CAPT Elisabeth Romée

Personal History

Elisabeth Jeanette Romée was the third child and first daughter born to Jaxen Tey, a Betazoid landscape designer who had settled on Terra, and Isabelle Sophie Romée, a human psychiatrist in private practice in Domremy. She had two older brothers, Jacques ('Jacquemin') and Jean ('Jeannot'), and eventually would have a younger sister, Pamela. While her father was not particularly religious, her mother was a practicing Catholic, and she took the children to church every Sunday and all four children attended Sunday school.

Ellie had a rather idyllic early childhood living in the countryside of northwestern France. Both of her parents worked at home, though her father would make field visits several times a week to examine client sites. The children were occasional tag-alongs when Jaxen's clients also had children of their own. They spent summer weekends camping out in the nearby woods, their father pointing out the different constellations as he had learned them on Betazed - and their mother supplying the Terran names.

Her oldest brother Jacquemin and youngest sister Pamela seemed to have taken after their father - Jacquemin seemed more interested in the grownups' conversation than playing with the others, and Pamela was always reading. However, Jeannot and Ellie were constantly climbing trees, playing hide-and-seek, accidentally knocking over things that shouldn't be knocked over, and generally running amok and wreaking havoc. While they were quite rambunctious, they were also both known for standing up to bullies and protecting the smaller children in the neighborhood.

From her early school years, when she attended parochial schools, Ellie showed promise in mathematics and science, working one and eventually two years ahead of her classmates in those areas. She won third place in a national science fair and tutored the younger children in mathematics. Her teachers were quite certain that, when the time came, she would be able to go to a college of her choice on a scholarship. Besides her studies, she enjoyed gymnastics lessons she took in Neufchâteau, the nearby city.

In the middle of a hot summer day when Ellie was thirteen, she first experienced activation of her proximity empathy. She kept this little discovery to herself, using the extra information when it was useful and otherwise ignoring it. Several months later, however, when she realized she had touch telepathy, she realized she would have to tell her parents.

Both of her parents agreed that Ellie would have to go to Betazed for special training to control her newly developed abilities. When all but her best friend avoided her at school as soon as they heard about her telepathy and empathy, she knew that they were right. Jacques, already studying landscape design in Nancy, and Jean, beginning his first year at Star Fleet Academy, stayed behind on Terra, while Jaxen and Isabelle took Ellie and Pamela and moved to Betazed. They settled in Ruan, Golik Province, a short distance away from the Planetary District. She was put into a special program that required her to board with the Betazed Telepathy Training Center.

For a thirteen-year-old child accustomed to being raised by forgiving parents, it was difficult to get used to the disciplined life of a telepath-in-training. While her telepathy and empathy came under control in the next year, she found life in the Training Center to be sterile and very little fun. At first, she did not make friends easily among the full-blood Betazoids and found herself more often than not talking with her best friend back on earth, with Pamela or Jacques, or, when he could spare it, with Jean, who was the sibling to whom she felt closest.

It was during this time that her Alpha Centauran roommate introduced Ellie to Kyentau. While it would not change her basic impulsive nature, nor would she ever convert from Catholicism, the meditation and the ritualized movements using the Kyentau fighting staff would help her control her impulsiveness.

Ellie did eventually make a few friends among the Betazoid students, most of whom were not planning on pursuing psychology or psychiatry as a career. She herself was interested in astronomy; there were future geologists, historians, writers, and painters among her friends. Their non-traditional interests bound them together, as well as a few of their extracurricular interests, such as gymnastics, hiking around the surrounding hills and swimming in the Center's pool.

In the middle of her third year at the Training Center, she heard that the 258th Naval Air-Space Wing, in which Jean was a fighter pilot, had suffered heavy casualties. The next day, her worst fear came true -- Jean had been killed in action, his fighter found among the wreckage of the Battle of Demeros, where the Wing had been assigned to patrol for piracy activities. Elisabeth vowed then and there to enter Star Fleet and carry on the work of her brother. Despite her parents’ opposition, her brother's misgivings and her sister's fears, she submitted her application and was admitted for entrance that fall. She was certified as a trained telepath and empath and entered Star Fleet Academy in the fall of her seventeenth year.

She did excellently in the sciences and mathematics, as she had done early in life, and took astrophysics as her academic major subject; like her brother, she elected navigation and flight control as her professional specializations. She surprised her instructors at the speed of her reflexes, honed in Kyentau class and her most recent hobby, kickboxing. Upon graduation, she was sent to Star Fleet Flight School's Red Flag Course, finishing respectably in seventh place among the hotshot naval and marine pilots in her class.

She was assigned to her brother's old Wing, the 258th, where many thought she wouldn't survive. She not only survived, but a year later, was cited for bravery during a battle over where her brother had died six years earlier, earning her first field promotion to Lieutenant, junior grade (O-2). Less than a year later, she would be promoted to full Lieutenant (O-3) and Squadron Commander, all without alienating the other pilots, with whom she became good friends - for the sake of her brother, as well as for herself.

