Psychological Evaluation

Ripley, Alexandra Lisette

R 21209-932-NTMB

SD 70601

CDT Ripley is a confident and bright young woman, and knows it. She can be impatient with those whom she does not consider her intellectual equals, and will not tolerate less than the best work from all of her classmates with whom she works. She seems to very few people "friends"; however, once a person becomes her friend, she will keep them forever.

She is also very sensitive to being seen solely as a woman. From what can be gleaned from the interview, as a child she was a "tomboy," and at present has grown into a very independent individual. For example, she prefers to go by Alex, as opposed to her full given name, Alexandra.

This is not to say that she is masculine in any way, or that she denies her feminine side; she has been in relationships before, and she is a physically attractive person. But she wants to achieve her career goals -- to serve as a Science Officer on an exploratory vessel, and eventually to becoming a line officer and getting her own command -- on her own terms and own accomplishments and merits.

CDT Ripley has shown that she has leadership qualities which will enable her go far in Starfleet; how far she will go will depend on whether she can learn patience and tolerance toward her fellow officers, and eventually, the officers serving under her supervision.

LCDR Emily A. Bale
Student Psychological Services, Starfleet Academy

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