's line of sight. The subject has been trained extensively in controlling inadvertent activation of telepathy through formal instruction by the Betazed Telepathy Training Center. The subject has been unable to demonstrate projective abilities in telepathy or empathy."

Scientist T'Ral, Consulting Psychologist, SFMS

SD 110325

Captain Elisabeth Romée is a combat veteran with well over 150 hours combat flight time, and has commanded two other ships before the TANIKAZE. Her experience has allowed her to temper her impulse to act first and think later, and listen to her officers before making important decisions. She is known to be skilled at delegation, only getting involved when problems arise but otherwise letting her subordinates do what they know how to do best - their jobs. Off-duty, the Captain mingles easily with officers and enlisted crew alike, always willing to try new activities.

Captain Romée has an adopted son, Nicholas Linna, currently at the University of Florida on Terra and due to graduate in two months. While she is not overly protective, it is quite clear that he is on her mind often, and is very proud of his accomplishments as a college student studying child psychology and education while performing in a local pop music group.

When the Captain first came aboard, the concern on everyone's mind was her receptive empathy, which, according to her records, would encompass everyone on the Bridge when she is sitting at the Conn. However, in the three years she has served aboard the TANIKAZE, she has always shown discretion with the information she has gained, using the emotional reactions of her officers in times of crisis to balance them and make them more efficient. She also does not overstep her bounds into that of the Ship's Counselor, for which this officer is grateful.

The one area that she will decline to discuss is her spirituality. The Captain is a practicing Catholic, as well as a student of Kyentau. She uses the services of the Ship's Chaplain regularly, and sets aside times during which she devotes herself to Kyentau and should not be disturbed, except for ship-wide emergencies. This counselor finds Captain Elisabeth Romée to be a very well-balanced individual who strives to improve herself daily.

LTjg Jennifer Sakai

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