CAPT Daniel "DJ" Brennan

Deputy Liaison Officer
Officer of Star Fleet Intelligence
Green Fleet Headquarters, SB DELTA
Star Fleet, ASR


BRENNAN, Daniel Justin

Name Daniel "DJ" Brennan
Full Name Daniel Justin Brennan
Rank Captain (O-6)
Assignment OSFI Liaison Office, Green Fleet Headquarters
Position Deputy Liaison Officer
Service Number B 13614-222-DJBB
Race Human (Terran)
Sex Male 
Skin Pale complexion
Hair Short, wavy brown hair
Eyes Hazel/Gray
Height 6'0"
Weight 190 lbs
Age 36
Date of Birth 13 August 2378
Place of Birth Brighton, United Kingdom, Terra
Citizenship Terra, United Federation of Planets 
Marital Status Single
Family Father John Anthony Brennan,
speech teacher
Mother Dara Elizabeth Brennan,
artist (deaf)
Siblings Christopher Paul Brennan,
terraforming engineer
CDR Julianna Monica Sforza,
Ambassador to Orentha and to the Slamial Republic
In-Laws Brian Lorenzo Sforza,
CAPT Matthew Pietro Sforza,
Hobbies Football (soccer), rugby, fencing, archery, learning languages, pottery, sculpting


Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth


00617 Graduated Starfleet Academy; commissioned at Ensign (O-1)
000701 Posted to USS PARNELL as SEC DivO
010109 Posted to USS TREVES as SEC DivO
020228 Commendations for Actions on Debaran IV
020314 Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade (O-2)
020315 Posted to USS COLIN POWELL as SEC DivO
030816 Citation for Extraordinary Performance, Operation Arashi
031002 Posted to USS MacARTHUR as aCSO
050601 Posted to USS SOUTH FORK as aCSO
060516 Citation for Bravery, Kadras Incident (Classified)
060617 Promoted to CSO; brevet to Lieutenant (O-3)
070529 Promotion to Lieutenant confirmed
070530 Posted to USS ORLEANS as CSO at rank of Lieutenant
071130 Reassigned to OPS; promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
071225 Commendations for Actions on New London
080813 Posted to USS ADDISON as OPS
090215 Promoted to Commander (O-5)
090215 Posted to USS CHESAPEAKE as XO
090717 Reassigned to CO, USS CHESAPEAKE
111010 Promoted to Captain (O-6)
120129 Assigned as Deputy Liaison, OSFI, Green Fleet

If the adventures of ASR were ever televised, this character would be played by Colin Firth

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