Memoranda File

Brennan, Daniel Justin

B 13614-222-DJBB

SD 00601

CDT Brennan has a natural talent in interpersonal and intercultural communication. This is of course helped in great part by his genius-level ability to learn new languages. His thesis, in which he discussed his theory that the development of language, even an artificially adopted one, is inextricably linked to development of political structures, was extraordinarily insightful. I hope that his Starfleet career benefits from his multitude of talents.

CDR Michelle Harper
Instructor in Political Science, Starfleet Academy

SD 01231

LTjg Daniel Brennan shows reasonable promise as a young Starfleet officer. He has shown that, unlike other humans, he is able to put emotion aside and approach problems logically, even (or, perhaps, especially) under duress. Although his levity in other areas is very human, his professional conduct is appropriate.

CDR Setak
Commanding Officer, USS PARNELL

SD 50516

LT Daniel Brennan is an extremely promising young officer. He came to the MacARTHUR highly recommended by his previous CO, CAPT Nora Petrovic of the USS COLIN POWELL. Indeed, his work aboard the POWELL throughout the preparation and execution of Operation Arashi demonstrated his growing skill in battle tactics. While on the MacARTHUR, he showed his talent for diplomacy in helping to organize the demilitarization of the Tochu Cluster. He seemed to be able to interpret body language and other non-verbal communications between the two parties and use his knowledge to turn the combatants into negotiators. Whether he is next transferred to the Diplomatic Corps or a starship, Lieutenant Brennan will thrive; one's loss will be the other's gain.

CAPT Harold T. Douglas
Commanding Officer, USS MacARTHUR

SD 70515

LT Daniel Brennan goes to his next posting highly recommended. His friendly, cheerful demeanor belies the constant discipline he demands of himself and others. He also has a cool head under pressure. Unlike some Security officers I've seen recently, he prefers to resolve problems through negotiation and compromise rather than resorting to violence, although he remains capable of using force and is willing to do so if necessary. He remains a devoted and loyal Starfleet officer, regardless of the political wrangling that went on regarding his promotion. Whoever next commands Lieutenant Brennan will be pleased to deal with a Starfleet Security officer who doesn't lose his calm nor perspective.

CAPT Henry Clayton Fredricks
Commanding Officer, USS SOUTH FORK

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