LCDR Duncan Morrell

Holodeck 4
Advanced Officer Training School
Armstrong Lunar Base
Starfleet, ASR



Name Duncan Morrell
Full Name Duncan Andrew Morrell
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment Armstrong Lunar Base
Current Position Instructor
Service Number T 42009-504-SHAX
Race Terran of Scots descent
Sex Male
Skin Pale white with some freckles
Hair Brown
Eyes Gray
Height 1.90m
Weight 85 kg
Age 41 (Terran Years)
Date of Birth 13 August 2373
Place of Birth Edinburgh, Earth
Citizenship Terra, United Federation of Planets
Known Relations Father Andrew Morrell, Civil Engineer
Mother Kathleen Fiona Morrell
Uncle RADM Duncan Charles Morrell (ret.)
Siblings Anne Carron Morrell-McKay
Marital Status Married; wife, Marilyn Randall (n*e Shawe)
Children One daughter, Bethany Catriona


Edinburgh School for Boys

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth


2383 Graduated Edinburgh School for Boys
2387 Graduated Starfleet Academy
Posted to USS PARNELL as Engineer at rank of Ensign
2390 Posted to USS CENTURION as Engineer at rank of Ensign
Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
2394 Posted to USS AGAMEMNON as Engineer at rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade
2399 Posted to USS ZEUS as Engineer at rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Promoted to Lieutenant
11226 Posted to USS DOVER as CEO at rank of Lieutenant
Promted to Lieutenant Commander
20813 Posted to USS BELLEROPHON as CEO at rank of Lieutenant Commander
60601 Posted to Starfleet Engineering as Special Consultant
81115 Posted to ALB as Instructor, Holodeck 4

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