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Ripley, Alexandra Lisette

R 21209-932-NTMB


CDT Ripley's performance in our astrogation simulations has been outstanding without question; she consistently scored in the top five in her class in every simulation exercise. One concern this instructor expresses is her intolerance of mistakes by others, whicm may eventually lead to the demoralization of any squad to which she may belong. cultivating her sensitivity in working with others will only add to her own personal ability to excel.

CDR Deborah A. Levine
Instructor in Astrogation, Starfleet Academy

SD 70610.1200

Although CDT Ripley's performance in my class has been excellent, her inability to follow as well as lead may later play havoc with her career. As a leader, she has charisma, is decisive, and can listen to others and incorporate ideas into a cohesive whole. However, she is bluntly honest to the point of rudeness when she feels that an idea is unworkable. When another person is leading, she will contribute to the efforts of the team, unless, in her estimation, the leader is not worth following. She demands the best from herself, and will not tolerate less from fellow cadets. Developing a healthy respect for others, as well as an open mind, will help her get ahead; otherwise, she will only make enemies, or at least, not as many friends among any crew with whom she may work.

CDR Michael A. Reed
Instructor in Engineering, Starfleet Academy

SD 70610.1200

As a student in my senior seminar in climatology, CDT Ripley demonstrated excellent research skills and an intensity in her work. Her paper on terraforming arid planets is exemplary among undergraduate research papers that I have seen. As it is her wish to enter active service, I wish her well; however, I am of the opinion that she has great capabilities for serious research, and hope that she does not abandon the possibility of entering academia.

CAPT (hon.) Johannes J. Feddema, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Geophysics, Starfleet Academy

SD 80601.1200

ENS Ripley has been instrumental in moving several research projects to completion at the SFGRI. Her research skills has been put to good use in the Seismology Working Group, and her interest and expertise in climatology has helped improve our understanding of climate control, which may eventually lead to Starfleet's developing more controlled terraforming protocols. Her general grasp of physics, especially geophysics, as well as her in-depth knowledge of her chosen field, indicate she will serve excellently as a science officer on an exploratory vessel.

I do have one reservation, a personal one. I have heard reports of some friction among the research fellows, of which ENS Ripley was one. As Director, I am not part of the Institute "grapevine," as it were, but from my own observation, ENS Ripley seems to take on herself the responsibility of ensuring the quality of work among her fellow researchers, which some have perceived to be excessive. She may need to develop more teamwork skills if she is to put her considerable talents to full use.

CDR John D. Beuthin, PhD
Director, Geophysics Research Institute, SB ALPHA

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