LTjg Alex Ripley

Chief Science Officer
Grey Fleet
Starfleet, ASR


RIPLEY, Alexandra Lisette

Name Alex Ripley
Full Name Alexandra Lisette Ripley
Rank Lieutenant, Junior Grade (LTjg)
Current Assignment USS SARATOGA (NCC-1724-D)
Current Position Chief Science Officer (CSciO)
Service Number R 21209-932-NTMB
Race Human (Nouvelle Genevoise)
Sex Female
Skin Caucasian
Hair Black, long, slightly wavy, with bangs swept
to one side, usually tied in one long braid
Eyes Blue
Height 1.70m
Weight 57 kg
Age 30 (Terran Years)
Date of Birth 17 June 2384
Place of Birth Nouvelle Geneve (Federation Colony)
Citizenship Nouvelle Geneve, United Federation of Planets
Family Father Jonathan F. Ripley, PhD,
Mother Jeannette Lucie Ripley, MS,
Siblings Addison Michel Ripley, MS,
Computer Scientist
Marital Status Single
Hobbies Fencing, archery, swimming, cooking and baking
Languages Federation Standard, Français Genevien, Vulcan


Lyc*e de la Colonie Nouvelle Genève, Nouvelle Genève Colony

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth


20615 Graduated Lycée de la Colonie Nouvelle Genève
60615 Graduated Starfleet Academy
60701 Posted to Geophysics Research Institute, SB ALPHA, at rank of Ensign
80701 Accepted by Advanced Officers Training School, Armstrong Lunar Base
81004 Graduated from Advanced Officers Training School
81014 Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
81014 Assigned to USS SARATOGA
81107 Billeted to Chief Science Officer, USS SARATOGA

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