LCDR Duncan Morrell

Personal History

Although Morrell was born in Edinburgh, he spent a great part of his childhood moving with his parents. His father, a civil engineer, would often have to pick up and go somewhere for contract jobs, and sometimes, the entire family would move. Because of the constant moving, no one who hears him speak pegs him for a Scotsman.

He inherited his fascination with machines from his father, and devotion to family from his mother. He married soon after he graduated from the Academy, and, although it was a long distance marriage, managed to make it work.

His career was not spectacular; he advanced through the ranks at a reasonable speed, not making too many waves. He loved working with engines, and had the knack for fixing problems with items at hand, rather than waiting until the proper parts come. This knack has made him very useful around the Fleet, and his ideas valued. Later in his career, he was asked to be a special consultant for Starfleet Engineering, working with a group developing workable contingency plans for various ship-classes in the fleet.

But he really wanted to be close to his wife and start a family. He kept requesting to be posted closer to Terra, and when he worked at SF HQ in Engineering, he was very happy. It was then that his daughter, Bethany, was born. Now, with his posting at ALB, he can work during the week on the Base, and go home to Edinburgh when he is not teaching, and is looking forward to spending more time with his family.

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