CDR Sian-Mairead Flynn, MD

Chief Medical Officer
DS4 Division
Green Fleet
Starfleet, ASR


FLYNN, Sian-Mairead Akina Claudia

Name Sian-Mairead Flynn
Full Name Sian-Mairead Akina Claudia Flynn
Rank Commander (O-5)
Current Assignment USS KRONSHTADT, DS4DIV, Green Fleet
Current Position Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
Service Number F 40951-603-AJVN
Race Terran of Irish/Japanese/German descent
Sex Female
Skin Pale white with some freckles
Hair Red, straight, cut just below shoulders, with bangs in front
Eyes Green
Height 1.75m
Weight 65 kg
Age 41 (Terran Years)
Date of Birth 17 June 2377
Place of Birth San Francisco, Earth
Citizenship Terra, United Federation of Planets
Known Relations Father: M. Seamus Flynn, Music Professor

Mother: CAPT Anneliese Cross, MD (SFN, Ret.), ex-DIRSFMED, MEDCOM

Siblings: None known
Marital Status Single


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Earth

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Earth


930514 Graduated Carnegie Mellon University
030515 Graduated Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
030601 Begun residency at University of the United Federation of Planets Luna Campus Medical Center
080101 Appointed Chief Resident in Xenopathology
080328 Passed Board Certification in Xenopathology
080728 Entered Starfleet Advanced Officer Training School, Armstrong Lunar Base (ALB)
080903 Graduated Star Fleet Advanced Officer Training School and commissioned at the rank of Lieutenant (O-3)
Posted to USS ALEXANDER NEVSKY as Assistant Chief Medical Officer
090208 Billeted to Chief Medical Officer on transfer of CMO;
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
090501 Awarded Leonard McCoy Medal of Merit for work on filovirus research
090601 Transferred to SB DELTA as senior staff physician
090901 Granted SF Reserve status
091001 Began work as staff virologist, Chicago General Hospital, Chicago, Terra
101020 Recalled to active duty
101024 Assigned to USS TAMERLANE as Chief Medical Officer
110801 Assigned to Star Fleet Medical College as clinical instructor in xenopathology
120115 Assigned to USS RESOLUTION as Chief Medical Officer
121231 Assigned to Deep Space 4 as Senior Medical Officer in Xenopathology
170617 Billeted to Deep Space 4 as Assistant Chief Medical Officer;
Breveted to Commander (O-5)
Assigned to USS KRONSHTADT as Chief Medical Officer;
Brevet to Commander (O-5) confirmed

If the adventures of ASR were ever televised, this character would be played by Gillian Anderson

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