CAPT Elisabeth Romée

Commanding Officer
Star Fleet, ASR


ROMEE, Elisabeth Jeanette

Name Elisabeth 'Ellie' Romée
Full Name Elisabeth Jeanette Romée
Call Sign 'Pucelle'
Rank Captain (O-6)
Position Commanding Officer
Service Number P-93563-163-SAA
Race Half human (French), half Betazoid
Sex Female
Skin Medium complexion
Hair Thick straight black hair, chin length with some fringe
Eyes Green
Height 5'6"/165cm
Weight 130 lbs/60 kg
Age 44
Date of Birth 10 January 2370
Place of Birth Domremy-la-Pucelle, France, Terra
Citizenship Terran
Marital Status Single
Family Father Jaxen Tey (d. 2399);
landscape designer
Mother Isabelle Sophie Romée;
Brother Jacques André Romée (b. 2365),
landscape designer
Brother Jean Gérard Romée, Ensign, SFN (b. 2367, KIA 2387)
Sister Pamela Annette Romée-Shaw (b. 2374);
Son Nicholas Linna Romée (b. 2389; adopted 2400)
Hobbies Gymnastics, kickboxing, Kyentau*, hiking, camping, swimming, horseback riding; reading medieval French and English history and Shakespeare; nice clothes, enjoying good food and drink, collecting art; spending time with people informally (cards, games of chance, sports she hasn't tried yet....)
Prized Posession A small-scale bronze of the statue "La Pucelle d'Orléans (The Maid of Orléans)," which she has had installed into her office on every ship she has commanded
Quirks Romée wears gloves on duty (and quite often off-duty) to avoid inadvertent activation of her touch telepathy. She plays with her necklace (a small gold crucifix decorated with a fleur-de-lis) when nervous or deep in thought. Ever since she was young, she has found it hard to wake up when it is dark out (a wee bit of a problem for a person who has to work out in space all the time).
First Impression Matter-of-fact, with an easy smile and a very sharp sense of humor

* Kyentau: an Alpha Centauran martial art that uses a fighting staff -- a cylinder about 20 centimeters long, which extends at a touch of a button to a staff of about 1.8 meters. It centers on the philosophy of the interrelationship of all living things, and the need of people to remain connected to the rest of the universe as they live their everyday lives.


Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth


23700110 00 Elisabeth Jeanette Romée born
23830809 13 Began developing telepathic and empathic ability
23830820 13 Family moves to Betazed
23830901 13 Enters Betazed Telepathy Training Center
23870102 16 Brother Jean killed in action
23870825 17 Entered Star Fleet Academy
23910518 21 Graduated from SFA and commissioned at ENS (O-1)
23910701 21 Assigned to Star Fleet Flight School Red Flag Course
23920630 22 Finished Red Flag and certified as combat pilot
23920701 22 Assigned to 258th Naval Air-Space Wing, 1st Squadron, as wingman
23930920 23 Citation for bravery, Second Battle of Demeros
Promoted to LTjg (O-2) and lead pilot
23940619 24 Promoted to LT (O-3)
Reassigned as SqCO
23950715 25 Transferred to the 127th Naval Air-Space Wing, 2nd Squadron, as SqCO
23970110 27 Promoted to LCDR (O-4)
Transferred to 465th Naval Air-Space Wing, attached to DS5, as WXO
23980219 28 Breveted to CDR (O-5)
Reassigned to 465thNASW as WCO
23990325 29 Brevet retracted, ranked at LCDR (O-4)
Transferred to DS5 as XO
Father died
01220 30 Critically injured on patrol; survives
01227 30 Promoted to CDR (O-5)
20915 32 Assigned to USS VALKYRIE (FF Valhalla) as CO
40224 34 Assigned to USS INTREPID (CL Galaxy) as CO
Promoted to CAPT (O-6)
80324 38 Assigned to USS TANIKAZE (CL Hiryu) as CO
101215 40 TANIKAZE awarded Grey Fleet Unit Citation for actions during and after Dalriada conflict
110915 41 Assigned to USS CHESAPEAKE (CL Hood) as CO

If the adventures of ASR were ever televised, this character would be played by Mary Karr, a prize-winning author and Associate Professor of English at Syracuse University. 

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