Psychological Evaluation

Flynn, Sian-Mairead Akina Claudia

F 40951-603-AJVN

SD 90115.1200

The above named individual, LT Sian-Mairead Flynn, is a healthy Terran female serving in Starfleet. Examination of this subject's file indicates that there are no known conflicts with superiors, and that her subordinates speak of her favorably.

The subject performed well on the Federation Personality Inventory Test, with L (lie scale) = 0.3, well within standard boundaries. Subject scored a CdP = 3.6 (codependency scale), which bears further review. Psychometer readings of the subject shown no neuroses, psychoses, obsessions or compulsion. Communication is "aligned to purpose," with no shifting into inappropriate roles.

I have had the opportunity to observe the behavior of this individual at length, and have found her to be remarkably level-headed. Without reservation, I qualify her for service in Starfleet. A copy of my licence follows.

LTjg Peter von Voss MD

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