Memoranda File

ROMEE, Elisabeth Jeanette


SD 920630

Ensign Romée's instincts and reaction times are clearly augmented by her interests in the martial arts. Her record stands by her late brother's with pride. While she needs to control the extremity of her impulsiveness, her lightening-quick reflexes will serve her well in the future.

CDR Michael Gundarsson
Flight Instructor, Red Flag Course
Star Fleet Flight School

SD 930920

Ensign Romée has shown some teeth for a young human female with a brother for whose death she compensates. Her courage and honor is without doubt, and I am proud to present her with this citation for bravery during the second battle of Demeros.

CO, 258th Naval Air-Space Wing

SD 950715

Lieutenant Romée has been and still is an excellent fighter pilot with an edge. She has also found, as Squadron Commander, that paperwork is not her strong suit. However, she is learning quickly and is quick becoming the better of her fellow SqCOs. I look forward to her continued growth as an officer.

CAPT Devon Ayres
CO, 127th Naval Air-Space Wing

SD 990325

Re: BUPERS Request transferring CDR E. J. Romée

With all due respect, sir, Elisabeth Romée knows the station inside and out, and knows the people both on the station and in the surrounding sector. She is undoubtedly the best candidate for the Executive Officer of DS5, and I'll be damned if Star Fleet decides that this five-mile long city in space is not valuable enough to assign the best qualified officer for the job. I request that you reconsider your decision to deny her transfer from Star Fleet Air-Space combat service.

Most respectfully yours,

CAPT John J. Sheridan
CO, Deep Space Station 5

SD 101215

For your courageous actions above and beyond the call of duty during the Dalriada crisis, the officers and crew of the USS TANIKAZE, Grey Fleet, are awarded the Fleet Unit Citation.

VADM Jeannie Nelson

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