Psychological Evaluation

Brennan, Daniel Justin

B 13614-222-DJBB

SD 00601

CDT Daniel Brennan is, on first glance, a bundle of contradictions. Physically imposing, he is an avid soccer and rugby player, and he has a competitive streak. He loves physical challenges, as evidenced by his performance in the Academy Marathon, as well as his co-captaincy of the fencing team. And, as with many graduating Cadets, he sees his own command in his future.

On the other hand, he is friendly, unpretentious, laughs easily, and overall seems to be a well-adjusted individual. Despite (or perhaps because of) his extraordinary linguistic talents, he feels no need for self-promotion. He exudes an almost Zen-like calm, which may be reassuring to most, but unsettling to others. In his interview, he mentioned that his pottery-making and sculpting help him center himself. It is perhaps having these artistic avenues available to him that enables him to temper his ambition and competitiveness. It is the opinion of this examiner that CDT Brennan will be an officer on whom others may depend for levelheadedness in crisis situations.

LT Emily A. Bale
Student Psychological Services, Starfleet Academy

SD 70626

LT Daniel Brennan seems to be adjusting quite well to his new posting and his new billet. He has expressed interest in learning more about the ship and improve himself in his ability to protect it and its crew. From my review of his personnel record and previous psychological evaluations, I had expected to encounter an increasingly confident Security officer. However, my interview indicated a fluctuating confidence in his professional abilities. This may have had to do with his previous assignment, but he declined to discuss it.

He also showed shades of a developing cynicism, or at least, negativity, toward the politics involved in the upper echelons of the Starfleet Admiralty. His fundamental faith in others have not changed; however, the years seem to have made him less willing to trust others' motives. It is to be hoped that Lieutenant Brennan does not lose his faith -- it seems a rarity among many officers of his age and experience.

LCDR Jacques Dunois

SD 80831

After having reviewed LCDR Daniel Brennan's previous psychological evaluations, I began our interview expecting a cynical man. I was pleasantly surprised to speak to a seasoned Starfleet officer who has yet to lose his enthusiasm for his job, his career, and life in general. Although he declined to discuss his personal life in detail, he did indicate that a special person in his life has restored some of the faith in others which he had not realized he had lost through his past assignments. He is aware that his perspectives on his own life and career are changing with time, and expressed hopes that his maturity will not give way to cynicism. I share that hope.

CDR Jonathan Fox, MD

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