However, there was something that she had not foreseen -- something her brother could not have told her, something she could not have discovered as a flight student working through various scenarios. As she made her first kill, her line-of-sight empathy had made her feel the last seconds of terror and death of the pirate marauder who had been her target, as if the terror and death had been her own. Amidst her squadron's cheering, and her own devastation from the terror she felt, it was a most confusing and troubling experience. Her resolve to carry on in her brother's footsteps never wavered, however, and she kept this observation to herself, only revealing it to her priest at confession.

The next year saw her transfer to the 127th as Commander of the Second Squadron. After two years and an excellent record there, she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4) and assigned to the 465th as Wing Executive Officer, a completely new kind of job - some flying, but also some administrative work, which she soon learned to despise.

The 465th was attached to Deep Space Station Five, built at the nexus of several Beta Quadrant powers in the region. It was a Federation presence in the midst of turf battles large and small, as well as a web of trade and other exchanges. She served as Wing Exec for a year and was promoted to Wing Commander when her CO was reassigned, along with a brevet to Commander (O-5). She became much more involved with the Station's workings, rarely if ever actually flying, becoming very good friends with the Station's Commandant. She yearned to go back out and fly her fighter, and during a major deployment when her entire wing was dispatched to lift a planetary blockade of Padala II by the Traders Union of Sidna Prime, she finally had her chance again.

It was during this battle that she decided that flying was no longer the place for her - the psychological toll it had taken over seven years was too much. As she spoke to the Station Commandant about this, and her desire to transfer to a desk job, he suggested the XO position on DS5. His current XO had been offered his own command, and since she knew the station and the personnel, she seemed to be his natural successor. When the Commodore in charge of the forces in the area denied the transfer, the Station Commandant put his own promotion on the line to get her in. She gave up her brevet and became a Lieutenant Commander again, but she didn't regret that a bit.

The day she was transferred was also the day she found out her father had died. Pamela, now a married writer who had just published her first novel, still lived on Betazed, as well as Jacques, who had been helping their father with his clients, told her to come home, and she did. She only stayed for the wake and the funeral, and then came right back to work, leaving herself no room to mourn.

A year after her transfer, she met Alex Linna, a fairly well-to-do businessman with a young son, Nicholas. Linna had been the head of a Mars-based trading corporation until the year before, when the Federation Trade Commission had appointed him as their representative in this sector. He fell in love with her immediately, and over months of witty courtship, she eventually fell in love with him, too. However, just as she had discovered her love for him, she was critically injured during a routine patrol. The doctors held little hope for her survival, but Alex somehow gave up his life to save hers. Nicholas told her how his father had done this, and she has kept her promise not to tell anyone.

Nicholas revealed that his father was not really his father -- at least, he was not the original Alexander Linna. While the body was Linna's, inside was a member of an advanced species who learned about other species by finding a body of a being who had died and continuing to live that person's life. This being had found the shuttle accident in which the entire Linna family, including the original Alexander Linna, had died, leaving infant Nicholas as the only survivor. He took on Linna’s body, and raised Linna's son as his own. As far as public records are concerned, there were two survivors of that shuttle accident: Alexander Linna, and his son Nicholas. Fortunately, the being had previously been in another human body on Terra, and so learned to fit in quickly; it also helped that Alxander Linna had kept a personal journal as well as meticulous business records. When Ellie was critically injured, this being inside Linna's body transmitted his life force to her, and in saving her life gave up his own.

Linna's last request was that she would raise Nicholas as her son, and she has, adopting him the same week she was promoted to full Commander (O-5), this time, permanently.

Her work on the station eventually caught the eye of CINCGREY, who offered her the command of the Valhalla-class VALKYRIE, and a mission to patrol the increasingly volatile Hallic Cluster, which bordered the Federation close by. She accepted the offer, taking Nicholas with her.

She commanded the VALKYRIE for two years, after which she was transferred to a bigger ship, the Galaxy-class INTREPID, along with a promotion to Captain (O-6). The INTREPID's mainly exploratory and first contact missions refreshed her wonder for the universe that had fired up her passions in childhood. This was also the most trying time raising Nicholas, now a teenager. It was difficult to run with the wrong crowd on a Star Fleet vessel, especially if one's mother is the Captain; however, Nicholas tried. He did eventually grow out of his rebellious period, and when he left the ship to go to university on Terra, he was a much better adjusted young man. Raising Nicholas also proved to be the best influence on her -- she learned to be more patient, paying more attention to detail, and, most importantly, to love unconditionally again.

Her next command, the Hiryu-class TANIKAZE, saw some action as it was sent to assist Indigo Fleet during the Dalriada conflict, serving as part of the cavalry and assisting in the clean up after the attack. The ship's work earned them a Fleet Unit Citation.

As the Klingon Empire entered yet again into a time of internal turmoil, Star Fleet Command began deploying units along the Trucial Zone. They were also recalling and transferring personnel into areas in which they were better suited. When the more diplomatically-trained Daniel Brennan was transferred to SB DELTA to serve as Green Fleet's liaison to the Office of Star Fleet Intelligence, Romée and her service jacket placed her into the top candidate spot for the command of the CHESAPEAKE.

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