CDR Daniel "DJ" Brennan

Personal History

Daniel Justin Brennan ("DJ" to most) was born to John and Dara Brennan, one of a pair of fraternal twins. From a young age, he showed signs of great linguistic promise; his parents found that they could not keep secrets from him using sign language as they were able to do with his older brother nor with his twin sister, because he learnt it naturally.

In elementary and secondary schools, he showed similar aptitude in language arts as well as the social sciences. He loved history and etymology, but loathed the hard sciences. He was an enthusiastic football and rugby player, and took up fencing in secondary school.

As a young boy, he wanted to join Starfleet to go on adventures, as young boys are wont to do. As he grew older, however, his reasons for wanting to join Starfleet changed. His growing interest in history and politics made him very enthusiastic about the diplomatic and security aspects of Starfleet. Although he found the sciences part of the entrance examination difficult, he scored in the 99th percentile in the verbal and social science portions, and was admitted.

He learnt Vulcan and Rihannsu on his own whilst at the Academy, and, in order to write his thesis, learnt modern Solais V Sign Language. He chose Security and Diplomacy as his MOCs; he felt that Security would provide him with the physical challenges he loved, and Diplomacy would put his linguistic gift to good use. And, of course, as all young Cadets do, he dreamt of eventually earning his own command.

Whilst at the Academy, he served as a language and culture analyst for the United Federation of Planets Diplomatic Corps for several summers. He became known among the analysts as the "Jack-of-all-trades," as he seemed to be able to learn at least the rudiments of any language encountered in a matter of days, if not hours. This experience led to the offer of a place in Starfleet's Diplomatic Liaison Office, but he chose instead to pursue shipboard duty.

Upon graduation, he was posted to the training vessel USS PARNELL, then to the USS TREVES, a medical frigate, as a SEC Division Officer specialising in communication. While aboard the TREVES, he was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, after he helped organise the evacuation of Debaran IV. A month later, he transferred to the USS COLIN POWELL as one of its SEC Division Officers.

Brennan was serving aboard the COLIN POWELL when K'rai, a military dictatorship in the Tochu Cluster, invaded its neighbour Toiweku in direct violation of a Federation-mediated truce. The USS COLIN POWELL and the USS DE LA BILLIERE were assigned to Operation Arashi and sent to the Tochu Cluster to get the K'rai out. Operation Arashi was not entirely altruistic, as Toiweku was (and still is) a significant producer of dilithium. Whatever the ulterior motives of the parties involved, the Operation was successful in securing the peace in the Tochu Cluster and ensuring that the K'rai do not try to invade its neighbour again.

After having played a pivotal role in the final cease-fire negotiations, Brennan was cited for extraordinary performance. He was transferred to the USS MacARTHUR as its aCSO in order ot continue overseeing the demilitarisation of the Tochu Cluster. At the conclusion of the mission, he transferred to the USS SOUTH FORK as its aCSO.

He had expected his posting on the SOUTH FORK, a science vessel, to be peaceful, but it was not to be. Towards the end of his first year aboard, the SOUTH FORK was studying a subspace anomaly in the Kadras Sector, close to the Neutral Zone. A sudden energy spike from the anomaly caused major damage to the ship. A Romulan ship heard their distress call, and towed them to the closest Federation Starbase and then disappeared again, with not so much as a word. Neither the Federation nor the Romulans have been unable to identify the Romulan ship, and the case has been kept being pushed down further down the priority list; now, it is basically closed from lack of action on it.


Almost simultaneously as she was hit by the energy spike, the SOUTH FORK encountered a Romulan Warbird which had decloaked, fired, then cloaked again. As the SOUTH FORK -- a science vessel without much armament -- was about to retreat, the Romulan Warbird appear off her starboard bow. The Romulan ship was also damaged, though a little less so than the Federation ship. Upon opening hailing frequencies, CDR Marel, the CO of the Romulan Warbird RAVENNA, demanded the SOUTH FORK why it had fired on them. Of course, the SOUTH FORK'S CO, CAPT Fredricks, demanded the same. Both claimed that neither had fired upon the other.

Suddenly, communication was cut off, and a group of civilians who had been housed aboard the SOUTH FORK invaded and took the bridge. The senior officers were escorted to the Brig, except for Brennan, who had been shot by phaser fire. The terrorists permitted the CMO to take Brennan down to Sickbay for immediate treatment, with one of them as an armed escort. Brennan managed to get a signal out to some SEC personnel, and as soon as they entered Sickbay, they overpowered the escort. Determining that a rescue of the senior officers from the Brig was risky at that time, Brennan organised and led the retaking of the Bridge.

They were successful, and, as the ranking officer on the Bridge, Brennan opened communications again with the RAVENNA. The RAVENNA's OPS officer, SCDR Saekara, answered the hail. Apparently, something similar had happened aboard the Romulan vessel as well. Still, they were both wary; the vessels remained on Red Alert, their weapons armed and aimed at each other. They were at an impasse.

Brennan realised that one of them had to make the first move. As Saekara watched on the view screen, he quietly ordered the SOUTH FORK to stand down Red Alert, lower shields, and power down weapons. He had to repeat the order, but the crew obeyed. Saekara, impressed by Brennan's willingness to trust, ordered the RAVENNA's crew to do the same.

They eventually found out that a fringe terrorist group had infiltrated both ships, and, obtaining a cloaked ship with a subspace distortion device, had fooled the SOUTH FORK'S sensors as well as the RAVENNA's. The crews managed to retake their respective ships, and finally, in an exchange of fire, destroyed the terrorist's ship.

The SOUTH FORK suffered extensive damage (both ships would have escaped with minor damage, but the SOUTH FORK had been hit by that energy spike as well) and was left without a warp engine. CAPT Fredricks asked the RAVENNA to tow the SOUTH FORK to the nearest Federation Starbase. The Romulan vessel complied, and the SOUTH FORK reached Starbase Gamma safely.

Upon returning to Starbase, Brennan was awarded a citation for bravery, a citation which remains classified.)

The SOUTH FORK's CSO retired as soon as they reached the Starbase, and Brennan was given the billet. His CO recommended his promotion to Full Lieutenant, but, for reasons known only to the Starfleet Admiralty, he was given a brevet. It was not until a year later, immediately before his transfer to the ORLEANS as its CSO, that his promotion to Lieutnant was confirmed.

During the lifting of the Siege of New London, the ORLEANS suffered several casualties, including the loss of its OPS officer. The CO of the ORLEANS, CAPT Joanne Kuroda, appointed Brennan as acting OPS officer, with a field promotion to LCDR. The ORLEANS' new OPS officer organised the final assault to lift the siege successfully. After the conclusion of the hostilities, he assisted the ORLEANS' Protocol Officer in devising a cease-fire agreement and a truce.

When CAPT Kuroda was given command of the USS ADDISON, Brennan transferred with her as the ADDISON's OPS officer. Six months into his tour, he was offered the XO billet aboard the USS CHESAPEAKE, Green Fleet's newest Hood-class vessel. Although he was loathe to leave the ADDISON, he knew that the feelings he had started to develop toward his CO may possibly jeopardise his career, and he chose to accept the billet.

As the USS CHESAPEAKE started its first mission, the Commanding Officer, Captain Amanda Bell, was diagnosed with a serious illness and was relieved of duty, and Brennan suddenly found himself the Commanding Officer of the ship.

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