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Flynn, Sian-Mairead Akina Claudia

F 40951-603-AJVN


As a medical student, Sian-Mairead Flynn showed great potential to be a capable, and caring physician. Her childhood, spent mostly on Starfleet ships, has greatly influenced her in her interest in the diagnosis, pathology, and treatment of diseases in non-human life forms. One hopes that her interests in the arts -- almost as strong as her passion for medicine -- will not distract her from her true calling as a physician.

James N. Yamazaki, MD
Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

SD 60501.1200

Because of her wide ranging interests, Sian-Mairead Flynn was often seen to be "spreading herself thin," to the point of total exhaustion. However, she has always shown herself to be a responsible, committed individual, often showing an almost intuitive ability to discover etiologic possibilities in developing treatment for xenopathological diseases. A positive aspect of her parallel interest in the dramatic arts is that she has a natural empathy for patients under her care, a trait that cannot be taught. I believe that she will become a very able and compassionate physician.

John T. Carter, MD
Attending Physician, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Supervisor, Johns Hopkins Hospital Internship Program

SD 60501.1200

Sian-Mairead Flynn has shown herself to be an above-average medical intern, with a worrisome tendency to overcommit herself emotionally in the patients whom she sees. In fact, overcommitment seems to be Sian-Mairead's modus operandi, which causes her to rely on instinct, not on established diagnostic and laboratory measures (admittedly time-consuming), to come to conclusions of her various cases. She has so far never been wrong, or too far off the mark; however, life and death are not things to be left to Lady Luck. She has shown that she is willing to take criticism of her work, which leaves me to hope that she will eventually focus on one profession: medicine. Focus will certainly let her develop her potential as a capable, effective physician.

Carolyn Y. Vucelich
Attending Physician, University of Maryland-Baltimore Medical Center
Supervisor, University of Maryland-Baltimore Medical Center Internship Program

SD 80630.1200

Dr. Sian-Mairead Flynn's residency has been marked by her willingness to use unorthodox methods and approaches to solve etiologic inquiries into xenobiological disease. Her unique insights into possibilities not often considered by her colleagues have helped her fellow residents develop creative therapeutic measures to treat disease. She has also shown herself to be willing to take constructive criticism of her work, and her collegiality has left a very positive mark on this institution. We sincerely hope that she will have the opportunity to contribute to the continuing work of Starfleet's Medical Division in a similar fashion.

Laura A. Innes, MD
Chief Resident, Xenopathology, University of the UFP Hospitals

SD 80630.1200

Throughout her residency, Dr. Sian-Mairead Flynn has shown us that she has the beginnings of a truly gifted physician. Her intuitive understanding of viral disease and the traditional and non-traditional treatments for them will prove useful given opportunities to use it in the different parts of the Federation and beyond. I sincerely wish her the best in all of her future efforts, including her desire to join Starfleet's Medical Corps.

William H. Macy, MD
Attending Physician, Xenopathology, University of the UFP Hospitals

SD 80630.1200

Dr. Sian-Mairead Flynn has passed the Association of Xenopathological Physicians' Board Certification Examination with a grade of High Pass. The staff and I at UUFP-Luna will certainly miss witnessing Dr. Flynn's contributions to the field of xenopathological etiology; however, her interest and ability in this area will certainly contribute to her future as a potential Starfleet medical officer.

Cassiopeia A. Mulryan, MD Head, Department of Xenopathology, University of the UFP Hospitals

SD 90415.1200

Routine Fitness Report, LCDR Sian-Mairead Flynn, M.D.

Dr. Flynn joined the USS Alexander Nevsky upon completion of her Advanced Officer Training course and accelerated commissioning program. Her civilian supervisory experience made her the strongest choice among the field of attending physicians to serve as deputy chief medical officer, and later (with the departure of CDR Redkin) as CMO. Dr. Flynn discharged these duties in an exemplary manner, while also assuming responsibility for the Borg Expeditionary Force's filovirus research unit. The team, under her direction, which included her involvement at the level of basic research in key neurotoxins and intelligent gels, was able to develop an effective antidote for the Assimiliation Virus and an innovative delivery vector for anti-Borg de-assimiliation weapons.

Dr. Flynn's management of departmental personnel and resources reflects judgement and experience; and, she was well-regarded by superiors, subordinates and peers alike for her professionalism, compassion, and commitment to service. While Dr. Flynn harbors, and fosters in her colleagues, a fairly idealistic view of Star Fleet, one might claim such an attitude in the Medical Corps is preferrable to most alternatives. Recommend she be offered additional supervisory roles in the Medical Corps, shipboard or otherwise, with an eye toward potential administrative responsibility with Star Fleet Medical down the line.

CDR Cinar Barlas, UFPSF, SWO

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